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Quality-oriented E juice label Necessary For Business

E juice is a transformation of traditional smoking. As the name indicates, it is a liquid-filled inside the cigarette called e-liquid or e-juice, or vaping juice. E-juice has a combination of glycerin, nicotine, water, and flavors.

A variety of exciting flavors comes in e juice, which the consumers can choose as per their taste and mood. With such a massive change in the smoking culture, packaging ideas also have gone through innovation. Our company brings for you high-end quality packaging for E juice label.

Right choice of material

The right choice of material for the right type of product is essential. Using cardboard, bux board, Kraft paper, and other assisting material, we manufacture our e juice boxes with a label. Latest machinery and safe handling tools are made use of. Best quality paper is used in the making of label that serves best for printing and adhesion.

Manufacturing styles

Various styles of boxes have been manufactured that include; sleeve end boxes, top and bottom tuck end boxes, top tuck end boxes, tray boxes, top lid boxes, and compartment boxes. You can always have the style, size, and material customized. Both plain and die-cut window design boxes are manufactured.

Eco-friendly manufacturing

All of our manufacturing is done on the basis of an eco-friendly business approach. This renders a completely recyclable, biodegradable, and 100 % guaranteed a lot of packaging.

Finishing brings allure

Finishing treatments applied on the packaging bring allure. Gloss and matte applications bring a perfect glaze and visual appeal. Full and partial spot and aqueous UV coating provide protection from the sun.

Magnetic e juice warning label

Creativity is a crucial factor in designing the label and we ace it. Our team of expert graphic designers makes use of their intellect in the right way and brings you amazing packaging offers. Designing the label for products like e juice is a tricky thing to do. It involves aesthetics and warning factor together.

Therefore, dealing with this area with utter precaution and care, our team presents you highly magnetic e juice warning label that is comprised of appropriate font sizes and font styles. Best quality soy inks are made use of for printing purposes.

Brand logo

The brand logo is the representation of the brand so the printing techniques are selected in terms of durability and lasting impact. Stamping, foiling, embossing, and debossing are the best-ranked printing techniques for logo printing. The use of neutral colors like gold, silver, and metallic make the logo more catchy.

Color schemes

Color schemes are chosen wisely so to arouse the interest of the consumers. Lively and energetic colors are used. PMS and CMYK color models are brought into use. Relevant imagery in high-definition quality is selected that complements rightly with the label and product.

3D mock-up model

On completion of the order, a 3D mock-up model of the E juice label

is always shown to the clients for their final approval and satisfaction. Any adjustments can be made at this stage.

Customization options

The clients are shown standard templates out of which they can choose the one they require as per the demand of the product. Moreover, if you want to alter any aspect of graphics or styling, you can always avail yourself of the customization options. From colors to fonts and from designing to writing anything can be settled as per your choice. You can also get customized quotes and phrases printed on the label in accordance with the ongoing spell of season or event or discounts and offers.

Safe and quick delivery of e juice label

Economics is a significant factor while purchasing. Therefore, keeping this core element in mind, we offer you highly economical boxes with an e juice label for your e juice packaging. You can shop the boxes in your preferred quantity. Moreover, on getting the boxes in bulk, you will be entertained with discounting rates. In case you find any defect in ten received order, you can get back to our team and we will compensate you.

Safety is never overlooked

Safety is always important to us. Hence, we ship your orders in powerful and strong corrugated boxes that keep the product safe from road jerks and weather conditions.

Fast and swift delivery

We ensure a swift and speedy delivery of your E juice label. You will get your order within a period of 4 to 8 business days. In case of any queries or trouble, call us at the customer care center.

Free delivery across the USA

Our company is working across the globe, therefore; you can place orders from all parts of the world. However, if you are ordering from the USA, you will get a free shipment.

Contact us

For placing your orders, call us at the given numbers or email us at the given address. Our toll-free numbers are active 24/7.

For upcoming deals and offers, keep visiting the website.

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