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SAINIK 710: Guarding Your Decor Strong Against the Attack of Water

Plywoods provide strength to the decors inside your house. In order to have a safe and beautiful interior, one should opt for the best quality plywood. These plywoods should excel in strength and also should be long-lasting. Because of the regular contact with moisture, steam, or water, plywoods tend to lose their shine and also become weak in strength. Plywoods installed in bathrooms require more attention and should be prepared to be a solution for such situations.

One of the most important quality plywood should have is a resistance against water.

CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 plywood is the best choice for you.  It offerer excellent in terms of strength, quality as well as durability. CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 specially made BWP Plywood. It also consists of the most important feature that is water-proof and has a negligible water absorption rate.

Does CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 offer waterproof plywood?

One of the most popular features of the SAINIK plywood is its waterproofing. It is made from eco-friendly timber and is extracted from smooth, rotary-cut veneers. The multiple layers of this would give the panel a fabulous look in terms of texture. They put excellent adhesives between the plies to make them repellent towards the water.

These plywoods have a water absorption rate of less than 8%, which makes them capable of being a lot more durable even when the plywood is in constant contact with steam and moisture.

They also have a water absorption rate of less than 5%, which reduces the chances of quality reduction due to water.

In addition to this, the plywoods offered by SAINIK 710 are stable in terms of dimensions which makes them less vulnerable to weather change. They’re chemically treated to protect them from environmental changes. The high-quality timber makes them bend-resistant, too, in case they’re in contact with moisture or humidity.

Some other features SAINIK 710 PLYWOOD offer

Along with the waterproof quality, these plywoods have many other features that make them super competitive in the market.

  • borer and termite proof

These plywoods are chemically treated to make them borer and termite proof. They’re tried and tested to give us the most authentic results.

  • Very strong and durable

These plywoods are made with high-quality timber and special resin extracts in order to make them super strong and last longer. They are bend resistant too.

They have a screw holding strength of more than 200 kg and a nail holding capacity of more than 85 kg.

  • Affordable.

SAINIK 710 BWP grade plywood is very affordable and has the same price (102rs/sqft.) all over India.

  • Very authentic and reliable

These plywoods are completely real and authentic. You can check the authenticity of the plywood by scanning the QR code assigned to each ply board by the CenturyPromise App. This app not only gives you information on whether the plywood is real or not but also information about the manufacturer and dealer of the plywood.

These plywoods come with an 8-year manufacturer warranty too.

The SAINIK 710 also is available in blockboards.

CenturyPly has laid down all the information about the quality of these plywoods as well as about the manufacturers and dealers on their website. You can choose from an affordable range of plywoods by SAINIK 710. This variety and transparency have made CenturyPly the most trusted company for plywood in India.

This is a sign to purchase your ideal plywood from CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710!

Get the most affordable and durable BWP plywoods with excellent waterproof quality.



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