The E-Reader Device vs. The Smartphone/ Tablet: Let the Battle Begin!

They’ve been around for many years.

They’re co-existing…wonderfully!

And that is good because we get to experience expanded flexibility with a variety of opportunities to choose from.

But be it the famous Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon or the E-Book Reader in your phone – they both can do the job pretty much well. They are great pieces of hardware promising you tons of specs and they definitely are, at some point, necessary in our lives.

But when they exist side-by-side, they sometimes COLLIDE.

We won’t let that happen.

You might need a Smartphone to read the classics when your sibling or spouse may prefer a fully functional Ebook Reader device.

Let’s find out which option suits one’s reading the best!

  • What Am I Going to Choose Between an E-Reader Device and a Smartphone/ Tab?

If you have been looking for loans in 10 minutes approval, you were probably thinking about buying your next e-book reader device or a paid E-reader application.

Even if you don’t want to invest in that sense, you might be stuck in deciding whether or not to use the Ereader device or the application.

With that being said, let the battle begin!

  • Case 1: Ebook Functionality

Actually, it is confusing to choose a winner in this regard.

  • An E-book reader device such as the Kindle Oasis is a lightweight tool that comes in cool specs, some of which you may not get in a Smartphone or a Tab.
  • An Ebook reader device gives you a better reading time because of its palm-fit size. It is about 5 inches to 7 inches in diagonal. That is considered the best option for holding a slate-like thing and reading from it.
  • These devices have been made considering real books. As mentioned earlier, they are very lightweight and can be easily carried even in a medium-sized satchel bag.
  • Ebook readers offer real reading experiences by reflecting natural light from the screen. It is a different technology than that of a Smartphone or a Tablet screen.
  • A Smartphone or Tablet, on the other hand, is a heavier device.
  • It has got other duties to do. A Smartphone may have good interface support in many ways than an E-book reader. But it again has to perform tasks that may get in the way of simultaneous reading.

(Some people like it that way!)

Winner: Actually, both.

  • Case 2: Library and Reading Options

Although you get it with a Smartphone or tablet, the inclusion of readability and library options feel great when you have an Ebook Reader Device in your hands.

  • If you research Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis, you will know that both these devices have a superb backup for reading. You can maximise and minimise fonts; change themes; use dark mode; find the meaning of a word just with a tap on the word, and many more.
  • These functionalities might be there in a Smartphone or tablet, too, with a dedicated EBook Reader App. But again, an Ebook reader device excels in the library options!
  • With Kindle Paperwhite, you are going to get a wide range of free and paid books. You can download free books from completely online stores or…you know…wireless.
  • Now, this is the most interesting part! The Kindle Paperwhite can download books from the local library if the library supports an online database; from which books can directly be downloaded to your device.
  • The device we are speaking about can easily manage to view PDF files natively. You may not get the facility of converting these files. But you can download a free PDF version of a book, which you may otherwise find premium in the Kindle Store, and read it without paying a single penny.
  • These fantastic features might not be available in a Smartphone or tablet device with Ereader applications. Added to that, smartphones and tablets have their downsides. A phone has a smaller screen, whereas a tablet is a heavier device due to the specs and hardware it carries inside.

Winner: You guessed it already…the Ebook Reader Device.

  • Case 3: Versatility

We can explain this in a single line mentioned below:

Using your EBook Reader Device, can you search for a quick loan with no credit check in the UK?

The answer to that is ‘No’.

  • Smartphones and tablets are subjectively different from that an Ebook reader app. They are made for multiple purposes. Hence, it becomes legit for them to have a different look and build.
  • With a Smartphone or tablet, your Ebook reading experience can be better. The screen is designed to offer you a more detailed display than that of the Ebook reader device.
  • You can be able to see colours on Smartphone devices. It works fine for reading Magazines, Newspapers or Comic books.
  • Smartphones and Tablets add more to some of the features found in an Ebook reader device. For example, you can now zoom in on a page with a phone screen much faster than an Ebook reader app.
  • Speaking of speed, Phones and Tablets are much more hardware-oriented than an Ebook Reader Device.
  • You don’t need a bag for a phone. This means you can carry hundreds of books from the comfort of your own pockets.
  • Last but not least, your phone or tab can do pretty much anything, such as emailing, messaging, surfing the Internet, editing, creating documents, gaming, and more.

Winner: Of course, you guessed it in the beginning…It is the Smartphone/ Tablet.

  • To Conclude

Again, it depends on you which one of the devices you will use.

An Ebook reader device is the perfect tool for quiet reading and making some personal time of yours with a book. On the other hand, a Smartphone can act like an all-in-one device that can give you more than just reading a book.

Ebook readers can also be counted in as a solution for students as they are in need of quiet times for studying.

Although the phone gives them better opportunities to highlight and take notes, the frequent calls and emails can disrupt their studies too.

But if you look at modern studying methods, then you will know that the majority of students prefer the Smartphone or tablet or a laptop for studying for long hours.

E-book reader devices excel in another way, though.

Many users have stated that the natural light reflection technology of these devices works great for the eyes.

You might not have a problem reading a book in direct sunlight as well…quite like a normal book.

Some phones or tablets may not still be as bright and as comfortable to read on under direct sunlight (no offence to the makers).

To come to a personal conclusion for selecting one of them, write your priorities down and read this blog again if possible.

You will surely get your answer.

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