Soap Wraps as the Trendiest Soap Packaging Option

Whether you deal in bath soaps, medicated soaps, beauty soaps, herbal soaps, or home made soaps, the market for soaps will always remain as competitive as it is today. This is because soaps can never go out of fashion. Their demand can never go down. The Soap industry is among those industries which never see a recession. This also means that the competition never goes down in this industry.

However, the ways in which these soaps are sold keep evolving.  And this helps in beating the competitors through a professional packaging. Today the trendiest soap packaging option is the custom printed soap wraps. These are simple and yet trendy and aesthetically appealing. The soap wraps wholesale companies today are offering these wraps in a wide variety of printing styles. However, the prevalent trend is to keep it as simple as possible. 

Let us have a look at how these soap wraps can be customized in various ways and how they can be of use to your company.

Why Go for the Soap Wraps

Soap wraps are the trendiest options today in the soap packaging market. They are beautiful in their simplicity and yet very practical when it comes to Fulfilling the objectives of any retail packaging.

Most commonly used, soap wraps are simple sleeves. They help your soap be visible on the shelf while at the same time allowing you a packaging which carries your logo. The reason why you should go for the sleeve soap wraps is that they help your customers recognize you. These wraps are printed with your business’s name and all other information that you would like your customers to know. Besides, they have a logo of your company with which your audience identifies you. In addition to that, these soap wraps look trendy and add to the beauty of your soaps. 

The Different Stock Options in Soap Wraps

The soup wraps can be made in various stock options.  The packaging companies offer a wide range of stock options for the soap, wraps and sleeves depending upon the customer’s needs and specific requirements. The commonly used packaging material for the soap wraps includes the corrugated stock, the flute stock, and others. Most of the packaging companies are offering 18pt to 25pt stock option, you can choose the one that suits you the best. 

Moreover, the eco-friendly kraft is another popular option for soap wraps. It has lately become increasingly popular because of the ever increasing pressure on the packaging industry to cut down on the non degradable waste. Eco friendly kraft material can have twofold benefits. It helps protect the ecosystem against hazardous waste, and on the other hand it also gives the company a positive reputation. When you use the eco-friendly kraft, especially the non bleached brown one, your potential audience gets an image about your company as a responsible company which cares for the well being of its community. 

The Customization of Soap Wraps

The soap wraps can be customized in a variety of ways in order to provide you with a unique identity and make your brand easily recognizable.

When it comes to printing customized soap wraps, most packaging companies give you the freedom to choose any colour of your choice from CMYK or PMS palette. Whether you like the soft colour tones or the refreshing vibrant ones, you can give your soap wraps a specific character by choosing the colours of your choice.  Moreover, both the offset and digital printing options can be used for printing the specific graphics on your soap wraps.  The offset printing is recommended for those graphics which involve high details. The digital printing is suitable for the simpler graphics. 

Final Words

 Similarly, most packaging companies in USA also offer some additional printing options. For example, you can get your logo embossed on your soap wraps. Or you can get it printed with the raised ink. Both these options give your logo a 3D look and make the process of identification easier for the customer. In addition to that, the gold and silver foiling can also be used on the soap Wraps. This will add a touch of luxury to your soaps. All these additional options help add value to the product.

Besides, a coating for your soap wraps can give it a more elite look. A final coating not just provides a presentable outlook to the soap wraps but also gives them some extra strength and protects them against easy tear. Moreover it helps safeguard the printed stuff underneath. Some commonly offered coating options by most packaging companies include the gloss coating, semi gloss finish, aqueous coating, matte finish, rose gold, spot UV and others. Go for the one that complements your brand’s specific persona and make your soaps look premium.


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