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Reasons To Clean Your Water Tank

With the help of a steam generator, you can always keep things in good condition. After all, he not only smoothies clothes but also cares for hard surfaces. He can remove old stains from them and disinfect them. However, the steam generator itself also needs regular descaling. It accumulates inside and outside the device.

In addition to the spots and rusty smudges that have appeared, extraneous sounds that can be heard during vaporization indicate that the device needs to be cleaned. This is also indicated by the uneven supply of steam. And cleaning is also needed when you find lime fragments on the steamed surface.

How does the self-cleaning mode work?

The self-cleaning option of the steam generator can be found on models that are more expensive. This function should help in protecting the appliance from scale and plaque. There are only three types of self-cleaning systems – these are Anti-calc, Self-clean, and Calc clean. Or you can apply for water tank cleaning services. Water tank cleaning is a very popular service.

The principle of operation of the first is based on the fact that the anti-lime rod, which is located on the steam switch, acts and retains magnesium and calcium salts. From time to time, the rod must be pulled out of the device, then placed in a special solution for 20 minutes.

Tanks should be selected according to three criteria: general-purpose, ease of cleaning, and hygiene of water storage. Only tanks that have been designed to hold food-grade liquids such as milk, edible oils, fruit juices, wines, spirits or vinegar should be selected. Tanks that have previously held non-food products such as fuel and sewage must not be used.

Tanks that have previously held water but have not been used for a long time should also be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the requirements in steps 2 and 3.

Water Tanks should be easy to clean. This means that they must be accessible and free from sharp corners where dirt can accumulate and from which food residue deposits cannot be removed. Water can only remain clean if it is stored safely.

Therefore, tanks should be kept closed and should have access with a lockable lid.


Empty the tank. Open the bleed valve or faucet and drain any remaining liquid in the container.

Collect drained fluids so that they can be safely disposed of later. On tank trucks, the outlet valves are usually located at the rear, so for

In order to completely empty the tank truck, it must be placed on a slope.

Stationary tanks are usually equipped with a flush valve that allows liquid to be drained from the bottom of the tank. This valve should be used to empty the tank and not a conventional outlet cock.

Thoroughly clean the inside of the tank

Dilute detergent in hot water (household washing powder is fine) and clean and wash all the inside surfaces of the tank. To do this, use a stiff brush or high-pressure jet. In order to clean the tank without going down into it, you can attach a brush to a long pole.

Be especially careful to clean the corners and joints so that even a small amount of the liquid that was originally contained in the tank is not left. Some liquids, even in minimal amounts, can give water an unpleasant aftertaste, and people will refuse to drink it. When cleaning the tank, open the drain cock; the liquid should be collected for later safe disposal.


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