Ultimate Guide to Write Your MBA Dissertation Proposal Perfectly

Are you an MBA student who is struggling to write a dissertation proposal? Do you want to write a perfect proposal to get the university board invested in your research?

Then this is the right post for you, so keep on reading as you will be guided through the ways to draft a perfect MBA dissertation proposal

What Is A Dissertation Proposal?

The dissertation proposal is a structured, formal document that explains what are you planning to research. The research topic, why it is worthy of research – the justification is and how you plan to research on it – the practical approach.

The purpose of a dissertation proposal is to convince your university board, research supervisor that your research is suitable when it comes to the requirements of your degree program. In also convince them that your research is manageable considering the time limit resources constraints that you will have to encounter.

The most important thing to remember here is that you have to convince the superiors that your dissertation is worthy which means that you have to basically need to sell your research idea. If it does not convince them then you may need to take help from services like MBA dissertation proposal writing service or take an online course. This will save you from failing another time.

How to Write Your MBA Dissertation Proposal Perfectly?

Get An Idea:

Before you start writing your proposal, it is essential for you to come up with a strong idea for the dissertation.

Initiate with identifying the aspect of your field which has your interest. Then do some preliminary research regarding that aspect of the field. Find out what are the main concerns of other researchers? Their suggested areas for further research, and what strikes you as an interesting research gap in the field?

Once you get an idea, start considering how to narrow it down and the best manner to frame it. Do not choose a vague or too ambitious topic for your MBA dissertation as a dissertation topic needs to be specific enough to be considered achievable. 

Move from a broader area to a narrower one.

For Example:

Social media Effects of social media on the advertising agencies businesses booming due to decrease in advertising costs.

State Your Idea In The Introduction:

Similar to all academic writing documents, an MBA dissertation proposal also begins with an introduction. This is the part where you introduce the topic of your research, give some background, and most significantly present your aim, objectives as well as a well-articulated research question.

Hook the Reader:

You should try to introduce the topic as soon as possible instead of beating around the bush. What is tested in your research? What makes it interesting? Do not spend a lot of time on grand statements or generalizations.

For Example:

It is generally agreed by business analysts that social media has a profound effect on advertising agencies. However, the exact nature of this effect needs to be further investigated.

Give a Context:

When the area for your research is clarified, next is to present more background and context. Ask yourself, what does the reader need to know in order to understand your proposed questions? What is the present condition of this topic? And how is your dissertation useful to the field in terms of its contribution?

Then when you start writing the literature review make sure to not go into a lot of detail, only give enough information the superiors understand that you have sufficient knowledge to conduct the research and the debates you are getting into. 

Giving useless details will only waste your time which could have been utilized in the more demanding parts of the proposal and you will be unable to craft a perfect MBA dissertation proposal.

Identify The Aim:

Next up, is the most important part of your dissertation proposal. The aim, objectives, and research questions. The three things should be clearly recognizable and stand out from other texts to craft a perfect dissertation proposal. This can be done in terms of using bullet points or bold font.

You have to make sure that the research questions are specific and explanatory. Something you can answer rationally with the boundaries of relevancy set by your dissertation. Prevent from keeping your research questions too broad or just having a lot of research questions. Wherever you feel like the research question is losing its relevancy, recall that the main point of writing a dissertation is to convince the reader that your research is feasible and valuable.

For Example:

What is the effect of social media on advertising agencies in terms of product advertising?

Explore Relevant Material In Literature Review:

Once the topic is all wrapped up, the next step to craft a perfect dissertation proposal is to explore existing research relevant to your topic. This step is important because it helps you find what is missing from other research in the field and ensures that you have not selected a question that has already been asked before.

You have already done some preliminary reading but now that your dissertation title is clearer you need to carefully analyze and assess the most relevant sources in your literature review.

In this part, you have to summarize the results of other researchers and make comments on the research gaps and problems with their studies. You will come across a lot of information to convert so be concise when reading.

The main point here is to identify findings and theories that affect your own research but at the same time highlight their research gaps and limitations which your dissertation can address.

Describe The Methodology: 

Once you are done with the literature review, start describing the methodology. Specific things that you are hoping to do, the structure of your research, the methodology that you are opting for to gather and analyze data.

Be careful as you need to be quite specific within this section – your methodology should convince the reader that you have thought through the whole procedure of carrying out your research as realistically as possible.

This section will vary in length and look different for each MBA student depending on their study.

Present Possible Implications of Your Research:

In the conclusion of your dissertation proposal, you have to discuss what you expect your research can achieve. You can not be 100% sure as to what the outcome will be because you have not carried out the research yet. So instead to write the conclusion of a perfect dissertation proposal you need to describe possible implications and contributions within the society through your dissertation.

Create A Reference List:

Similar to any academic text, it is important that an MBA dissertation proposal. just any dissertation proposal includes proper referencing to all the sources you have utilized. You should include a properly formatted reference list or bibliography at the end of the dissertation proposal.

The key here is to follow the guidelines of your university when it comes to a certain referencing format. Does your university follow Howard or Oscla referencing style? Then cite according to draft a good dissertation proposal

End Remarks

Now that you know how to write a perfect MBA dissertation proposal the start working on it. If writing a dissertation proposal becomes time-consuming for you and you are stressed out if you will ever start working on the dissertation then do not worry, you can always Buy A Mba Dissertation online, if needed. Remember the information given in this post is also applicable to dissertation proposals in general.

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