Top 6 live Streaming Platforms in 2023


With the rise in popularity of technical innovations, telecommunication companies had started increasing their bandwidth. Live Streaming services are capturing the market & attracting more audience databases with their technology.  

With the oncoming of optical fibers along with improved data compression techniques, seamless streaming is now the new normal for businesses to interact with their potential clients.

Now, stores are shifted to virtual platforms for ease of service to customers. With so many happenings around the world, one thing is common in all – Streaming !!

In this blog, we will be discussing eskort atakoy live streaming services & their work. Along with this, we will also be highlighting some of the most common benefits & popular live streaming platforms of this year.

What is Live Streaming & Its Working

Live Streaming 

LiveStreaming refers to a real-time experience at the user end with the transmission of data over the internet. It is more like a video call with a 3D view. The streaming of video is done with the help of live streaming service providers like – Hotstar, Espn, etc. 

The video is not downloadable at the user end making it a real-time experience. It thus creates a special attachment with the users with nothing to edit or polish, just “Raw” content.

From the business point of view, they use a livestreaming service to interact & engage with customers by showcasing their products in front of large audience bases across the globe.


Let’s start with the camera, which is the prime requirement for a live stream. Nowadays, camera setups are using HD resolution 4K images & video capturing which requires a high bitrate rate to support the raw digital video signal.

Live streaming can also be done with the help of mobile devices but only up to a basic level. at the professional level, you need 2-way webcasting services for streaming your event & getting the attention of the public. Here are some of the basic steps which take part in processing your live stream – 

  • Encoding live videos into the streamable file format
  • Delivering the content to the dedicated servers
  • Transcoding the compressed data
  • Adaptive Bitrate 
  • Streaming of the video on internet-enabled devices 

Different Types of live Streaming

Here is the list of different types of live streaming – 

Virtual Live Streaming 

This type of streaming is mostly done with the help of livestreaming providers and audiences demanding the event from across the world. It is basically defined as going virtual completely. 

All the audience, presenters, keynote speakers, and other members involved appears via video call which will run with the help of software and then be published on the virtual stage.

In-Person Live Streaming 

The major attraction is the virtual audience which is attending the whole event from anywhere in the world with the help of livestreaming for event service providers. The event participants can join the stage in person or with a video call.

This type of live stream is also referred to as physical streaming. It requires the setting up of physical venues, presenters, keynote speakers, and much more.

Hybrid Live Streaming 

It is very much similar to in-person streaming with certain additions like – a layer of an audience in the room. For completing this setup we will be additionally having sound & visual requirements just like – a screen, as well as speakers for the audience, is present in the room.

Benefits of Live Streaming 

Here are some of the important benefits of live streaming which will help you in diving deeper into the functionality of these services – 

Data Collection 

  • It is very important to note down the behavior of attendees during the ongoing live event. This helps in identifying the lagging areas & works in viewer engagement increment.
  • Most of the service platforms nowadays, come up with dedicated dashboards and tracking tools for analyzing your performance throughout the event.

High-Quality Video Delivery

  • It is very challenging for event organizers to deliver high-quality video without relying on some free services. Therefore, it is recommended to have a professional video-on-demand streaming service provider for a smooth workflow.
  • These providers come with high CDN rates which are good for the fast delivery of video content to viewers.

Dedicated Support 

  • With the live streaming service, you get 24/7 customer support which is actually not feasible in the case of “in-person events”.
  • There are always chances of getting into some sort of technical glitch that is not good for your event. As this will surely reduce your attendee count. 

Best Tips for the Live Streaming

  • Host a giveaway content
  • Going behind the scenes
  • Choose the top live-streaming Tool
  • Demonstration of service or product
  • Share your views on trending topics
  • Conduct quizzes
  • Conduct Q&A session

Top Live Streaming Sites

Here is a list of video streaming platforms and live-streaming service providers which are known for providing best-in-class services to their clients – 

  • Youtube Live Streaming
  • Dreamcast
  • UStream
  • Instagram Live
  • Streamyard
  • StreamLabs Desktop
  • Facebook Live
  • Linkedin
  • Zoom

Here is a list of features that you should focus on in your chosen live-streaming services.

  • Top-Notch Customization
  • Brilliant Branding
  • Dynamic device support
  • Parallel Multi-Platform Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Emoticon Reactions
  • Like and comment
  • Live audience interactivity
  • Personalized Ticker
  • Branded Logos
  • Branded Frames
  • Countdown Timer
  • Real-Time Archiving
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding
  • Internet Connectivity Solution
  • Customer Support
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Third-Party Integration
  • High-Definition Work System
  • Insightful data and analytics
  • 100% Secure and Safe

Youtube Live Streaming

Youtube is one of the leading & most popular service providers across the world. It provides a wide audience base to showcase your event on its channel.

It comes up with the advantage of no post-production requirements which makes it even more convenient for users.


It is a popular live-streaming service provider which is best known for its live-streaming services for events. This platform is loaded with the features like – WhatsApp automation, AI matchmaking, etc.

It becomes very easy to host your favorite hybrid shows, town hall meetings, and much more on this platform with dedicated professional support for all your queries.


It is mostly beneficial for event marketers, broadcasters, and some medium-scale enterprises. This platform comes up with lots of customizable options to make your live event experience unmatchable.

Instagram Live

Ask any creators of live streams on social, and the odds are that they’ll talk about Instagram Live. Live rooms allow the live streaming of up to three others at the same time to live fundraising events which help you raise funds for a cause Instagram provides the whole package.

  • Live Chat
  • Emoticon Reactions
  • Like and comment
  • Live audience interactivity
  • Personalized Ticker
  • Branded Logos
  • Branded Frames
  • Countdown Timer
  • Real-Time Archiving
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding
  • Internet Connectivity Solution
  • Customer Support
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Third-Party Integration
  • High-Definition Work System
  • 24/7 Customer Support


 It helps in streaming and recording your video simultaneously right through your browser. Easily you can invite up to ten guests through the browser. It is a browser-based tool that is primarily designed for social broadcasting purposes.

StreamLabs Desktop

It is one of the leading mainstream platforms in terms of the live stream of the event. This platform is immensely popular among gamers as compared to other competitors.

Summing Up

With the help of some of the best live video stream service providers, audience reach has become quite an easy target to achieve. It opens new pathways for businesses to make connections with their clients in the most effective way.

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