Send SMS Online and Improve the Customer Engagement Rate

All companies are thriving to increase their sales and expand their business. In this case, we need to give attention to our customers without spending all our time on them. At some point, businessmen, managers, and more need to be online to send SMS & keep up with their customers’ replies. If these kinds of issues disturb your work and break your attention. Then we have a great solution for you to Send SMS Online.

This extension will allow you to send the SMS automatically. Also, the add-on has extremely useful features. That will help you to save your precious time, and effort and let you focus on your other tasks. That will increase your work efficiency as a result your business will level up. This add-on will allow you to send attachments like images, pdf, etc. Are you wondering to know more? Let’s begin.   

Features of Online SMS Tools

These are the features of our own developed Live tool with the ability to send SMS online. It is powered by Twilio, one of the most used and reliable cloud communication platforms.

  1. Start the live chat with any customer in your CRM with just a single click on the message icon next to the phone number.
  2. Use the same message templates that you use for the emails. Create templates for SMS with variables and directly insert them into the chat box.
  3. The tool gives the freedom to start and keep chatting with multiple people at a time. For every customer, you will get a separate live chat box.
  4. Make use of emojis in your chat to keep the conversation lively and engaging.
  5. There is no restriction on using the chat window. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the list view, detail view, or in the sub panel. The chat box will open with just one click on the phone number.
  6. You can see how the agent has been utilizing the plugin via a daily activity report. In this report, you will get to see the total number of sent SMS, received SMS, missed SMS, replied SMS, and unsubscribed SMS from the users.
  7. In addition to the daily report, you can also have the instantaneous report with our instant report option. Here you will see the same parameters as the daily report.
  8. The chat history with every customer will be saved in the SuiteCRM so you can access them whenever you want. This feature is essential for the marketing and sales team to understand customer behavior and needs.
  9. We have also built a module called the customer directory which is used for centralizing all phone numbers present in the CRM.

Amazing Benefits of an Online Live Chat

Our tool for sending SMS online puts a lot on the table. For example, it has a module where you can check all the opted-out (unsubscribed) phone numbers. In this way, you won’t be able to send messages to unsubscribed users and keep you always compliant with GDPR and other guidelines. Second thing, you won’t miss any messages because you’ll get a notification if you do so. You’ll even get assistance in record creation in CRM in case of someone messages you who hasn’t been already recorded in CRM.

Let’s have a look at some high-level benefits of having the ability to send SMS online.

  1. If you have a live chat application to send SMS online, the customer support experience quality will improve automatically. It’s because customers will get the answers to their questions almost instantly. Customers’ problems will be solved promptly and they tend to do business with you more frequently. The process becomes dramatically short compared to sending an email to the support team and raising the ticket corresponding to the issue.
  2. Acquiring new customers and onboarding them also become easier with a live chat. Interacting with visitors and prospects while they are exploring your website gives them a certain level of trust. And it leads them to spend money on products and services.
  3. Your customer support productivity will also see a surge after installing a live chat application. For instance, during a voice call, a customer service agent can only deal with one customer at a time. On the other hand, an agent can handle multiple chats in one go and even toggle between consecutive customers.
  4. It is obvious that you can provide 24/7 chat support and you won’t even need to set up a customer support team for that. You can be flexible with your choices, for example, you can also choose working hours as your support hours.
  5. Nowadays, there is live chat software that provides integration with the knowledge base as well. This allows you to provide support even if the agent is not available. And this works because most people want to help themselves but they can’t find the resources best fit.
  6. This is a lesser-known fact but a live chat also helps in the product development and enhancement process. The queries that you collect from prospects, visitors, or existing products via live chat can be used to define product boundaries. 
  7. The more accessible the live chat, the more customers will engage with your brand. When a customer gets the ability to send SMS online to a brand, they feel the business is more approachable and open. Due to this, the customer engagement rate increases for the company. Down the road, you can convert these prospects into customers.

These benefits should be more than enough for your business to implement a live chat application in a website, app, or any other product.

Top Online SMS For Your Business

All the features we mentioned above are essential for a business. It allows them to operate seamlessly. We developed a similar tool to send SMS online kusadasi eskort that also provides all these features. It is called Twilio SMS for SuiteCRM. This plugin has functionalities to send bulk SMS, click-to-SMS, scheduled bulk SMS, and drip SMS. You can check out the plugin at the OutRight Store and we offer a 3-day trial as well.

Understand Live Chat Trends with Statistics

In order to understand the trends of sending SMS online and live chat, we are going to show you some statistics. From here, you will also understand how important a role live chat can play in the customer journey.

  1. Inc. conducted a report and they found out that 44% of customers believe having a live chat is an integral website feature.
  2. The younger side of the audience from ages 18 to 34 prefers live chat rather than other customer service channels.
  3. Invest once asked live chat users why they prefer live chat over traditional support channels and 51% of the respondents said because of the ability to multitask.
  4. A company with live chat support can see a growth in the conversion rate by 3.87% at least.
  5. In 2023, the valuation of the live chat market can reach $987 Million.
  6. The reason behind the above data is that 85% of businesses will adopt live chat to send SMS online by the end of 2022.


All the benefits, features, and statistics show how important it is to have live chat or online text messaging capabilities. The customer satisfaction that you can deliver with live chat is also incomparable.  As you move your business online, customers’ expectation of 24/7 support increases as well.


I am Aashna Khanna working at Outright Store. In this you will find the top extensions for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM. This marketplace offers advanced solutions that can automate your business processes. For example, email to lead or anything can parse any kind of data from emails and save it in SuiteCRM and SugarCRM. Another example is Twilio SMS, it incorporates the ability to send text messages directly from CRM and even schedule trigger-based automated messages.

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