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Top 6 Reasons, Kidney Stones Types, and Natural Methods to Treat

The developing world has millions of people who have health problems like kidney stones. There are some top methods that you can apply to get better health in natural ways to get rid of them. So, we will talk about the top reasons, types, and natural treatments of kidney stones. We will start with kidney stones types and talk about the best methods you can use to treat them.

Kidney Stones Types

Some most common types of kidney stones can occur in your body.

  • Calcium Oxalate

Some of these stones are calcium stones that occur due to calcium oxalate. This substance can come from daily intake of food, and certain vegetables have it. Other foods that can cause this problem are chocolate, nuts, and high oxalate contents. Some other types of foods with vitamin D content may lead to this problem. Sometimes, calcium stones occur in the form of calcium phosphate and can occur in metabolic conditions. Sometimes, people may have this problem owing to certain medications.

  • Struvite Stones

This type of stone can be caused by urinary tract infections. In many conditions, these stones would become quite large in a shorter time that can be a problem.

  • Uric Acid Stones

These types of stones are seen in people who lose too much water content. Such problems can also occur in people with high protein intake.

Reasons and Risk Factors

We will talk about some top reasons for kidney stones.

  • Too Much Exercise

One of the reasons for stones in your kidneys may be too much exercise. One thing you need to know is that too much exercise itself does not cause it; too little water intake can cause it.

  • Too Little Exercise

A too little exercise can lead to problems like kidney stones. Very little physical activity is known for having up to 31 percent increase in kidney stones risk. People may also have problems when they consume too many calories. They may have such problems when they consume more than 2200 calories a day. This intake can increase the risk to 42 percent.

  • Too Much Salt

Salt may be helpful for a variety of levels in the body and chemical reactions. But, too much salt can increase the risk of kidney stones, and you need to reduce the amount of salt intake to avoid it.

  • Fructose Intake

Fructose is one of the top reasons for stones in the kidneys. When you have too much sugar intake, the chances of kidney stones increase. The reason is not fully known, but there has been an association between the two.

  • Infections of The Urinary Tract

One of the top reasons for such stones is urinary tract infections. The actual reason behind this problem is the secretion of certain bacteria. These bacteria secrete an enzyme, and the chances of such stones are higher in women than men. This situation indicates the reason for women who have more UTIs than men.

  • Family History

This reason is another one associated with stones. The actual reasons are not found, and the scientists are not sure about them. Some proposed reasons behind this factor are genetics, environmental, or both factors.

 Risk Factors

 Some top risk factors of this problem are:

  • Dehydration

The concentration of minerals from urine leads to stones in kidneys due to dehydration. Too many minerals can accumulate in the body and form crystals that lead to these stones. So, to avoid such problems in your urinary bladder, get enough water intake.

  • Surgery

Some experts believe that surgery can increase the chances of kidney stones by 11 percent.

You can reduce these risk factors to improve your health and get proper results for keeping yourself healthy. To get the results of reduced chances and occurrences, you need to mitigate these reasons. Some kidney stone symptoms can be too difficult to handle. So, try to avoid it as much as you can.

  • Natural Methods to Treat

Some top methods that you can use to improve against the risk factors are taking enough water and avoiding high salt and sugar content. Try to keep your weight to a moderate level and avoid obesity. Moreover, try to keep infections and fructose to the minimum levels. You can get results with these natural methods, but some herbal products are also super effective for them.

Herbal Products

There are herbal giants like Ajmal, Hamdard, and others selling some effective medicines in the category. You can try some of the following medicines for stones:

  • Qurs Hasat Ajmal

It is an effective medicine for stones in the kidney. You can also use it for bladder stones as it helps against them. It would help you with excreting the stone.

  • Dawa-I-Pathri Ajmal

This one is another product from Ajmal dawakhana that can help with certain problems related to kidneys. You can use it for the removal of stones and also the chances to avoid this problem in the future. This medicine can help these stones pass through the urinary tract.

  • Pathri Tore

You can use this one for urinary and kidney stones. This one is by Qarshi dawakhana, one of the top sellers of herbal products.


We talked about different types of stones of the kidney. We also talked about the reasons for these stones, like too little intake of water, family history, and surgery. Some other reasons like too much exercise and too little exercise were also discussed. Moreover, we tried to analyse the best natural methods like lifestyle changes and herbal medicines to treat. Some reasons like a

kidney infection and others can cause this problem as well. So, try to avoid these reasons, and if you have it already, there are herbal products that work. You can try some herbal supplements and medicines for the symptoms that you can click here to buy. These medicines would help dissolve the stones and help excrete them through the urinary tract.

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