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PPC Tips to Grow Your Amazon Advertising Revenue

Making the most of getting the most from your Amazon PPC campaigns is by implementing other strategies to increase the impact of your advertisements. 2021 proved to be an extremely busy calendar for online marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is shifting more businesses to online marketing.

The seven tips below for PPC can help you improve your advertising and increase your Amazon advertising revenues! Learn how to successfully run a paid-for marketing campaign and the most effective Amazon marketing strategies for this year.

Choose The Best ASINS To Advertise 

If you’re a retailer with a significant number of products (hundreds or even thousands) the best approach to start your PPC marketing is to begin with the most effective ones that are able to generate organic sales. 

In general, top-performing ASINs in organic sales are also the top performers in PPC. Pick a few of the most effective ASINs to begin with making a small profit and eventually expand to other ASINs.

Initial Budgets Shouldn’t Be Too High Or Too Low  

It’s among the most difficult aspects of creating your advertising strategy. If you’re working with a small budget, be mindful and begin with budgets that are not less than $10 per day for each campaign, which will allow your campaigns to generate the necessary traffic.

Be patient and keep in mind that all new campaigns require some time to run and track the data needed to convert. Give your campaigns at least two weeks to evaluate how they perform , and then improve.

Additionally, to ensure the success of your campaign it is possible to shift the budget from lower-performing campaigns to ones that are performing well. Learn more about ways to boost the amount of Amazon advertisement revenue.

Starting Bids Should Be At A Suggested Level Or Above 

When you are setting up the next campaign, you should consider the value of the bid for the product to be advertised. The bids for keywords and ASINs must not be excessively high nor low.

When the price is too low the campaign won’t be able to run and gather impressions, and there is no traffic. If the bid is set high, it’s possible to witness an increase in the average CPC that results in an increase in expenditure.

Our aim is to create the best bid possible to ensure that the campaign is successful in converting with the least cost of spending.

In the beginning of the first campaign, it’s recommended to set suggested bids or a little higher than the suggested amount until the campaign gathers enough information. The campaign can be improved later and ultimately lead to the best possible return on investment.

Adjust Placements 

Because Amazon’s Amazon market is extremely turbulent and new competitors keep being introduced, it is essential to be aware of and continually optimize campaigns in order to ensure the highest possible position for your product.

There are a variety of strategies to help with improving placement. There are two options: Top of the search (first webpage) and Pages for products.

The process of optimization is straightforward. Continue to improve the success of your campaign by increasing the proportion of the top search results and pages about products.

Take this step with care in mind that the change in the placement can affect the price of the bid. 

Gradually increase the placements in line with the performance of the place. This isn’t always the ideal option to increase placements because it could increase the amount of money spent and increase the cost of service. 

Cover Each Ad Space On Amazon With Campaigns 

To remain in the market in a huge market such as Amazon You must make every opportunity available to present your products to a prospective buyer. It is crucial to develop various types of marketing campaigns to be sure.

The types of campaigns you can design include:

  • Product Sponsored by a Company (Auto manual ASIN, Targeting by category)
  • sponsored brands (Product collection that includes and with no Customized Images, Store Spotlight and Video)
  • sponsored display (Product Targeting and audience).

Each type of campaign has its role and significance in your advertising strategy and can help you increase your Amazon advertising revenue.  

Perform A Regular (Weekly) Bidding Optimization

Bids are always changing. Keep improving and maintaining the highest possible rank for your product by executing bidding optimization on a regular basis.

It’s sufficient that you optimize your bids every week and allow these new offers to perform for a few weeks before achieving the results they desire.

We do not recommend changing bids every day because there’s an inability to update data for some days. There’s no accurate information on the level of success a particular keyword is at a daily scale.

When you are optimizing bids, keep your eyes on the CPC value of a particular keyword. You should raise or lower a bid based on the keywords’ performance.

If you are able to determine that a keyword targeted such as ASIN has a strong ACoS, you may raise the price slightly above that CPC value. If it is not performing well, reduce the bid lower than the CPC value.

As we have mentioned before, optimize carefully. If the bid is high or over what is the CPC threshold, then it could influence and increase the value of CPC which can lead to a rise in spending.

Do Regular Harvesting (Positive And Negative)

In the interest of increasing and optimizing the performance of the campaign This step is essential.

Keyword harvesting refers to the addition of keywords that customers’ searches have performed well and converted in Auto or Manual campaigns (broad or phrase) to create new Manual campaigns, or pausing and excluding keywords and search terms that aren’t profitable.

In many cases, the search terms that result in significant spending for Auto and Manual (broad/phrase) campaigns aren’t transferred to negative negative or exact phrases, thereby increasing the overall expenditure in addition to the ACoS.

It’s an essential step when done regularly in a controlled, systematic, and appropriate manner it will significantly enhance your campaign’s effectiveness and profit.


Follow the steps of our seven tips for PPC consistently, and in a timely manner will you be able to run successful campaigns and witness growth of the amount of your Amazon marketing revenue.

Be sure to select the correct ASIN that can take your business to the top of the page of Amazon and make you stand out from the many competitors.

Make budgets sufficient to permit campaigns to receive traffic and begin to convert.

Make sure that the bids initially put forward on the campaign are not lower than the recommended price.

Every month, optimize your placements to improve and maintain the rankings of your products and boost sales.

Make all kinds of campaigns and ensure they’re visible across all channels for advertisements for ads on Amazon.

Make sure you are in the bidding process and collect regularly to keep your campaign’s performance as efficient as you can and also profitable.

Our knowledgeable PPC experts can assist you to reach your goals and increase your revenue from advertising.

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