Twitter Ads Management Company settings: how to protect your account

Where are the settings on Twitter Ads Management Company

To configure security and privacy for your account from the mobile app, you need to touch your profile picture or the three menu dots and choose Settings and privacy at the bottom of the list. If you’re using a computer, click More in the top left menu and choose the same option.

Settings: How to Protect Your Twitter Account

Let’s start with the most important aspect: preventing cybercriminals from accessing and abusing your account. The settings you need are in Account.

A long and strong password is the key to account security. You should use a different password for each service. So imagine a unique password for Twitter and use it. To change your password, enter Account then Password.

How to change your Twitter password

If someone happens to hack your account, that person will immediately change your password to block your access. To avoid this situation, configure Twitter to ask you for additional information (phone number or email address) when someone, including you, tries to change your password.
To prevent hackers from changing your password, open Account, then Security, and check the Password reset protection box. Remember that this option will not be very useful if your phone number or email address is online.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter

Even better, enable two-factor authentication. In this case, even if hackers find your password, they will not be able to log into your account immediately. To do this, they need a one-time code, which the social network sends via text message or that a device or application generates, depending on the two-factor authentication method you have chosen.
You need to open Security then Two-Factor Authentication to enable this option. Choose the method that suits you in the window that opens: by SMS, through an authentication application (like Google Authenticator), or via a physical security key (like YubiKey).

If needed, you can get other passcodes in Two-Factor Authentication.

Privacy settings: protect yourself from spam and hate messages

Twitter lets you choose who can see your page and what other users can do on your page. These measures protect you from unwanted messages and Tweets and keep your data safe from prying eyes. You can find some (but not all) privacy settings in Privacy & Security.

How to hide your Tweets from strangers

By default, anyone can see your Tweets, even if the person doesn’t have a Twitter account. Users of this social network can also retweet your publications at their discretion. If you share personal data on Twitter, but don’t want everyone to see it, then make sure only your current followers can see your Tweets. Remember that this setting also prevents strangers from seeing your replies to their posts and from retweeting anything you share.
To hide your Tweets, open Privacy and safety and then turn on Protect my Tweets. Non-subscribers will no longer be able to see your posts, including those already published, but they will still be visible to your current subscribers. You will now need to add new subscribers separately.

How to Block Someone on Twitter

If you don’t want a specific user to be able to read your posts and send you a message, then block them. To do this, tap or click the arrow at the top right of the Tweet and select Block @name. This persona non grata will no longer be able to see your posts, send you messages, or tag you in photos.

How to hide your location on Twitter

Your Tweets may contain information about your location. This allows other users to track your movements. To protect yourself from stalkers, you can prevent the social network from communicating your location. You must do this from the web version of Twitter.

How to disable Twitter app geolocation

If you don’t want anyone to be able to private message you, then block strangers from contacting you. To do this, open Privacy & Security, select Private Messages, and turn off Receive messages from anyone (from the computer) or Receive message requests (from the app). Now only your followers and the people you contact first can message you.
Twitter can also block messages that appear to be automated sends. To activate this option, open Direct messages from the web version and activate the Quality filter.

How to Avoid Receiving Spam Direct Messages on Twitter

By default, anyone can tag you in a photo. If you prefer not to appear in certain unwanted photos, go to Photo identification. You can then limit tagging by choosing Only people you follow can tag you, or disable this option altogether by selecting Off.

How to stop finding people on Twitter

Twitter users can find you by your screen name, phone number, and email address. If you don’t want to be found based on this data, block searches based on these parameters.
Select Discoverability and contacts and deactivate the options Allow to find you by your email address and Allow to find me by my phone number from the mobile application. If you’re using the web version, these options have longer names: Let people who have your email address find you on Twitter Ads Management Company, and Let people who have your phone number find you on Twitter.

How to delete spam from your Twitter feed

Twitter lets you filter your feed by keywords. You can create a list of stop words for the social network to clean up your feed and remove Tweets that contain them. For example, to protect yourself from fans of cryptocurrencies and pyramid schemes, you can block the words “bitcoin” and “binary options”.
Filter content can be configured in the Privacy and Security section. From the mobile application, the option appears immediately. On the web version, you must first choose Hidden. Then select Hidden Keywords and indicate which words and phrases you don’t want to see.
You can also hide Tweets from a specific user without unsubscribing. To do this, add the user to the Hidden Accounts option.

How to turn off notifications on Twitter

Twitter sends notifications about any event, whether it’s a new message or new Tweets from your friends. If you receive too many notifications, you can disable some of them. To do this, open Notifications in Settings, then choose which notifications you no longer want to receive: Push Notifications, SMS Notifications, or Email Notifications. In the chosen section, disable notifications that seem unimportant to you, or completely disable push and email notifications.

How to Disable Twitter Notifications

Protect your accounts

Twitter Ads Management Company settings no longer have any secrets for you and you have chosen the options that suit you? We hope that is the case. What about other social networks? We can also help you configure the privacy and security of these accounts. Read our how-to guides for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


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