Tired of T-shirts? ! Wearing a “dress + shoes” this summer is so beautiful and temperamental!

You who wear “dress + shoes” will be beautiful all summer!

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The midsummer is approaching, and the sultry weather makes people unable to help but ask questions🤔️: How to wear it so that you can stay away from embarrassment and stickiness, and have an elegant summer?

Although T-shirts are convenient and comfortable, they sometimes seem too casual, wearing more dull and greasy, and less delicate.

Long trousers are handsome and stylish, but they are inevitably stuffy. Shorts show legs and are not suitable for everyone and various occasions. After thinking about it, you still have to wear a dress .

A dress on the upper body not only saves the troublesome matching more occasions. It is exquisite and decent to wear to work and commuting , and it is romantic and casual in daily life .

And when it’s paired with shoes, it’s a versatile style.

The group of “dress + shoes” is very temperamental when you wear it casually, and the fashionistas have already gotten it!

The seemingly inconspicuous shoes can also become a plus point for the overall outfit, and can be combined with the “dress” to create a style in minutes.

So in this summer, how can this group of CPs be the most beautiful?

Dress + Sandals

When the tenderness of the dress meets the softness of the sandals, it collides with the infinite romance of summer, which is very temperament!

Compared with other shoes, sandals have the natural advantage of being refreshing and breathable. They are particularly slender and delicate when worn, and the atmosphere is full.

Sandals are not a difficult item to match. The dresses we usually wear can basically match them, and they can also help you wear different aesthetics according to your personal style. Shop now using H&M discount code NHS, H&M Discount Code, H&M Voucher Code, H&M Promo Code, and & H&M coupon code 10 Off and H&M NHS Discount Code

For example, for the floral dress that is necessary for summer, choose light yellow as the main color and then match it with a pair of lavender strappy sandals. The color with low saturation highlights the beauty of elegance and atmosphere.

It is also a sandal with thin straps. The style of strapping will have a more romantic holiday feeling. The thin straps wrapped around the feet make you both casual and charming.

Han Suxi has worn it like this before. The cool strappy sandals are matched with a split floral skirt, which is immortal and sultry, and her beauty is full of beauty! Buy Men and Women’s clothes and save with Boden promo code 25 off and Asos NHS discount code

If you wear it for commuting, then I would recommend you to choose a pair of Slingbacks. The pointed style makes both sophistication and aura coexist, and the big heroine feels super strong!

For daily wear, you can also choose Roman sandals. The temperament is neutral, and it is easy and comfortable to wear. Buy Men and Women’s clothes and save with Boden promo code 25 off and Asos NHS discount code

Dress + Sneakers

Although sneakers are not as cool as sandals, they are worse than comfortable, sweat-absorbing, breathable, and not tired at all, and are super wearable.

It belongs to the category of mix and match when paired with a dress. One is saltier and has a lively and sporty sense, and the other is more soft and romantic, but they do not violate harmony.

Sneakers can just stimulate the casual and casual temperament of dresses, and when paired together, they are both romantic, casual, and comfortable.

There are many types of sports shoes, and white shoes are the most versatile among them. Even if you wear them with a “complex” floral dress, it will not look fancy and cumbersome.

The style of Daddy’s shoes looks a bit “rough”. With a solid-colored satin skirt and satin shirt, it just wears an atmospheric temperament and looks full of personality.

If you want to wear a flowery dress, remember to choose a simple style and a low-key color for the shoes, so as not to be too eye-catching and look very comfortable.

Fancy dresses with eye-catching shoes often have higher requirements for appearance and temperament, which will appear too many elements, which are difficult for ordinary people to control and easy to wear.

Dress + grandma shoes

Grandma’s shoes have their own retro and elegant temperament. When they meet a delicate and soft dress, they are simply a template for French girls to learn from!

Flat-bottomed grandma shoes can balance comfort and elegance very well. They are simple and suitable for matching with skirts. As long as you choose the right style, you can wear them beautifully all day without getting tired. Buy Shoes and don’t miss Foot Locker discount code at Foot Locker Discount Code NHS at Foot Locker NHS Discounts

If you want to take the line of stunning atmosphere and beauty, you might as well try this kind of skirt with a sense of drama design. The rounded V-neck and the slightly raised multi-layer flying sleeves constantly render a beautiful atmosphere invisibly.

Like a classic tea break dress, you can also try it, and you can easily have the lazy and romantic beauty of the French style.

On the basis of the tea break dress, choose a style with a cut, which vaguely reveals the lines of the legs, which is super beautiful and super sexy!

 Dress + Loafers

Loafers belong to the kind of single product that can be worn all year round. They have a British gentleman feel and are full of tonality. They are very suitable for commuting.

However, pay attention to the selection of loafers according to the season. Some loafers with thick soles and big toes are easy to wear and feel light and heavy, and the overall is relatively sultry, which is not suitable for summer.

With lightweight loafers and refreshing color matching, it is very beautiful to wear a printed dress casually, and get a light and dreamy summer girly atmosphere.

If the skirt is more “fancy”, try to choose the classic style and color of the loafer, and match it with socks of the same color as the skirt.

If you want to take the temperament route, you can wear “all black”. It has an unexpected sense of luxury and luxury, and it is super beautiful!

As long as they are matched properly, shoes can also become an important part of the overall outfit, bringing you unexpected and stunning effects.

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