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Some important things related to Vertebroplasty surgery

vertebroplasty surgery Treatment

In today’s world, hardly anyone knows about vertebroplasty surgery. Many people must have heard only its name and many have not even heard the name. A lot has changed in the world of technology. It seems that without technology we cannot do anything. It is the wonder of technology that has created a new type of surgery.

Spinal cord problems, or spine pain, have become very common in this world set on computers, laptops, and mobile phones. The spinal cord is very important for the human body. Also called backbone. It is very important to keep it straight. Our whole body is in contact with the spinal cord. In such a situation, the problem of the spinal cord has become very common. People sit with a computer or laptop for many hours, due to which they develop pain in the spine. And it is slowly increasing with the passage of time.

To eliminate the problem of the spinal cord, doctors today recommend vertebroplasty surgery. This is a kind of outpatient procedure. There are many such big hospitals in India and there are many big doctors who do vertebroplasty surgery. But the cost of each hospital is different. Its treatment is very expensive. Its total cost in India is approximately INR 401148.00 to INR 474084.00.

What is Vertebroplasty Surgery?

So let us know what is vertebroplasty surgery.

When a person has pain in the spine or any kind of fracture or there is a tumor in the spinal cord, then doctors recommend vertebroplasty surgery. In this procedure, a block of bone cement is used which supports the spine. This surgery gives immediate relief to the patient. These surgeries are done within a very short time and this surgery is very good for the elderly. Because it does not cause much pain to the patient. During this surgery, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital for a long time and he is discharged quickly. However, after discharge, it needs a lot of care. But it is up to the patient how he can take care of himself. And how quickly can I get rid of the pain? Negligence should not be taken in this, if someone is negligent then he may have to suffer loss, it remains a very delicate issue.

Benefits of vertebroplasty surgery

Elderly people whose bones are usually weak compared to younger people and do not have the strength to undergo any major surgery, this surgery is very good for them. In such a situation, the elderly do not need any major surgery, they get relief from this surgery.

This surgery is done in a very short time. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital for this surgery.

But after this surgery, it is very important to take care of one thing even after this surgery, the patients need care, if any negligence is done, then there can be a loss for them. (vertebroplasty surgery Treatment)

Why is this surgery done?

Vertebroplasty surgery is very beneficial. It gives relief from many sorrows. Treatment is possible with this surgery for any problem related to the bones of the spine. This surgery is done specifically to treat vertebral compression fractures in the spine. There are some situations in which this treatment is needed and that is –

  • This surgery can be beneficial if someone has shortness of breath or problems like intermittent breathing or
  • shortness of breath.
  • Being unable to walk straight. If someone is facing any problem in straightening, then he should get his
  • bowed body corrected through surgery.
  • or sometimes a person works even lying on his face, due to which there is some problem in the spine.
  • If there is a fracture in the spine, this surgery is also very beneficial for this.
  • It is also useful for osteoporosis.
  • After breaking the reed bone.
  • having any other type of problem.


It is not necessary that any major accident happens only then a fracture occurs. Often the bone slips out of place. Or there is a crack in it.

There are 3 types of fractures. These include open fractures, closed fractures, and compound fractures. Often there is an accident or if the body is flexible then a fracture comes. Sometimes human bones are also weak due to which fractures also occur.

Pre-surgery preparation
Apart from this, a CT scan or m.r.i.

So that he can get complete information about your body. And there was no problem during the treatment.

How is vertebroplasty surgery performed?

Before surgery, the patient is first sedated or sedated. Then a surgeon injects cement into the empty bones. Due to this, the bones get support. After that, the needle is taken out and the place where the piercing is made is closed with the help of a bandage and it dries up after 10 to 12 minutes after pouring the cement.

Care After Vertebroplasty Surgery

Similarly, vertebroplasty surgery is also a type of serious surgery in which the patient needs a lot of care.

In such a situation, the patient should lie straight on the back for at least one hour or two hours immediately after the surgery. So that the cement used during the surgery becomes stronger. If needed, the patient can wear a back brace. After the operation, the patient can go home immediately but he should take rest for 24 hours. It takes at least 72 hours for the pain to subside after the operation or it also depends on the patient.

After the surgery, the patient remains under the observation of the doctor for a few hours.

Post-surgery complications

After any surgery, the patient may face many problems. Because if there is any change in any natural thing, then some complications also come into it. If you do not take proper care of yourself, then the patient may have to face many problems after the surgery. In such a situation, he needs a lot of caution.

Having an infection Due to not paying attention to the open space and also due to negligence, there are many chances of infection.

There may also be a fracture of the ribs or the surrounding bone.
Sometimes a person has a very high fever and it is not right to have a frequent fever, so the person should consult a doctor and tell him that he is having a fever again and again after surgery. If this fever comes due to some problem, then the doctor removes that problem.


  • Sometimes it also happens that the cement in the bones is not able to go properly.
  • Blood also starts accumulating in the lungs.
  • There can also be damage in the blood of the person’s body.
  • There are many nerves in a person’s body. That is why there is a lot of irritation in the nerves of the person.

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