Things you can do to get more comments on Instagram

get more comments on Instagram

If you are familiar with Instagram, then you do not need a good introduction to Instagram stories.

It all started with a copy of Snapchat Stories, but since then it has come a long way and become a groundbreaking way to market.

With more than 500 million active Instagram users, we will try to create a guide here so you can make your Norwegian company bigger.

We can say that many do not use stories as they should be used, but those who do experience strong marketing and easy ways to provide more “brand awareness”.

Let’s look at it!

How do get more views on Instagram, for companies in Australia?

Very many companies are good at posting new photos while getting more of their Instagram followers to interact on their profiles. But an incredible number of people are struggling to do simple things to gain more followers.

However, the question again is how to get more views on Instagram of their stories. Let’s look at some simple strategies.

The match needs to be perfect for your audience, the messaging needs to be tight and done right, and you really want to be sure that you’re not just doing a digital meet and greet.

You should be bringing something to the table that convinces the followers on the other account to follow and engage with you (or vice versa).

Use Norwegian #tags

Well, you do not have to make it so difficult. But whatever your favorite tag so it’s important to use them – and if you’ve been using Instagram for a while then you know how much they can help you reach new users.

But you know they used stories too, and are at least as important there? They do so, so if you use it diligently here and there you will no doubt experience more than they see.

The algorithm for Instagram is both image feed and story feed. If you use good #tags, then you will no doubt get more feedback on your Instagram stories – and it may be that your followers also share your story. So you get more Australian likes or followers for your photos.

There is no limit to how creative you can be on your tags!

Check out Nike’s tags here:

A little quick tip, if you do not want hundreds of tags on your stories – so it is possible to go home under a sticker or GIFS for example by changing color.

Giveaway – or competitions in history?

In Norway, it is very popular to run competitions, and the amount of self-confidence makes it easy for Australian followers to get caught and dare to go to competitions.

This means that customers will almost go crazy for your stories, at least if you have text that makes the need to watch them for a long time to participate in contests. Well, who does not want to get free stuff delivered HOME at the door?

It will create more trust, more “retention” on your opinions, brand trust, and even new followers on Instagram!

Let’s go through what may be appropriate,

  • High-value competitions
    Well, if you want huge huge traffic to your stories then it’s just your wallet that stops you. With a rural holiday game just like a picture? Well, then you can count on huge amounts of likes.
  • Sell ​​your products at the same time
    You can use your stories to sell your products, and get followers to do different things to participate in the competition to win this product.
  • Create content with your customers
    You can get competitors to create content for you. For example. then REDBULL ran a campaign where the best image of a Redbull won a box of Redbull. There are no limits to creativity when there are so many people involved!

Another easy way and increase your view of Instagram stories.

Running quizzes or quizzes on your stories gives your followers a chance to get to know you better and have more interactions with you as a brand. The more people who are on your stories choose to print their stories, the more opinions Instagram thinks this story deserves.

Not only are stories like this also working, but they can also help with interactions on all platforms.

There are no limits to how creative you can be; in this example, we use Discovery Plusin where they promoted a show they had about food. A simple vote to make it easy and fun, while increasing their opinions and commitment.

As you might expect, late at night on a Monday usually isn’t quite as “buzzworthy” for a new bit of content to land as early Friday morning, for example.

It’s really all about thinking about your audience, when they are most likely to be active on Instagram, and when they are going to be engaging with your content, especially when they have time to engage with your content.

Ask interesting questions

If you want to increase your views on Instagram in Norway, do not ask completely vanilla questions. Ask about something that engages people and will make you as a brand more significant!

If you do not necessarily have many questions and queries, you can use the “Ask me something” sticker to get more feedback from your followers.

If you want to reach out to more, you can also have stories in different languages. For example, should you have Australian Instagram followers? Then you could have run a question in Australian!

By asking purely fun questions, you will no doubt get more interactions on your comments and more views! In this way you can easily get more boost on your instagram account.

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