Tips to Remember While Developing a Gojek Clone App

A matter of stress comes about if you have to install different apps to perform multiple tasks. With an app that makes a wide array of services all at one place, not only would the customers be saved from this concern of installing so many apps, the business too would get the capability to earn a good amount of revenue. This is on the basis of a wide array of services available on the app.

If you as a business owner visit the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store of your respective Android or iOS device, you will come across apps making multi-delivery services easy. One that in recent years has captured the attention of entrepreneurs worldwide is Gojek.

After its launch in 2010 in Indonesia, it became a source of inspiration for those setting up a business for the first time to embrace multi-services app development to earn a good value of profits right from the first day itself.

So let us first know a little about this solution in the lines below.

About Gojek

Year of Release – 2009

Areas of Service/Delivery – Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, etc.

An Indonesian on-demand multi-services app, Gojek initially focused on providing courier delivery and on-demand ride services. In 2015, it became a multi-services app that provides courier, ride, food, grocery, and other miscellaneous delivery services all in one place.

Knowing a little about the app, we are certain thus you have gotten an idea of why it has achieved so much popularity. It is because through one app- it is possible for customers to gain access to a wide array of services.

Last, since it has easy operations, it has a large customer base.

Look below to understand the same.

Operations of the Gojek App

  1. Enter the app.
  2. Select from different services the one you need.
  3. Add location.
  4. Choose a restaurant/store etc. and select items/meals/book a ride.
  5. Make payment after selecting a payment mode from the different options available.
  6. Get order confirmation.
  7. Track the order until delivery.
  8. Get the order delivered.
  9. Provide rating and review.

Thanks to the simple operations of this solution, startups are considering multi-services app development. As a new startup, if you are also embarking on a similar journey (embracing multi-services app development) to develop an app like Gojek, remember to follow some steps and keep some tips in mind.

How to Perform Multi-Services App Development?

Have Knowledge of Tech Stack to Make App Robust & Fully Functional

When you embark on the journey of multi-services app development to build an app similar to Gojek, you must use tech stacks that make the app fully functional and robust.

Hence, use React Native, Flutter, Native Script, Xamarin, etc. Using them, you can be sure that the end solution will be scalable and help you to achieve profitable business results.

Know Features and Functionalities to Enhance App Value

Since the Gojek app focuses on providing multi-services- when you embark on the journey to build an app of a similar nature, keep the design simple and interactive. Include features like multi-language and easy-to-understand icons to make booking rides, ordering meals, and performing other miscellaneous tasks easy. Finally, work towards building your app in a manner that is easy to navigate. This will keep a maximum number of users engaged with the solution for a long time.

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Focus on Design

When you are setting out on the journey of multi-delivery app development, it is extremely important to focus on the design. This is because, an easy-to-navigate app will ensure that maximum users remain engaged with it, and can seamlessly book rides, order meals, order groceries, and so on, all, with utmost convenience.

Hence, it is a good idea to use the right wireframe. This will ascertain that the task of app navigation becomes easy and the tasks mentioned above becomes easy to perform, as well, at the same time.

Keep Testing

Test, test, and test. This is the ideal way to locate bugs. Especially when you embark on the journey of building an app that focuses on providing multi-services at one place, it is best to ensure the app remains as bug-free as possible.

Therefore, it is ideal to use beta testing. This allows users to use the beta version of the app and provide feedback on the overall experience when using it. Also, in case, the presence of bugs gets detected, they get fixed in real-time.

Connect with Multi Services App Development Company

When you outsource your project of multi-services app development to a company overseas, you save on time and costs, both. This is mostly the infrastructure cost. Also, time-related to building apps from scratch gets eliminated as it is for finances too.

Currently, most app development companies build ready-to-launch solutions that are modifiable. This allows businesses to scale up as per their future requirements with utmost convenience.

Thus, if you are setting up a base for the first time in the world of multi-services, the best path is to connect with a dedicated multi-service app development company offshore.

Through the expertise they possess in building these solutions, they will help you to scale your business and take it to the path of success in the shortest time span.

Now, having an idea across all these aspects, it is important to understand- for a startup, building an app from scratch consumes enormous finances.

Hence, it is ideal, especially if you are embarking on building a multi-services app that is similar to Gojek, you adopt the Gojek clone app.

Let us, therefore, get an idea of the solution in the lines below.

All About Gojek Clone App

A pre-built multi-services app, the Gojek clone app assists in providing a wide array of multi-services all in one place. Possessing modifiable features- businesses get the flexibility to customize the solution based on their future requirements so that they can scale up their business in a flexible way.

It possesses separate apps for the customer, the driver, service providers, restaurants, stores, etc., and a web panel so that business operations become seamless to perform and the scaling up is easy.

Knowing thus about the Gojek clone app, you can understand why you should use it for your new business setup. It would not only give you the desired assistance to provide a wide array of services in one place. It would simultaneously provide you the flexibility to scale up your business based on your future business requirements.

Knowing the steps to automate multi-services app development and the support the Gojek clone app provides to new startups. Let us understand the estimated budget for the task.

This is because, for a startup, saving on costs is crucial as building an app from scratch might consume huge finances.

So here is the estimated budget for the same discussed in the lines bahçeşehir escort below.

Estimated Cost to Develop Gojek App that is Customizable

If you build a Gojek-like app with primary features, the cost will be between $20,000 to $30,000. However, based on the number of advanced features you add, the number of platforms where you launch, and so on, the finances will go up subsequently.

Therefore, make sure you know this area before you embrace multi-services app development to build a similar app.

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Wrapping Up

Gojek is the perfect example of an innovative business model. This is due to offering multi-services like food delivery, rides, and grocery delivery, to name a few, all in one place. Thereupon, it has become a source of inspiration for new startups and encouraged them to build apps of a similar nature by embracing multi-services app development to earn enormous revenues based on the wide array of services they provide. Hence, if you are also embarking on a similar journey, know the tech stack that can make your app robust and be aware of the overall cost. Adopt the Gojek clone app, most importantly, for this task so that you can flexibly scale up your business and obtain good ROI.

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I am Anita Shah, project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, a leading mobile app development company specializing in food and taxi app development services. As a hobby, I like to write and share blogs & articles related to the latest technology.

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