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Signs You Need New Bathroom Furniture

Beachwood bathroom furniture

Storage is a need for every bathroom. That’s why you find bathroom furniture in all types and sizes of the bathroom. If it is sometimes you have used the same bathroom vanity unit or a cabinet, then there may be a few reasons to consider a replacement. In some cases, it may be required because of rest or maybe no more fulfill your need for storage. Or you even want to improve the looks. Whatever the reason there may be, not only may it be more practical but bring a much-needed refreshing to the space. That may make you feel more relaxed and joyful while using your bathroom. 

If you already have Beachwood bathroom furniture, then it may be worth reading a few signs that indicate your vanity unit needs a replacement. 

Planning to Sell Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home? Then a bathroom makeover may be on your cards. Experts estimate up to 60% ROI on a bathroom remodel while selling your home. A great way to start with home renovation is your furniture in the bathroom. These significantly transform the looks of your entire space. It can make a real difference between making your home selling a lot easier.

Bathroom Furniture Has Mold

Mold is a common issue that usually starts from the bathroom and then spreads throughout the house. The bathroom furniture, with walls that are often exposed to humidity, can easily become a breeding ground for it. Therefore, if you found mildew on one of your vanity units, then it should not be surprising for you. Not only may it causes significant damage to the vanity units over time, but it also triggers allergies and asthma that may be a lot of problems for your family members. While there are many ways to remove and prevent it, chances are it will reappear after a few days. If your vanity is getting it again and again, then it may be a better idea to consider its replacement. 

Outdated Bathroom Furniture

Unfortunate designs become outdated too quickly. As new trends become common, an old design may not feel good to you. Your efforts of creating a modern bathroom will remain unfinished unless you get trendy furniture. Therefore, an outdated vanity unit can be a valid reason for a Beachwood bathroom furniture replacement. 

Clogging Pipes 

Plumbing problems can cause significant troubles. If your vanity sink units’ pipes are clogging again and again, then it may be a sign you better replace it. After that, if a sink is clogged when you want to use it while cleaning teeth or combing hair, then it is a real cause of the problem. Unclogging again and again with the help of a plumber may cost you a lot. Therefore, why not consider replacing rather than spending money on older ones again and again. 

Vanity Unit Pipes are Rusting 

Over time, everything decays. There are many signs that show your vanity units pipes are rusting. If you are getting the water that has a different colour then the vanity unit’s pipe may be a problem. In case your furniture in the bathroom is old and there are signs of rusting pipes, then it’s time to say goodbye to that unit and replace it with a stylish new cabinet. 

You Need Bigger Bathroom Furniture

Our storage needs to change over time. Once enough storage may not be enough after getting married or having children. If you are struggling to manage your items to store probably in the bathroom, it may be a time to consider replacing your furniture in the bathroom. It is important to consider your current as well future needs in mind while planning for a new vanity unit. So, you don’t have to change it any time sooner in the future. 

Cracked and Other Damages

Since the bathroom is a place with a lot of humidity and moisture, despite Beachwood bathroom furniture having water-resistant MDF material, it may still get cracks and other damages due to a higher level of exposure. If You see visible signs of damages and crakes, then it may be a good time to consider its replacement. Most of such damages are beyond repair and show the furniture unit is not in good condition to sustain any more damages. 

Final Thoughts about Bathroom Furniture 

Depending on the type of usage and exposure to the humid environment, your bathroom furniture may have various problems. These may include lack of space, mold, and mildew, cracks or damages, plumbing issue, outdated design, etc. Almost all of these problems hint that you should consider a replacement soon. You can get high-quality vanity units at the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK’s website. 


My name is Kate Johnson, I studied Architecture at university and that is where my passion for interior design started. I love to share my tips and tricks with my readers and help educate people on home renovations and more!

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