The Top 8 Outdoor Signage signs

The Top 8 Outdoor Signs That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of effective outdoor signage and successful business? If you said great signage, you’re absolutely right! A sign from Creative Solution can help make your business stand out from its competitors and increase sales and customer loyalty. If you need outdoor signs or other kinds of signs to promote your company, contact us today to learn more about our services and products!

1) Vinyl Graphics in outdoor signage

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to your sign needs, then using vinyl might be right for you. Typically made of PVC plastic, it comes in three thicknesses: thin, standard and heavy-duty. Outdoor signs are often printed on thin and standard vinyl; these options offer good value for money since they can be designed to withstand different weather conditions.

Heavy-duty is used mainly for permanent indoor signs; it’s more durable than its thinner counterparts but usually costs more. To ensure that your vinyl outdoor signage stands up against wear and tear from all kinds of weather, test its durability before installing it outdoors.

2) Light Boxes in outdoor signage

The most common outdoor signs are light boxes. Made from a thin, clear material like plexiglass or acrylic, these signs allow your business name to show in a variety of colors and brightness levels while giving passersby a clearer view than they’d get with standard printed cardboard signage. The result is an attractive design that catches potential customers’ attention at eye level.

Consider having more than one type of sign; light boxes often look best when accompanied by marquee letters or other types of outdoor advertising. Put them together, and you’ll have outdoor signage that clearly conveys your company’s identity even when everything else on your property looks exactly the same as it did yesterday.

3) Wall Decals

Removable decals are great for outdoor signage. They can be repositioned easily, and will usually withstand a light rain (great for seasonal changes in your business hours). However, if you want something that’s super easy to install and remove with no mess and minimal fuss, removable decals may not be right for you. T

hey tend to become less sticky over time, so they don’t adhere as well to surfaces over time. And since it is possible for them to fall off in windy conditions or be removed by sticky fingers and curious pets, it may make sense to have another sign in place that can serve as a backup plan—if it needs replacing, but isn’t a permanent outdoor sign solution.

4) Metal Plaques

One of our most popular options, metal plaques are a great way to quickly get your business noticed. Outdoor signs often use plaques to display information such as hours and menu items, making them a great choice for restaurants or food businesses. These types of signs also tend to be pretty affordable; you can get start with a metal plaque at around $20 per square foot.

Prices go up depending on size and customization, but even a small sign will only cost around $200. You can order everything from custom aluminum signs to vinyl letters that stick directly onto your storefront’s window glass. If you want your business name or logo on your outdoor sign, metal lettering is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to do it.

5) Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are a great way to make sure that your business stands out at night. Outdoor signage systems like illuminate signs are some of our most popular outdoor signs. Illuminated signs come in all shapes and sizes from outdoor electronic readerboards, custom light boxes and full-color digital displays. They can also design in many different ways, including flat-bed graphics or dimensional three-dimensional sign systems. Our team is experienced with all types of illuminated sign systems and will work with you to create an outdoor signage solution that works for your business.

6) Fencing and Gate Posters

Fencing is much more than a way to outline your property; it’s also an opportunity to get creative with an eye-catching fence sign. It doesn’t matter whether you choose vinyl, wood or metal fencing; when it comes to signs, there are plenty of ways to stand out. Here are some ideas for making yours unique

7) Vehicle Lettering & Wraps

Vehicle lettering is an excellent way to promote your business on both a small and large scale. Whether you have one vehicle or fleet of trucks, vans, and cars; vehicle graphics can do for you at any level. Having professionally-done vehicle lettering & wraps for your business vehicles can be extremely beneficial as it not only looks great, but will also attract new customers because they’ll associate your brand with professionalism and trust.

Additionally, depending on where you drive throughout town or even across town, people may not always see signs that are place in storefront windows. Those who are commuting through busy traffic see these vehicle letterings instead. The following guide on outdoor signage systems will cover all of these benefits and more in order to help promote your brand even further!

8) Awnings

Investing in an awning system will create a simple and cost-effective outdoor sign to draw attention to your business and bring it directly into focus. There are many types of awnings. Each with its own specific function. But they all serve one purpose: to keep your customers dry. A customize retractable awning can designs specifically for you so that it makes of high-quality materials and colored signs. Which makes it very hard to miss.

It’s not only an affordable way to attract new customers. They also come with additional benefits like saving energy by reducing heat loss and solar gain. When properly installed by trained professionals, you’ll find that awnings last for years without having to perform any routine maintenance or replacements.


Outdoor signs can have a massive impact on your business; think about it: do you know any business that has been successful without advertising? It’s almost impossible to achieve success as a company without spending at least some money on marketing, and outdoor signs are a powerful way to get people’s attention and entice them into making a purchase. Outdoor signs don’t have to be expensive to be effective, but there are some signs that perform better than others. The best advice we can give you is, if you want your business to stand out in your industry, talk with one of our sign experts today!

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