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Top 10 Apps for Seniors in 2021 | Elderly Companionship Services in the U.K.

Technology has made our lives incredibly easier than before. Even our smartphones have so much to offer. If we talk about the software and applications that are available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and other platforms, there is an application for just about everything.

But, what most people probably don’t know is that there are apps that are especially dedicated for the elderly in order to make their lives easier. This article is going to list the top 10 best apps for seniors in 2021, according to elderly companionship services in the U.K.:

 1.    Skype

Every elderly needs to stay connected with his/her family members and other loved ones. So what if they live far away? There’s Skype to help you with that. This application is easily available on major platforms, such as Apple Store and Google Play Store, and works on pretty much any device. 

Just add all your loved ones on this application, and video calls them whenever you want. The best part is, Skype is totally free, and you can audio call, video call, or send messages whenever you want. 

This way, seniors will never have to feel left out, isolated, or even lonely. Skype is specifically helpful during these pandemic times when social distancing is a good idea in order to keep all our loved ones safe.

2.    Find My iPhone

This application is for all the seniors who own an Apple device. Seniors are often forgetful of things, and misplacing their phones isn’t something new. 

With this helpful iOS application, seniors can easily find out where they left their phone, without getting stressed out. 

This free application makes use of the built-in GPS capabilities in the iOS device, and then tracks the geographical location of the phone. So, even if their phone is shut off, it can still be easily tracked.

 3.    PillBoxie

Is your senior loved one forgetful of taking their medications on time? Well, there’s no need to fret any longer. 

PillBoxie is here to make your loved ones remember to take their medications. The best part is, this application doesn’t even require an active internet connection for all the reminders. 

Whenever it is time to take medication, the device will notify the senior by making a noise, and then the senior can easily check off the medication from the list. Moreover, the seniors can easily set their medications and doses per day, and even make edits whenever needed.

 4.    Words with friends

Games are the best time killers. This intuitive game is available on iOS and Android devices, and can even be played with other family members. 

This game is quite similar to Scrabble and is a good energizer for the brain of our loved ones. Not only this, but this game will also boost the memory of your elderly, and will make them feel ecstatic as they’ll be overcoming challenges in this game.

 5.    Librivox

Is your elderly fond of reading their favorite books, but have a hard time reading? 

Look no further. Librivox is the best app for all the seniors wanting to kill time by reading their favorite books. What’s great about this app is that it contains more than 50,000 audiobooks, so that seniors don’t have to do a thing to finish their all-time favorite books. 

 6.    Life 360

This incredibly helpful application lets a user share their location in case of any emergency. A senior can use this app by sending a notification or alert to any of their loved ones or a network of caregivers. The best part is, seniors will also have access to a 24/7 emergency response team to help anyone who is in need.

 7.    Magnifying glass + flashlight

Almost every senior struggles with weak vision as they grow older. 

With this magnifying glass application, seniors can easily zoom in and zoom out to read clearly. What makes this application even better is the flashlight, that automatically illuminates to make seniors ready with zoomed-in text and bright light. Seniors can easily use this application in public, and never have to struggle with maps, mails, menus, and so on.

 8.    Uber

Driving for the elderly isn’t a good idea. That’s what Uber is there for. 

The Uber application is readily available on iOS and Android devices. All seniors are required to do is share their current location, and a professional Uber driver will arrive on the spot to transport the seniors wherever they want. 

Also, other family members and loved ones can send an Uber to the senior, no matter where they are. This application is most helpful for those seniors for which driving is a struggle.

 9.    Park n Forget

This app is for all those seniors who have a hard time remembering where they parked their car. 

This application tracks the movement of each user from the car, and to any destination. It helps users to retrace their steps to reach their car. Whether it’s a shopping mall or any other location, Park n Forget will get the seniors to their vehicle with ease. 

 10.  Mint

Monitoring your monthly bills, bank accounts, credit cards, and other investments is essential, especially when you’re a senior. This application does just that. Mint is ideal for evaluating your expenses, savings, and what to cut back on.

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