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What is Python Programming Language ?


Python language is a dynamically semantic, interpreted, object-oriented high-level programming language. Its high-level built-in data structures, together with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it ideal for Rapid Application Development and as a scripting or glue language for connecting existing components. Python’s concise, easy-to-learn syntax encourages readability, which lowers application maintenance costs. Modules and packages are supported by Python, which fosters program modularity and code reuse.


features of python


Key Features of Python


 Easy to code

 Coding has always been a complex subject, still, python validated that coding can be easy. A command which requires complex coding in other languages, it’s purely a one-liner law in python. So, coming time if someone questions you why python? Also, I’m sure you have sufficient explanations to move one.

  Open Source Libraries

The open-source libraries further make python more favorite. The inflexibility to customize enhances the fundamental codes and reduces the elaboration time.


Python has all features of an object-initiated language alike as heritage, methodology running down, objects, etc. Therefore it supports all the paradigms and has corresponding functions in their libraries. It also supports the accomplishment of multiple legacies, unlike java.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

A GUI makes the software more user-friendly. A GUI makes it simple for the user to interact with the software. Python has many libraries that may be used to create a graphical user interface for an application.

 Extensible and High-Level Language:

 While writing Python programs, we do not need to remember the system design or manage memory. Some Python code can be written in C or C++, and the code can even be compiled in C or C++. This makes it more programmer-friendly.


Python is portable in the sense that the same code can be used on different machines. Suppose you write Python code on a Mac. However, you don’t have to make any changes to it, If you want to run it on Windows or Linux afterward. As similar, there’s no need to write a program many times for several stages.


A programming language is said to be extensible if it can be offered to other languages. Python code can also be written in other languages like C, making it a largely extensible language.


 You can utilize these open sources for free to get the result for your commercial operations.

Dynamically assorted

Multiple programming languages claim to maintain the type of the variable before runtime. With Python, the type of the variable can be concluded during runtime. This makes Python firmly Dynamically assorted.

 Easy to Read

 Indeed though it’s a high-position programming language Python seems to be simple to use and the code is somewhere like English. exactly by appearing at it, you’ll be capable to know what it’s supposed to do, indeed if you aren’t a programmer.


 Python is more expressive than other languages. First, to know what’s expressive you must dig into the case, say there are two programming languages A and B. A can make any programs that B can make using original changeover. More programs can be made using A that can not be made by B utilizing local changeover. In this case, we can see A has the further capability and hence we say A is more significant than B.

Automation is Easy

 Doing the repetitious effects manually can be boring & time-consuming. Python can write the system scripts means one can generate simple python programs which will automate the task leading to increased productivity. It also boosts the performance of software testing in mechanization.


 From above we saw different features of Python. Python is a high-level, easy to code, flexible, Object- Oriented, Expressive, Automation is Easy, Dynamically assorted.

 The open-source programming language that employs simple and easy-to-remember English phrases as its keywords, allowing developers to focus on the solution rather than remembering a large number of keywords.

A python coder is in such high demand that he or she can never be unemployed, and they also have financial backing. Python was present when the internet entered our lives. Python will still exist when the internet reaches new milestones.

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