Trisbro Professional Scissors Kit For Salon Use

Trisbro’s high quality hair sheer kits feature high-quality stainless steel. The professional scissors kit blades are incredibly sharp, making them perfect for home use or for junior beauticians. They’re also made of durable materials and are designed for long-term use. They also come with rubber finger inserts and finger rests. When buying scissors, you need to consider several factors. These include blade material, Hollow grinding concave blades, Stainless steel, Damascus steel, and more. In addition, the quality of the material is important. The guide also provides an FAQ section for any questions that may arise.

TRISBRO scissors are a great investment whether you are an experienced stylist or just starting out. They have distinctive packaging, are produced in Germany, and have international trademark registration. Even for beginners, the off-set grip makes them pleasant to hold. With the ergonomic handle, you may cut hair without sacrificing comfort because it cradles your fingers. The blades are long-lasting since they are constructed of tempered stainless steel. These shears are ideal for use on dry or damp hair and have a balanced handle. Additionally, they work well for trims, bangs, and harsh cuts.

Trisbro’s Stylish Shears Kit

Stylish shears from Trisbro are a good choice for anyone looking to achieve a clean and natural finish. Made of Japanese steel, they leave hair smooth and shiny. They are also effective for special effects and can be used on most types of hair.

They feature a steel blade and adjustable screw set. These shears are easy to use and have a comfortable handle. The blades are sharp and they come with a comb and clips for easy styling. The design is simple and they will last for years.

Gold glass shears

If you are looking for hair sheers that are made of high-quality steel and have an adjustable screw, look no further than the HH8 shears. These scissors will cut your hair quickly and effectively with the help of a sharp blade and a permanent finger rest. They have a lifetime warranty and are designed for long-term use.

Sharp cutting edge

High quality hair sheers have a sharp cutting edge and a long life. Trisbro shears come with an off-set grip that is perfect for the novice. They are manufactured in Germany with a registered trademark and have a unique look and feel.

The blades are made of tempered stainless steel, which makes them long-lasting. These shears feature a well-balanced handle and are perfect for use on dry or wet hair. They’re also perfect for blunt cuts, bangs, and trims.

Hollow-grinding concave blades

Hollow-grinding concave blade shapes are used in salon cutting tools. These blades are powerful and help to achieve smooth cuts. The curved edge allows the user to perform more advanced cutting techniques. In addition, they are highly durable. However, they are not suited for all types of cutting applications.

These blades have multiple types. One type is called a chisel grind. It features two Primary Bevels which meet along the center line of the blade. This grind style is ideal for creating a thick, tough, and reasonably sharp edge. However, this type of grind cannot be sharpened as finely as a Hollow Grind or Flat Grind.

Another type of blade is a micro-serrated blade. These blades are generally used in conjunction with bevelled edged scissors. These blades can prevent hair from sliding down the blade. They are ideal for fine detail cutting dry hair. Micro-serrated blades are generally not suitable for slice cutting.

Titanium steel

Titanium steel professional scissors for salon use have many benefits. For starters, titanium-coated scissors are more resistant to human sweat than their non-coated counterparts. They are also less likely to cause skin problems such as eczema. Lastly, titanium-coated scissors are environmentally friendly. They are made using a process called PVD, which uses no harmful pollutants in the manufacturing process.

The most common steel used in hair scissors is 440C stainless steel. It is the preferred metal for both entry-level and professional use. However, many entry-level hair scissors are still made with cheap stainless steel. Some scissors are also made with titanium or vanadium to enhance their hardness and sharpness. These metals are much lighter than cheap, stainless steel, and they are also stronger.

Titanium steel is more expensive steel material, but it is worth it for the benefits it offers. Its hardness is superior to 410 steel and provides a longer edge. This type of steel is also corrosion resistant. However, it isn’t stain-proof. If the scissors are dirty, they will rust and corrode.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel professional scissors are made to be durable and sharp. They can withstand wear and tear and rust. They have higher HRCs and are easy to sharpen. This helps in cutting hair with ease. You can also choose one that is designed ergonomically for easy handling.

Whether you are a professional stylist or a beginner, TRISBRO scissors will serve you well. They are made in Germany, registered with the International Trademark Association, and feature unique packaging. The handle is off-set, which makes them comfortable to hold, even for novices. The ergonomic handle cradles your fingers and allows you to cut hair without sacrificing comfort.

These scissors are made of Japanese stainless steel, making them very durable and sharp. They have a length of 6.5 inches and are safe for people of all ages. Moreover, they are multipurpose, with a length that suits all hair types.

Damascus steel

When you’re buying a pair of scissors for your salon, make sure you’re choosing a Damascus steel pair. These scissors are made of multiple layers of steel folded together in a symmetrical pattern. This steel absorbs vibrations and gives you a soft-cutting sensation. This type of steel is widely appreciated as a basic hairdressing scissors design. This type of steel also allows you to use both sides of the scissors, giving you greater freedom to maneuver them.

These scissors are incredibly durable and reliable. They are typically heavier than your average pair. These scissors are also a bit more expensive than your average pair of scissors. Just make sure to check the Rockwell Hardness Rating to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality set.

Professional scissors made of Damascus steel can be incredibly sharp and durable, so they’re the best choice for a salon. VG10 steel has a longer lifespan and can be sharper than other steel. It also tends to hold an edge better than other steels. However, the sharpness of these scissors depends on the manufacturer and the tempering process.


Whether you’re in the salon or at home, the high-quality hair sheers from Trisbro can make a difference in the quality of your hair. This Japanese-made brand offers a variety of high-quality shears that are designed to give you a professional finish and the smoothest cut possible. These shears are perfect for many hair types and will leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny. They also feature ergonomic handles and are safe to use on most types of hair.

A warranty protects you from losing your money due to faulty products. Whether you’re a professional or just looking for a good deal, Trisbro offers a comprehensive guarantee. The company stands behind their products, and their warranty is a great way to show you how much they care for your shears.


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