Top 9 Augmented Reality Apps for Architecture and AR for Architectural Design Firms

Virtual tours of buildings were previously only depicted in science fiction films. However, this has become a reality and a common practice in many businesses because of ongoing technological improvements, such as augmented reality apps.

It is not surprising that more and more architectural design businesses are beginning to use these cutting-edge technologies now that augmented reality, or AR, has made its way into the field of architecture.

But AR serves much more purposes than you might believe.

Here are the top 9 augmented reality (AR) applications that revolutionized the market to give you an idea.

9 Top augmented reality apps for architecture & AR for architectural design firms

ARki for Augmented Reality

The best-augmented reality software created specifically for architects is ARki, which is now accessible on iOS. You may import 3D models of building plans directly into the app in its free basic version, where they can then be examined in augmented reality.

The app is compatible with FBX files created by applications such as ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, MicroStation, Rhino, Revit, SketchUp, etc. All of your imported 3D models can be seen at different scales.

In order to access these when offline, ARki also allows you to store them on your device. Since you might not always have access to a strong and steady internet connection, the app is the perfect tool for individuals working in the field.

In addition to the basic version, which is free, the premium ARki Pro edition gives you access to several useful AR tools, such as:

Real-time simulation of shadows and lighting; anchoring AR models in specific areas; importing 3D animations; showing several texture options in every 3D object; recording films and taking images in AR mode, and viewing 3D designs at 1:1 scale in AR mode.

Hutch for Augmented Reality

One of the most advanced augmented reality applications for interior design is Hutch. Essentially, this comprehensive and successful augmented reality software offers interior design services. The user can utilize the style filters to take a shot of the space and experiment with different styles.

The final image for the virtual design can then be submitted. In less than an hour, the customer will receive the finished design, which frequently includes all the white-label items and furniture offered in the app.

IKEA Place for Augmented Reality

Another innovative software, IKEA Place, employs augmented reality to plan and measure the area where the furniture will be added or put.

The program enables 3D furniture to be scaled to a room’s precise measurements. You can anticipate that this will also be the case with the actual chair if you try to squeeze a well-fitting virtual easy chair into the nook.

IKEA claims that the Place app, which was created using Apple’s ARKit SDK, can recreate downsized furniture items with 98 percent accuracy. IKEA Place is more than just a straightforward app that inspires you to furnish your home with new IKEA items; it also offers solutions to real-world interior design issues. As a result, it ranks among the best-augmented reality (AR) apps available right now for 3D house design rendering services.


Out of all the available AR apps for architectural drafting, Magicplan is one of the greatest solutions for assisting you in creating floor plans. Using the camera on your mobile device, you can use this app, which is available on Android and iOS, to scan the space, and it will automatically create precise and clear floor plans in either 3D or 2D.

It will enable you to produce professional interior drawings quickly, which you can then distribute to your team, clients, and contractors. In addition, you can use these floor plans as a guide for creating lifelike renderings of 3D interior designs.


The measure was developed with designers in mind. With just a few touches on your tablet, you can quickly measure and map interior design rooms that are prepared for CAD design using Google’s augmented reality software. Measure is useful if you need assistance with your design needs and requirements even if it uses low-level augmented reality.

Morpholio Trace Pro

You can also try the augmented reality app Morpholio Trace Pro. This iOS app for mobile CAD is all-inclusive and includes a variety of capabilities in addition to augmented reality. It has two AR-powered tools: AR SketchWalk and AR Perspective Finder.

You may construct architectural drafting more easily on a mobile device with the help of AR Perspective Finder. You can do this to produce precise sketches while you’re on the run immediately.

On the other side, you may digitally project all of your architectural CAD drawings into a real location using a 1:1 scale with the AR SketchWalk function. You can choose to view the floor plans with elevations or simply the floor plans if you prefer.

RoomScan Pro

Another augmented reality software accessible on iOS is RoomScan Pro. This next option, in contrast to other AR apps, gives users three ways to create floor plans, one of which is AR scanning. With the app, you can take pictures of a building’s inside and exterior and have them immediately converted into 3D or 2D plans.

Through this program, you can also annotate drawings to make them clearer and simpler to understand and add colors to them. In addition, the app is extremely informative because you can use augmented reality to show your team members or clients your 3D ideas.

Street Peek 

The orientation and location of the user are merged with a secret algorithm in the service Street Peek. It enables Android smartphone users to point their handsets toward properties and have’s database of property information instantaneously appear.

The estimated value of the property, rental or listing prices, the number of bathrooms, and the number of bedrooms are some of the details that the home seeker can view.

The user can view a map of the immediate area that highlights nearby amenities such as schools and other things by just turning the camera.

Sun Seeker 

Sun Seeker comes in last on this list. The sun’s path at a certain location can be viewed and checked in augmented reality using this app, which is accessible on Android and iOS. You may also observe the sun’s precise position at various periods of the day and throughout the year.

This program may also be used to study and visualize the shade and solar exposure your building will likely receive once it is finished. You can then optimize the design to make it more practical and sustainable.

What does the future of architecture hold for augmented reality apps?

Apps that use augmented reality, or AR, are now poised to revolutionize the sector in many ways that no one could foresee ten to fifteen years ago.

This means it is impossible to predict what technological advances in the following 15 years may bring. One thing is certain, though. Excellent potential exists for the architecture sector to expand and flourish.

Experts in the field predict that as augmented reality (AR) becomes more popular, it will improve their designs and alter how the real world is constructed.

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