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The Complete Guide To Chest Of Drawers

There are several varieties of chest of drawers available on the market, but rather than wasting time browsing the web in vain, you can just refer to this Cuckooland buyer’s guide.

Chest of drawers

Before purchasing a kommodpaket, you can get all the information you need right here. Without further ado, here is our comprehensive introduction to this crucial bedroom accessory:

The fashionable bedroom must have a chic chest of drawers, so it’s comforting to know that we carry every type imaginable to satisfy every preference. You have a wide range of options if you want a cottage-style bedroom with antique furniture around. We also have pages of contemporary chests of drawers if you prefer your bedroom to have clean lines, glossy surfaces, and no unnecessary items.

The height and width are the initial choices you have. From waist height to head height, we have chests in every size with two, three, four, five, or more drawers. If you have the room, a low, wide chest helps to distribute light and keeps the room feeling airy by exposing more of the walls.

Which size do you require?

Get out your notebook and start writing down everything you’re going to be placing inside it before you even think about what sort of chest of drawers you’re going to pick. We’ll confess it’s not quite as enjoyable as making a Christmas list. But it does ensure you obtain a unit that serves as a functional, comfortable storage solution for your requirements.

Multipurpose storage solution

Many individuals keep various articles of clothes in their chest of drawers from top to bottom, for example, socks in one drawer, underwear in another, sweaters further down, etc. If this describes you somewhat, it can be worthwhile to seek for a model. It is constructed with drawers of different sizes. A particularly well-liked and adaptable design features narrower, smaller drawers at the top. It gets wider and larger as you move down the unit.

Chest Of Drawers

These kinds of chest of drawers are your finest option if you’re looking for a multipurpose storage solution. While the roomier drawers may hold everything from clothing to extra bedding, the smaller slots at the top are ideal for trinkets like cosmetics or stationery. A multipurpose chest of drawers isn’t essential if you already have a perfectly practical location to keep specific items of clothing elsewhere in your house. For instance, your sweaters might be safely stored away in the top of your wardrobe. In these situations, choosing a smaller model with a comparable-sized chest of drawers enables you to add and remove items as necessary.

Of course, you also need to take the unit’s total size into account. When measuring your bedroom, keep in mind that the depth of the chest of drawers must also be taken into account so that you have enough room to pull them out when choosing your clothing in the morning. After all, when selecting bedroom storage requirements, utility is crucial!

On top of what?

A chest of drawers are useful for more than just storing clothing; if you choose, they may also serve as exhibition stands. Consider how much room you’d like to have on top of your chest of drawers unit and what you might need to put there before browsing the furniture catalog. For instance, do you enjoy curling up with a nice book before going to sleep? Next, check to see whether there is enough room on top of your chest of drawers for a lamp or reading light. As you want the light cord to easily reach the socket, you should also take account of the height of the unit.


However, you could want to utilize your chest of drawers as a location to keep your jewelry and cosmetics, along with a mirror so you can get dolled up in the privacy of your own bedroom. In these situations, you’ll need a roomy top surface that, when you’re seated, is around chest height. This will free up your hands so you can put on your earrings and put on your blusher without having to arch your back to look in the mirror.

Chest of drawers for decoration

Alternatively, you could just use the surface of your chest of drawers for decoration. This is one of the greatest locations to store any mementos or souvenirs from your family that you might want to have close by whenever you get into bed at night. Adding indoor greenery, such as plants, is a great way to improve the quality of the air in your space and provide a pleasing burst of color. Here, a broader surface could be more advantageous since you can place flowers on top without worrying about them collapsing as they mature.

Last but not least, if you enjoy the basic things in life, you may only need a small chest of drawers that is bed height so you can easily reach your cup of tea, phone, and alarm clock in the morning. A bedside table with two drawers will be more than adequate in these situations.

Guide for dresser chest of drawers

Don’t forget about stature just yet; we’ve already covered a little amount of breadth and height in this tutorial. The height of a chest of drawers unit impacts the atmosphere of the space in addition to how functional it is.


Let’s elaborate. 

Children’s rooms benefit from smaller, broader chests of drawers that are closer to the floor, but they could feel out of place in more modern settings when the rest of the furniture is long, sleek, and tall. Kids’ rooms are best suited for small, low-profile chest of drawers, while adult bedrooms are better suited for tallboy chest of drawers (slender, long units), which also serve as statement pieces for the rest of the house. Additionally, chest of drawers might vary substantially from one piece to the next. Are you drawn to Scandinavian designs’ airy, tall, and light aspect, or are you seeking something more evocative of the past? Consider what your current furniture says about your décor in order to reduce your alternatives, or create a wish list of complementary pieces.

Consider if you would desire your chest of drawers to have handles or not on a similar point. Naturally, handles make opening the drawers much simpler and may even add a wonderful decorative touch to the units, but whether you’re shopping for kid’s bedrooms or a minimalist space, handle-less is a common choice. In the case of your young children, the absence of handles reduces the possibility of risks and could discourage them from probing about in inappropriate locations. Any decorations on your chest of drawers may be distracting and out of context with the rest of the room because minimalist spaces are all about “less being more.”

Choose the appropriate material

  • Wood
  • Timber Effect
  • Metal
  • Plastic


When looking for a new chest of drawers, there are a lot of things to consider, so it’s important to take your time and consider all of your options. These pieces of furniture may give your bedroom a touch of elegance and refinement while supporting a certain design trend and providing a significant amount of additional storage space. Before making a purchase, take into account the size, style, feel, and dimensions of the area, as well as the kind of stuff you’ll want to store away and the amount of money you have to spend

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