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Solar Street Light Supplier

Solar Street Light

Infrared sensor: When the sensor detects the subject of humans or objects, light will open. When humans leave, they will automatically turn off, eliminating the trouble of switching control, saving labor costs for customers, and saving energy and most environmentally.

Solar Street Lighting System

Solar street lights are divided into 2 categories, all in one solar street light and split -type solar street lights. With the advancement of solar photovoltaic technology, solar energy can also be used simply. It is easy to operate without wiring. Of course, it can also be wiring. When solar energy storage is used, it will auto-switch to the power supply to ensure that the battery life continues to be electric.

How does the solar street light work?

Solar LED street lights work with solar energy, it does not stop there. These street lights rely on photovoltaic batteries to absorb solar energy during the day. These batteries convert solar energy into available power energy, which can be powered by lights at night. This process is repeated every day, and it can become sustainable energy for street lights when the sun rises.

Solar street lights are mainly composed of five parts: LED light source, solar panels and photovoltaic cells, solar cells (commonly used colloidal batteries and lithium batteries), solar charge controllers, and light poles. During the day, when the solar panel voltage rises to 5V, the solar panel will start working and generate electricity, which will be stored in the solar cell. This is the charging process.

When it gets dark, the voltage of the solar panel drops below 5V and the controller receives the signal and stops receiving the electricity generated. The solar cell begins to discharge the LED light source, and the light turns on. The above process is repeated every day, and may even be a way for street lights to have sustainable energy whenever the sun rises. All parts will be installed according to the pole position. This is how solar street lights work.

The solar street lights produced by ZGSM only take 6 hours to fill up the battery, and the power storage capacity can be used for three rainy days without the sun.

Solar energy LED street lights rely on the photovoltaic process, so that solar batteries convert sunlight into available power. When a negative electrical electrons push the solar energy into the battery with a electricity, the sun will be converted. This process allows solar energy to be transferred to electrons -turning into DC power.

Best Solar Street Lighting System Supplier in Mexico

When you install a solar street light from Mexico’s leading solar street light brand, zgsm will make the most suitable solar street light solution for you. Mexico’s top solar powered led street lights supplier ensures the quality of the street light. In Mexico, solar energy is also developing rapidly.

As solar street lighting supplier, ZGSM solar street lights are used in highways, highways, rural roads, streets, etc.; solar street lights can be regarded as environmental friendly products.

Too many areas around the world lack electricity, but laying cables and using public electricity is prohibitively expensive for them. People should live in the light. In this case, solar street lights provide the best solution here. Solar street light is an independent system.

Compared with ordinary street lights, the flexible installation of Kaiyuan solar street lights can greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs. Solar street lights can use different power at night according to the electricity demand at different time periods. Solar street lights are in line with the trend of social development and the needs of environmental protection. This industry has huge market potential.

Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar street lights are the product of the development of modern science and technology. Direct use of solar energy for power supply, environmental protection and energy saving.

Solar Lighting Advantage

long-lasting: technical content, intelligent control system and reliable quality.

Benefits of Using Solar Panels

The production of solar energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources. Compared to other forms of electricity generation, solar power has several advantages. Solar panels are beneficial to all types of building owners, whether it is a home, a business, or a municipal building.

Find out what the advantages of solar panels are- some of them you are already familiar with, and many others you have yet to consider:

Solar street light integrated machine, the maintenance process is perfect. Send all defective products back for repair.

Split solar street lights will require a complicated process.  Technicians need more time to diagnose and fix problems.

Safety regulations for the operation and use of solar street lights

1. The installation and configuration of the system must comply with our company’s recommendations, and ensure that the lighting system complies with local government policies.

Advantages of Solar Area Lights

Cost Control

ZGSM lights are very economical and look good and last longer.


It customized according to your needs.

Romania 100W Solar Street Light

The client is from Romania. We met in 2016, the customer bought 30 sets of 100W solar street lights from other suppliers, but he found that the lights were not very bright at night. The customer tested the light and found it was only 50 watts.

Then he finally came to ZGSM and shared his experience with us. The client said his project needed a high-quality 100W solar street light.

Our engineers tell customers how to do power calculation according to the specifications of solar street lights. Customers are very grateful for ZGSM’s technical support.

In the end, the customer ordered a 100W container and installed it on their country road. At first, he was concerned about possible errors during the installation, and we decided to send an engineer to the project site to train their workers. It took them 10 days to complete all the installations.

Locals are now happy to enjoy the light at night.

The customer spoke highly of the ZGSM team’s help in completing the project, and hoped to have more business dealings with ZGSM in the future.

Vietnam split solar street light

This is an 80-watt solar street light project by ZGSM in Vietnam. The luminous flux of the light source is 15,000 lumens.

It is the first time for the customer to undertake a government project, and he hopes to provide the government with unique and high-quality solar street lights. After the customer contacted our company, our engineers quickly gave a plan according to the customer’s, and showed the customer the actual lighting at night. Effect.

After several rounds of communication, the customer finally chose to cooperate with our company. When the customer got the goods and installed it, the perfect lighting effect made the customer very satisfied, and proudly showed it to the government. This wonderful case brings a trusted reputation to the client.

Oman split solar street light

A customer from Oman is planning to install solar street lights on the side of his racetrack track, he googled many suppliers, finally, he chose ZGSM as his supplier because we responded within 2 minutes He requested and presented a very good product at a moderate price. He specifical proposed that solar street lights must be dust-proof and waterproof because there will be a lot of sand during sandstorms;

The ZGSM technical service team proposed a battery-based solar street light solution, which has a longer life cycle than ordinary colloidal batteries, with a lifespan of 7 years or even longer;

Replacing the design is also simple, as the battery hangs on the light pole and doesn’t require any additional digging. 6 meters 30 watt solar street light, the distance between the poles is 20 meters, and the light efficiency reaches 180lm/w, which is higher than other brands. Our chip has a color rendering index of over 80 and a color temperature of 6500K. The solar panel adopts a high-efficiency single wafer, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 22%. Customers want to know how ZGSM guarantees product quality;

ZGSM shows customers the evaluation procedure of each raw material supplier and the inspection of semi-finished and finished products in the production process. In addition, ZGSM provides customers with project experience in cooperation with partners in more than 116 countries. The customer acknowledges and confirms the order. The project took about 3 months from discussion to completion.

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