Role of a Title Company Does Before Issuing Title Insurance

Now that we recognize what a title and deed are, let’s go over the formulation. A title company takes in order to make sure your title is clean and free of potential ownership claims. Undertaking this due diligence also defends the title company from liability down the line when they insure your title.

The first thing a real estate title insurance Parkland fl company will do is perform. A title search, which entails looking for potential obstacles to the unused transfer of ownership. The thing that most often right away comes to mind is whether other people. Have ownership in or rights to the property, But a title search also looks for the enlisted issues:

Outstanding Mortgages

Unless the former home is owned free and clear, the current homeowner will have a security interest tied to the property. This will need to be paid off at closing so that the title is transferal to you.

Other Existing Liens

You could have a lien on the holding for other things like a home equity line of credit or a loan to pay off solar panels, for instance. These will need to be paid off or otherwise separated before you can close.

Unpaid Homeowners Association Dues

While this will vary depending on what’s mentioned in the HOA contract, associations often give themselves Broad powers.  In these concord to place a lien on and even preclude your property as a consequence of unpaid HOA dues. The dues of the previous owner will need to be dealt with one way or the other before proceeding forward.

Judgments Or Unpaid Tax Liens

If the previous owner has some unfulfilled responsibility, they can be taken to court and the complaining party. Can win a judgment That stays with the geographical area until the individual is paid. One scenario where this could come up in home ownership is if a contractor wasn’t paid off on time for work that was accomplished. If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or another taxation authority places a lien on the property for unpaid taxes, they can collect proceeds in the event of a sale. Both issues must be taken care of by a real estate title insurance Parkland fl company before closing.


If there’s anything confining the free transfer of ownership in a property, that can cause a difficulty. Examples of restrictions would be a demand to be a certain age to live in a community or to belong to a certain group.


Easements are agreements that, although you possess the property, you’re giving someone else the right to use your land for any adhoc purpose. An example of an easement might be the accurate to use space for parking.

If required, the real estate title insurance Parkland fl company will order a title survey or drawing of the property. The aim of this is to discover any possible encroachments – like if a neighbor’s addition was built on your property – and confirm that the home is within its set boundaries.


There are lots of different things that a title company does before issuing insurance for a property. Some of these things include verifying the identity of the seller and buyer, reviewing any outstanding liens on the property, and making sure that there are no claims or judgments against it.

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