Types of Bike Transport Services from Bangalore to Delhi

Are you searching for bike transport services from Bangalore to Delhi? If yes, stop here for a moment. There are two ways you can transport your bike from one location to another. The first method is as follows. You can use road vehicles. A bike can be shifted by road. And the same is also possible by train. So, if you want to learn about both options, follow along. First, we will elaborate on the option of bike transportation by train. And second, we will move on to the second mode of transport.

Bike Transport by Train | Luggage and Parcel Systems of Indian Railways

Indian Railway is the world’s 4th largest rail network. It adds to the enchantingly mesmerizing beauty of India. When you choose to transport your bike through this system, there are two options. You can either decide on the luggage option or the parcel option. Suppose you are going to travel on the same train as your bike, the luggage option is for you. Here, you will have to book your bike as a luggage item. And on the other hand, if you are not on the same train, the parcel option is for you. Here, you have to make a booking for your bike through the parcel office. These are two options for you to consider. Now, let’s look at the parcel process. If you choose the parcel option, the following is the procedure. You can do it online and offline.

Online Booking – Parcel System

Get the best Packers and Movers Bangalore to Delhi for bike transport services. The worst services can wreck your experience. Your bike can get damaged in transit. Anyways, here, we are concerned with the process of booking your bike as a parcel on the Indian Railway.

  • First: visit the portal of the Indian Railway.
  • Second: log in to the user interface – here, you have to register yourself to the portal first.
  • Third: observe that a form will be on the screen in front of you.
  • Fourth: fill in the spaces with the starting and ending destinations.
  • Fifth: you will have to select a train out of a software-generated list of trains available.
  • Sixth: it is time for you to fill up the booking form. It is also known as a forwarding note.
  • Seventh: after the preceding step, you will get your approximation of freight charges.
  • Eighth: a system-generated e-forwarding note will be given to you. You are supposed to preserve this note and use it to do all the rest of the steps. The remaining steps are offline. You have to visit the concerned origin station and meet the concerned person there.

This is how you book your bike as a parcel online. Now, let’s get to another thing. Let’s see the way you do the same thing manually.

Manual Booking – Parcel System

The word “manual” means the absence of doing things online. In simple words, doing something manually means doing the same offline. So, the following is the process to make a parcel booking offline.

  • You must have heard of the parcel office. So, first, visit the parcel office situated at the origin station.
  • Go there, have a forwarding note or booking form, and fill up the same thoroughly by hand.
  • Once you have finished filling up the booking form, submit the same with your parcel, i.e. bike packed well.
  • Before leaving the location, you will have to pay the freight charges against the Railway Receipt. And that is it. Your booking is done.

Bike Transport Services from Bangalore to Delhi by Road

Above, we discussed one of the two modes of bike transportation. You can either transport your bike by road or train. The parcel option of bike transport by train is talked about at length in the preceding section and sub-sections. Here, we are concerned with the by-road mode of bike transportation.

For by-road bike transportation, you can either do it yourself or hire a service provider. It depends on what kind of person you are, or the situation you are in. If you are busy, hire a professional. Otherwise, do it yourself. If you can manage it on your own, don’t hire anyone. You can talk to your friend who has a truck and time to help you out. It might sound a bit dramatic, but sometimes, it can also be a possibility. You may find such people. And you manage to get it yourself. Suppose you hire a bike transporter. In that case, supervise the transporter all the time. It will ensure that your service provider offers you the best services possible. Negligence shown on your part can make others careless too. So, beware.

Qualities of the Best Bike Transporters

You need bike transport services from Bangalore to Delhi. Don’t you? So, make sure that you hire the best service provider. The most effective way to do so is as follows. There are two qualities that make a bike transporter the best person. The first attribute is competence and the second one is reliability. When these two things combine, something of the best quality comes out.

Suppose a bike transporter has been part of the industry for 20 years. In other words, the person is well-experienced. They have served more than hundreds of customers in their careers. In that case, this person is competent. Competence is nothing but the ability to do something well. There is a direct and positive relationship between experience years and competence. So, ensure you hire a well-experienced person. Next, there is reliability.

Want to ensure reliability? Do you want to engage a trustworthy person to transport your bike? If yes, what is your technique to find a reliable bike transporter? If you don’t know anything, consider the following technique. Hire a bike transporter through someone you already know. This way, hiring a reliable person will become easy and simple. Thus, don’t forget to ensure that you can rely on your bike transporter technically as well as genuinely.

Bike Transport Service Charges

It is a bit difficult to talk about transport charges without specific requirements. Exact charges cannot be discussed without taking cognizance of your situation specifically. You can still have a rough idea. In this section, we have tried to discuss the approximate cost of bike transportation. It is done by the means of two factors. The first one is cubic capacity and the second one is travel distance.

Consider the following ranges. A total of 5 cc ranges are exhausted in this analysis. Cc here stands for cubic capacity. These ranges are 90cc-125cc, 125cc-150cc, 150cc-200cc, 200cc-350cc, and 350cc. All of these figures refer to the engine capacity and size of your bike. A higher cc corresponds to a higher value of weight. Now, turn your attention to travel distances. Let’s keep the matter simple. Only three distance ranges will be considered: 80-120 km, 500-1,000 km, and 1,000-2,000 km.

Now, look at the following. Suppose your bike’s cc lies somewhere in the third range, 150cc-200cc. And you need to transport such a bike across a distance of 500 km. In that case, the approximate charges are 10,000-12,000 rupees. So, this is the fashion in which you are supposed to work out your things. All the approximations are 4,000 rs, 6,000 rs, 8,000 rs, 7,000 rs, 9,000 rs, 11,000 rs, 8,000 rs, 10,000 rs, 12,000 rs, 9,000 rs, 11,000 rs, 13,000 rs, 10,000 rs, 12,000 rs, and 14,000 rs. By the way, the distance between Bangalore and Delhi is 600 km. So, if you don’t want to do all the hard work. In approximation, the transport charges, for 90cc bikes, are somewhere around 8-9,000 rupees.

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