The Best Offset Smokers in 2022: Which Are You Looking For?

Do you have a vision of mouth-watering competition-worthy meats that are low and slow?

Offset smokers are also referred to as horizontal smokers or barrel smokers offset smokers, are usually seen as the classic smoker due to their basic but effective design. With charcoal or wood as the fuel, They’re perfect for those looking to master the traditional method of smoking and cook large quantities of tasty smoked meat during the process.

However, when it comes to purchasing the perfect offset smoker just about any item won’t work! The market is flooded with inexpensive alternatives that release smoke, consume a ton of fuel, and, honestly, don’t perform effectively.


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Instead of running into it, you’re conducting your homework!

This page contains reviews of the top offset smokers 2022 can offer. The barbecues we recommend were selected for their quality, function and features, and a variety of other factors, including our own personal experience!

Oklahoma Joe Highland Oklahoma Joe Highland The Best Traditional

Oklahoma Joe offset smokers are similar to the Webers of the world of smoking. With an excellent combination of features, quality, and prices and features, the range of Oklahoma Joe’s is unbeatable when it is about backyard smoking or even semi-professional, smoking. It’s normal that our most traditional smoker is their all-rounder, that’s the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland.

Made of high-temperature steel this model offers huge 600 square feet of racks for cooking within the central chamber. It’s plenty of space to cook a whole brisket or some pork fat, but it’s also not enough to make it difficult to cook with.

It comes with Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker has all the features that allow barbecuing to be a breeze. A shelf that can be removed to store your kitchen utensils in a convenient place and cool-touch handles thermometer that is built-in, as well as a robust cart that has wheels, making the possibility of moving it by yourself.

Within the firebox offset,, you’ll be able to find 281 square inches to cook over the charcoal. If space is what you want, choose this model. 

Highland is often criticized for leaking a little smoke. However, from our experiences leakage is very minimal and does not need to be dealt with. However, a couple of simple and affordable modifications can solve this out!

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker The Best Reverse

Just remove the plates, shift the smoke stacker over onto the secondary port, and you’re good to go. Whatever method you choose to use this barbecue, changing the temperature and levels of smoke is simple using numerous dampers and a high-quality thermometer.

This Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse gives you a truly unique smoking experience and comes at a fantastic value. It’s certainly one of our top picks among our top offset smokers!

Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS – D Heavy- Vertical Smoker & Grill – Best Vertical

It’s also worth noting that Dyna-Glo’s Signature Series Heavy-Duty Vertical Smoker and Grill is our top choice for this type of grill.

Despite its low cost, The construction of this model is quite robust. Made of high-quality steel It’s not as strong as an expensive model but it’s certainly strong enough to take some hit from the heat of high temperatures and its massive capacity.

The huge size is exactly what you will get with this model: DGS1382VCS. With 5 racks that can be removed that provide 1.098 sq. inches space for smoking. Included are sausage hooks to hang. Additionally, there’s the grilling area, which is 284 square inches within the firebox.

Controlling temperature is relatively simple and the vertical design is helpful to keep the temperature uniform throughout. Like you’d expect from a product this expensive it will produce smoke coming through the joints and doors. We suggest installing a lavaLack gasket around the doors to create an even tighter seal.

However, once it’s installed with a solid, large-capacity offset smoker that’s effective user-friendly and can turn out some stunning barbecue.

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