The Seven Packaging Types You Should Consider as a Business Founder

Packaging plays an essential role in the perceived value of a product. The packaging industry has not changed much in recent years. It becomes evitable when compared to the constant innovation in wearable technology for packaging like rigid setup boxes. With so many packages and boxes on the market today, finding the best packaging solution for a product can be complex. Let’s look at some of the different packaging options you can use to enhance your development and customer experience.

Corrugated box

Corrugated cardboard is a paper-based material that is lightweight but very strong. You can cut it easily to create custom shapes and textures. These properties make it an ideal material for custom packaging. Generally, we make it from recycled pulpwood or waste paper after polishing and bleaching. There are different types of corrugated cardboard, each suitable for different types of packaging.

SBS board (or solid sulfate bleached board) can be used to package cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, milk and juice, personal care products, and frozen foods. Those who choose Kraft paperboard packaging or CUK (Coated Unbleached Kraft) prefer the look of a natural, environmentally friendly recycled paper that can be used in similar packaging applications.

Kraft paper is generally considered moisture sensitive. Therefore, it is not suitable for food and frozen food packaging. With the right combination of design solutions, corrugated cardboard packaging can create a high-end look without the high price tag.

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard

The box made of corrugated cardboard is simply the so-called corrugated cardboard. Many people think of corrugated cardboard as the large shipping boxes, shoe boxes, and storage boxes it is made of. Many people don’t know that different types of corrugated cardboard boxes vary in durability and strength. However, some corrugated materials are easy to identify. How do you remember this material?

Through its corrugated media (also known as grooves). Identifying corrugated materials is easy. It consists of three layers of paper: an outer liner, an inner liner, and a corrugated medium (also called corrugation). The corrugated medium gives it strength and stiffness. The primary raw material for corrugated boards is usually waste paper, which is produced on large, high-precision machines called corrugators.

These corrugated custom packaging boxes are often used as raw material for cellulose fibers and are recycled. There are different corrugated boards: single-sided corrugated boards, double-sided corrugated boards (single wall), double walls, and triple walls.

They can be used to manufacture packaging with different properties, characteristics, and thicknesses. Corrugated cardboard is cut and folded into different sizes and shapes. Other uses for corrugated cardboard include retail packaging, pizza boxes, and packaging for small consumer products.

Plastic box

Plastic packaging has many advantages. It can be recycled and is generally more durable than cardboard boxes. The sealing of plastic packaging helps maintain food quality and avoid contamination issues. Plastic packaging is also less fragile and can be stored with food in harsh conditions.

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging is used in the electronics, medical, food, cosmetics, and beverages industries. An example is particle board which is essentially corrugated cardboard made from recycled paper. It is easy to cut, fold and shape. They use to package products economically.

It has different densities, and its density determines its strength. Printing directly on particleboard means it should be sulfuric acid bleached. Cardboard is a lightweight material used in many food products, such as cereal, biscuits, and tissue boxes, so companies that handle heavy loads cannot use cardboard packaging.

Particleboard is also easily weakened when exposed to high humidity in a storage environment, which can lead to discoloration and swelling. Custom packaging containers are a splendid manner to create a completely unique unboxing revel in and display clients what you value. There are heaps of alternatives for printing and customizing on the entirety from the tissue to present wrap, revealed fonts, packing slips, and more. Plus, you may print throughout your field to provide your logo in new approaches and create a fulfilling revel in to your clients.

Rigid packaging boxes

The rigid boxes are made of high-density cardboard and are four times thicker than a standard folding box. The simplest example of a hard case is the two-piece hard case that holds an Apple iPhone or iPad. Compared to cardboard or corrugated cardboard, shoulder rigid boxes are arguably a more expensive category. Complex cases are generally made by hand and do not require costly molds or bulky machines.

They also tend to be costlier to ship because we cannot fold them, which increases their bulk in transit. These boxes are often used to sell luxury cosmetics, jewelry, technology, and high-end fashion. It’s easy to incorporate features like platforms, windows, lids, hinges, compartments, domes, and embossing into the hard case.

Polyethylene bags

Polyethylene bags, also known as pouches or plastic bags, are made of thin, stretchy plastic film fabric. They are one of the most common forms of packaging and are suitable for a wide range of products, including food, flowers, waste, chemicals, and magazines.

Aluminum foil sealed bag.

Sealed bags are commonly found in coffee and tea packaging. Why? They help maintain product density, preserve flavor, prevent bacteria, and extend shelf life. In addition to food, foil sealable bags are also used for packaging bedding and clothing. This process moves oxygen out of the bag, making the fabric stronger and preventing the growth of mold and other bacteria. Nuts, cereal, smoked fish, cheese, and sausage are also packaged in foil bags to prevent spoilage. 


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