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Top Plumbing Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

Burst or frozen pipes pipes can be a disaster. And you also won’t only need a plug. While the plot will replace the pipes, it must ensure that it does not happen again. Small cracks can release hundreds of gallons of water to your home every day, destroying property, causing structural damage, and creating a dangerous type of condition that dangerous prints are harmful to love.

First Small Physics: Why does the pipe explode?

Water expands when frozen pipes. Think of ice cubes when you first put a tray in the freezer, the water is neat in the small compartment. However, if the tray is filled a little too full, when you go to add a cube to your drink, you will find them all frozen together. At a certain point the water in each compartment is expanded, filled and integrated with his friends in the next compartment.

The same principle is working when the pipe explodes.

Interestingly, however, it is usually not the outside pressure that expands water on the walls of the pipe that causes the pipe to explode. This is the reason. When the pipe is completely clogged by ice, water is trapped between the ice dam at one end and the tap is closed at the other end. When the water expands further down the pipe and freezes, the pressure accumulates between the blockage and the tap … and the pipe will explode at the weakest point.

Think about Prevention: Winterize Plumbing Your

They say one ounce of prevention is worth one pound of healing … and in the case of frozen and exploding pipes, a little prevention will save cash and some big headaches.

Here are four tips that are worth taking because winter is getting closer.

  1. Wrap to keep it warm. 

Check whether any pipes close to the exterior wall or floor in the basement or crawl room are insulated properly. The value of insulation increases with the thickness of the insulation you use, so don’t be afraid to wrap up to the maximum. Not sure if you have enough isolation? Contact the plumper to make a quick assessment.

  1. Keep the heat and cold. 

Close all air leaks near your interior pipe to make sure they are not exposed to frozen outside air. Cover the outer ventilation nearby which can let in cold air. Don’t forget to check that there is no gap or crack where the pipe enters your house too.

  1. Turn off the tap. 

Outer water tap is a recipe for the pipe disaster if the flowing pipe between the tap and the interior pipe froze and bursts. Turn off the exterior water source … and don’t forget to turn on the tap to drain all the remaining water.

  1. Stay hot. 

If your stove stops, your basement pipe will not stay long. Invest in a little maintenance of proactive heating to keep your water flow well throughout the winter. Even if your furnace is functioning properly, if your thermostat is lowered too low or you have closed all ventilation in your basement, it might not be warm enough to keep the pipe from freezing.

Plot policy: how to fix frozen pipes

Sometimes our best efforts to prevent are unsuccessful. Or the early cold snap captures us unconscious. If you turn on your tap and no one comes out, your neighbor’s problem also does not experience what you have to do.

  1. Stay calm. 

Just because your pipe is frozen does not mean it or it will be standard.

  1. Turn off your main water valve. 

This is really necessary if you know your water pipes explode, because this is the only way to stop the flow of ol ‘H2O. But that is a good precaution if your pipe is frozen, if there is a small gap that you don’t realize because the water is frozen.

  1. Try to find frost. 

This will be part of the pipe that feels cooler than the other and maybe there is more than one if you have some blockages.

  1. Turn on the cold water tap closest to the frozen pipe. 

This will let the water run away safely flowing while melting.

  1. Heat the pipe. 

Hair dryer is the best for exploding pipes and floods, in this case you should not operate electric devices in the area. Start near the nearest tap and work towards the frozen. Never use open flames to melt pipes and that is the danger of fire and can endanger your pipes.

  1. Check the pipe for cracks. 

You want to know that you will not cause flooding when turning on the main water valve.

  1. Improve the problem. 

Contact the leading professional plumbers in Katy to assess the situation and make recommendations.


By following these simple tips, you can help to prevent your pipes from freezing this winter. If you do experience a frozen pipe, be sure to call a professional plumber for assistance.

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