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The Top 5 Thriller Shows on Netflix in 2022

we will share the best 5 spine chiller shows on Netflix in 2022 with you

You may be familiar with Netflix, watching all of the shows you love online on the original Netflix platform. On August 29, 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph launched Netflix in Scotts Valley, California.

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The research shows that Netflix has 221 million monthly active users. Moreover, Netflix offers unlimited access with no data cap for entertainment binge-watchers who are addicted to watching thrilling shows online.

With so much content available on the platform, it is by far one of the best streaming sites in the world. Today, we will share the top 5 thriller shows on Netflix in 2022 with you.

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Depending on the country, some of these shows may be geo-restricted.  You may need a VPN or proxy to watch them from another country.

The Top Thriller Shows To Watch On Netflix:


Stream these top thrilling shows on Netflix with your premium account:

1- Best Netflix Movie [Level 16]:



This smart, slick indie thriller should appeal to The Handmaid’s Tale fans. In view of comparative subjects. Yet through an alternate focal point, Level 16 happens at The Vestalis Academy.

A dull live-in school where young ladies are shown the excellencies of gentility: submission, tidiness, persistence, lowliness, and so on

But unfortunately, the young women nearing the end of their studies begin to suspect something sinister is waiting on the other side of the graduation ceremony as an extremist ideology is violently drilled into their minds day after day.

This dystopian thriller is relentlessly tense while also incorporating sci-fi and horror elements along the way.

2- Apostle



Apostle, the horror-thriller from The Raid director Gareth Evans, turns his attention from breathless action to gut-wrenching tension.

Daniel Stevens, best known as the star of “Legion,” gives another gripping performance as a man infiltrating a cult that holds his sister captive and uncovers some deeply disturbing truths.

With a blood-soaked conclusion that veers from suspense to full-on carnage, Evans’ slow-burn pays off with a violent explosion of viscera.

3- Creep


Mark Duplass and Patrick Bice explore the mind of a mysterious, unsettling man called Josef, a man looking for intimacy through Craigslist ads.

Bice plays Aaron, a youthful movie producer who gets the work and is inundated in an awkward and surprising circumstance that generally takes steps to turn out badly when he goes to Josef’s turf.

In his role as Josef, Mark Duplass channels the charming, disarming, and freaky behavior of corporate snakes and thriving sociopaths. He seems like a weirdo you can’t ignore, but is he a killer or just a weirdo you can’t help but be friends with?

Bice and Duplass play with audience expectations all the way to the payoff at the end, which is a fantastic, earned moment that anchors the tension for its entire runtime. The good news is that if Creep thrills you, the sequel is just as entertaining.


4- In The Shadow of The Moon



This underseen Netflix original from Jim Mickle blends time travel, Zodiac-like levels of obsessive detective work, and a pinch of politics.

In the film, Boyd Holbrook stars as a cop who coincidentally finds horrible wrongdoings and becomes involved with a waiting game that will characterize many years of his life… what’s more, leads him into some contorted, awful time-travel adventure that might save all of us.

In the Shadow of the Moon is an obsessive crime drama that keeps things low-key despite the high stakes. But it has a habit of thinking it’s more advanced than it actually is.

Nevertheless, it’s still a fascinating, engaging, and incredibly well-made time-travel saga that’s well worth watching.


5- Velvet Buzzsaw




If you loved Nightcrawler, you might enjoy writer/director Dan Gilroy’s weird Netflix movie Velvet Buzzsaw. The film has a lot of dark humor, and Jake Gyllenhaal gives a colorful performance as:

Gilroy goes for the jugular as far as the art world is concerned.

Final Thoughts:

This blog has multiple folds and a detailed discussion about the compelling shows and the entertainment platform through which you can watch your favorite shows and movies.

Even so, if you have any questions about the series and films, feel free to leave a comment below the comment section, and I will respond to it in the next blog!


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