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Top 8 Most Popular Comics Books

Popular Comic books are viewed in a variety of ways. Many might argue that it is a cheap form of entertainment for teens, while others see that they are a source of inspiration and a role model or even a story for the making of a film.

Others make a comeback to the concepts of technological devices developed by the creative imagination of the artists. In any event, it’s important to acknowledge that the genre of comics is an important element of global culture.

1. Superman

Superman Popular Comics Books

In 1933, Superman had been conceived by his creators as not at any point a heroic hero trying for dominance over the world. However, the creators modified the conception of the character exactly to the contrary, and the creator was required to come up with a superhero with famous actors of the time as models.

They then spent six years searching for an editor for their new creation with various twists and turns. In 1938, the first issue of Superman withdrawn from the market.

Superman’s impact on American culture  revealed to be immense as the general public, and prominent artists discussed his character and abilities and his relationships and roots, and attempted to find parallels between his characters and the traits of the creators. Superman owes its popularity to superheroes that are prevalent in the diverse media industry.

2. Batman

Batman Popular Comics Books

Batman cannot even described as a popular comic books character. He has become an industry in itself, an entire brand that has provided publishers, animators, filmmakers, and filmmakers with work for several decades.

The first time Batman appeared in a collection of detective comics that began in 1939, Batman immediately got the attention of fans and remained the unchanging character of the comic for 854 issues until finalization in the year 2011. Parallel to this, from 1940, an unpublished series dedicated to him and has a total of seven13 comics.

From 1941 until today, comics focusing on the adventures of minor characters from the epic story of Batman published as separate series and a separate series where Batman collaborates alongside other heroes.

Collections, yearbooks singles, graphic novels, and inter-publisher crossovers have been release for the 7th decade. The total volume is unimaginable. In the simplest terms, Batman is American everything.

3. X-Men


People with strange abilities have been around the world for decades and have been featured in comics since 1963. It is possible to scared of them, you could dislike them, and you could make an effort to use them for selfish reasons; however, we should not ignore the fact that they, just like regular people, simply need to live.

When they join groups and use modern technology and methods, they can face any challenge, even space. Films, TV shows, and animated films have been produce inspire by these comics. However, their printed version remains popular.

4. Hellblazer


The character, also known as John Constantine, first appeared in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing popular comic books in 1988. The readers so loved that an entire issue commissioned for the character.

A unique young man blessed with the ability to see things the typical person wouldn’t be able to and is too confident to be a positive hero. Due to his love for the common good, some of his acquaintances die and begin to harass him, along with the demon creatures he battles.

The entire series, dubbed Hellblazer, was released from 1988 until 2013 and written by sixteen authors and fourteen artists.

5. Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark is a workaholic and CEO of his firm, an imaginative and reckless person. Iron Man’s alter ego seems to have a singular objective – to expose, denigrate or eliminate the other superheroes.

He is known to agitate the public for his murder, slay the Hulk, lure the Avengers into traps, infiltrate Captain America, use the replicant Thor to kill heroes, etc. The list of his crimes is long and diverse. He does all this in blind obedience to Uncle Sam, who is currently campaigning to  legalize and declare the superheroes.

6. V For Vendetta

V for vendetta

Based on Alan Moore, in the 90s of the previous century, civilization in its normal shape could have gone extinct because of a nuclear war. In a deteriorated Great Britain, fascist currents emerge, people killed in concentration camps, and a police government enacted in the state.

Of course, the revolutionary hero has to seen under such circumstances. And he does, and his revolutionary work is generally theatrical and includes elements of psychodrama, which leads to profound inner transformations of the heroes. For the period 1982-1989, there were ten issues publish in monochrome and color.

7. Avengers

Avengers Popular Comics Books

The story of the Avengers team began in 1963 when there was a battle between Thor and Loki. In an attempt to take on Thor by using Thor with the Hulk, Loki outwitted himself.

It formed a group of superheroes, who joined forces against Loki himself and ultimately won after a mishap and misunderstanding. In the end, they were able to defeat five superheroes. They realized that teamwork was much more efficient than individual superheroes and formed an organized team with a specific mandate.

In the following years, the makeup of the team changed entirely. It included bad guys, robotics, aliens, robots, and mutants, as well as other odd characters from the writers’ imagination. However, those who joined the team were always able to handle the most difficult tasks and good by fists always prevailed.

8. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

The group comprised of Guardians of the Galaxy often gathered in the back streets of popular comic books to work on important galactic issues. They then broke up and completed their mission only tore assembled with a different composition.

It has been out since 2008, with frequent breaks that continue today. The storyline of this series an infp anime characters  described in two phrases: all are at war.

In galactic wars, kings, and the church, humans and the prisoners and guards involved, and even one world can conquer one another with only a few brave men making use of the power of telepathy and weapons to force all to come to peace.

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