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Top Cardiovascular CRO & Cardiology CRO

A Cardiovascular CRO is one that conducts research relate to cardiovascular disease. Such as research may require clinical trial investigators to collect data from multiple clinical sites, allowing them to compare the results of different treatments and determine which one is the most effective. Some of Cardiovascular CRO include Vial, ICON, PhysioStim, George Clinical, and Karen Hill. These firms have a track record in the cardiovascular research sector and can be a good fit for your next clinical trial.

Top Cardiovascular CRO

Vial CRO

Vial CRO, a leading cardiovascular CRO, is well-position to help clients conduct complex cardiovascular trials efficiently. The firm has extensive clinical networks and a deep knowledge of cardiovascular disease, enabling them to streamline the process of conducting these trials. Heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, with an estimate 17 million people dying every year. Furthermore, statistics show that heart disease rates are rising every year. With its deep knowledge of cardiovascular disease and global research network, Vial CRO is well-position to design and conduct cardiovascular studies to the highest scientific standards.

Vial CRO is an international clinical research organization with headquarters in Australia and facilities in China, India, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Its services are also available in the Philippines and Taiwan. As a mid-size CRO, Vial CRO is well-positioned to serve clients in the US and Europe with customize solutions.

The company draws its expertise from highly qualify researchers with years of experience in developing new treatment strategies. Its global presence and establish relationships allow it to conduct high-quality studies in challenging markets. Vial CRO has a successful track record of recruiting and retaining patients in all stages of their clinical trials. For example, a client recently sought assistance in a global clinical trial for chronic kidney disease.

Vial CRO is please to announce that it has enter a joint venture with Link Health, a Chinese-base company focus on commercialization and marketing authorization. The new partnership will allow the two companies to leverage their complementary expertise. Together, they will continue to drive clinical research in China.

Top Cardiovascular CRO & Cardiology CRO


PhysioStim is also an independent preclinical CRO with expertise in electrophysiology and cardiovascular pharmacology. Its preclinical studies help biotech and pharmaceutical companies decrease the time it takes to develop new drugs. The company conducts high-quality studies to identify lead candidates, de-risk potential compounds, and evaluate their safety.

Cardiovascular safety assessment is a key component of clinical drug development and PhysioStim has a unique approach. Using human induced plenipotentiary stem cells, the company can analyze the structural and cardiac toxicity of pharmaceutical compounds. This type of preclinical study helps pharmaceutical companies to better understand the potential toxicity of their compounds, which can lead to premature project closure.

PharPoint Research

If you’re looking for a Cardiovascular CRO, you’ve come to the right place. PharPoint provides cardiovascular CRO services for sponsors of all sizes. Also, Their clinical trial experts are a seamless extension of your team and can help plan, execute, and analyze your study. Also, they have the experience to identify problems and propose proactive measures to avoid them.

The PharPoint Research team includes highly-experience and talent professionals who understand the importance of timely deliverables and exceptional quality. This team takes pride in exceeding client expectations and maintaining a high rate of repeat business. The firm’s team has extensive experience working with Phase 1 to Phase 4 clinical research projects in various therapeutic areas, including infectious disease, oncology, CNS, and rare disease indications.

PharPoint Research is a North Carolina-based CRO. It is a CRO that has commit to contractual expansion and recently acquired Medrio, a Software as well as a-Service company that provides electronic data capture services for clinical trials. This growth in the company has result in its recent Fast 50 recognition by the Triangle Business Journal.

CL Laboratory LLC

Cardiovascular CRO CL Laboratory LLC is base in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This firm provides pharma companies with animal models that act as experimental platforms for new therapeutics. It was find by Dr. Zheqing Cai, a renown cardiovascular surgeon and NIH-fund principal investigator. His company specializes in advance cardiovascular models and in-vivo research.

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Top Cardiovascular CRO & Cardiology CRO

Top Cardiology CROs

Cardiology CROs are a great way to scale a large clinical trial. Many AROs have develop operational infrastructures to accommodate mega-trials. Some have also create grand alliances with other regional AROs to facilitate global enrollment. CROs can scale clinical trials to a massive scale and commoditization the processes involve in conducting large trials.


As one of the world’s largest contract research organizations (CROs), IQVIA offers a comprehensive range of clinical research services. Also, The company’s global clinical trial expertise draws upon high-power information and technology assets. Its clinical experts use evidence-driven trial design to speed site activation and optimize patient recruitment.

IQVIA has a team of experts with extensive experience in cardiovascular research. In addition to having extensive industry and academic clinical trial experience, IQVIA’s team includes experts in actigraphy, vitals, and blood pressure devices. Their expertise in the field is unmatch, and their flexibility and agility help conduct trials of all sizes.

Also, IQVIA is commit to delivering superior patient outcomes by integrating advanced analytics, big data, and clinical trial services. This enables our customers to accelerate clinical development and improve the quality of their products. Also. The company operates in over 100 countries worldwide. Its services are focus on delivering life-changing therapies faster and more cost-effectively than they can on their own.

Also. IQVIA has over 60 ongoing trials in 40 countries, including the late-stage COVID-19 vaccine test. The mega-merger of IMS Health and Quintiles create IQVIA, which now has more than 60 clinical trials across 40 countries. A major portion of its trials involve decentralize trials, which were launch in anticipation of a 2020 pandemic and lockdowns.


Cardialysis, a leading cardiovascular research organization (CRO), offers full-service cardiovascular clinical research and core laboratory services. With headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Cardialysis serves the global cardiology community with its comprehensive portfolio of services. The company’s expertise includes trial design, endpoint adjudication, bio-statistics, and cardiovascular core laboratory capabilities.

Also, The company has more than 35 years of experience and is recognize for its extensive network of key opinion leaders and academic involvement. Also. The company’s team of experts has complete more than 400 clinical trials and collaborates with world-class pharma and device companies. Sticares InterACT and Cardialysis complement each other’s strengths in electrophysiology and core laboratory techniques. The companies also excel in web-base clinical event adjudication and data management. The combined teams will provide clients with comprehensive clinical research services across 26 countries.

Also. Cardialysis is an innovative CRO and a leader in the cardiovascular field. Its professional services and expertise have contribute to significant advancements in medical device and drug approvals in the U.S. and Europe. It has also become a founding member of the Academic Research Consortium, a group of CROs dedicated to ensuring standardize terminology and consistency in clinical trials. Also. It has complete over 100 Clinical Endpoint Assessment (CEA) projects, and pioneered the digital CEA solution.

Also. Cardialysis is a pioneer in the field of cardiovascular and metabolic clinical research. Its founding group was a locally focused Core Lab spun-off from Erasmus Medical Center. Since then, it has grown into a professional global company. Frits Kesselring has been a key player in setting up the company’s corporate structure and rolling out its first major ECRI project.


Novotech is one of the leading CROs in the biotech and Asia-Pacific regions. Their commitment to quality service has garnered them numerous awards and recognition in the industry. They constantly monitor and evaluate their services to provide the best experience possible for their clients. This quality of service is reflected in the company’s consistently high satisfaction ratings.

Novotech is headquartered in Singapore, Also.has offices in more than a dozen locations around the world, including Australia and the United States. With over 550 employees, the company provides full-service clinical development and project management. Additionally services include central lab services, safety solutions, medical monitoring, and data management. The company also maintains strategic relationships with major medical institutions.

In Australia, Novotech is actively monitoring a registry for atrial fibrillation patients. As a result of these efforts, the company has cultivated strong relationships with Principal Investigators. Additionally, it has invested in Oracle’s Trial Management system, strengthening its position such as a leader in this region.

In Asia Pacific, Novotech’s collaboration with ObvioHealth will help it expand its presence. The two companies plan to collaborate to develop a centralized virtual clinical platform. Through this platform, they will accompanies participants through every step of the trial, ensuring proper data capture and data integrity.

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