Using Microsoft Power BI and SharePoint to Enhance Business Dashboards

SharePoint Microsoft Power BI is an excellent analytics tool that allows companies
to collect data and share insights inside their organizations.
It primarily boosts productivity by displaying immediate outcomes.

Business analytics might be difficult when SharePoint Development Solution is used without
Power BI integration.
This is inefficient in terms of time and makes it difficult to obtain correct data.

It also lacks reporting visualizations that make progress more visible.
We make sure you get all of
the benefits of Microsoft Power BI
with a considerably more personalized approach at HingePoint.


Data Source (Fetching data in Power BI) To fetch data from the various data sources
can be the first and foremost challenge
that can be faced in Power BI. 

Our approach: For fetching data of some of the services that
don’t support Power BI integration,
we have already used APIs of many services to get data in Power BI.
(Only applicable for Services that provide API)

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Data Validation/ Data Structure 

Another difficulty that can be faced in
Power BI that is faced is Data validation.
We need to have a proper data structure so that
Power BI can use that data appropriately.
If the data structure is not as per the requirements
there can be issues faced for fetching proper data as per requirements.
For example, fetching data from excel
that is not as per the appropriate data structure, etc.

Our approach: We create a data structure that Power BI can directly use to make charts.

Attractive design (Look and Feel of reports)

This is the key part of any Microsoft Power BI project.
Attractive charts and reports as per the expectations
are the foremost need of any client.

Our approach: We have already created many Power BI
charts that use color combinations as
per company logos and company-specific needs.
Bar charts, pie charts, maps, donut charts, and many more
are used to make charts look more attractive.

Easy search and Filter (ease of data viewing)

Filter the data with ease is another specific requirement.

Our approach: We try to maximize the use
of more filters so users can get the ease of accessing more data easily.

Power BI dashboard advantages

  • A Power BI dashboard allows users to quickly evaluate reports and see all key indicators.
  • Users can generate visualizations from numerous datasets or reports using a Power BI dashboard.
  • Dashboards can be tailored to match the needs of every business.
  • To create a unified user experience,
    Power BI dashboards can be incorporated inside apps.
  • You can share a dashboard with other colleagues in your company right away.

In Power BI, what is DAX? What is its purpose?

When you first start learning Power BI, you’ll come across the phrase “DAX.”
It stands for “Data Analysis Expressions,” and it is a set of constants,
functions, and operators created by Microsoft
and used in a number of business intelligence and data visualizations.
Because the entire code is contained within the functions,
DAX is also known as a functional language.

DAX is a programming language that allows you

to handle data and implement custom calculations in calculated fields and calculated columns,
as well as interact with relational data and perform dynamic aggregation.
To put it another way, DAX allows users to build new information
from existing data in your model.

Because DAX employs some of the same features as Excel,
it may be easier to use if you are already familiar with the latter.
It gives customers more versatility by allowing them
to build formulas that are applied row by row.

While DAX gives your data models more strength and flexibility,
it also puts them at risk of becoming unnecessarily convoluted.
Also, DAX has a steep learning curve, so make sure you’re ready.

How to Get Started with Power BI

Because of the platform’s ubiquity, aspiring professionals
have access to a wealth of training resources covering
every facet of the platform, from basic information
to Power BI interview questions.
You can also practice with our BI test
to review what you’ve learned.

For example, you may begin studying Power BI by enrolling in a 6-hour Power BI Basics course.

To summarise, here is a list of numerous approaches you may use to
learn Power BI, whether you’re just getting started
or want to brush up on your previous knowledge.

  • Microsoft’s learning materials for guided learning
  • Webinars hosted by Microsoft
  • Visiting the Power BI official online community
  • Microsoft has made training films available on YouTube.
  • Blog of the Power BI development team

5. Auto Refresh (Automatically refreshing charts)

Refreshing the data automatically is one of the challenges
that is faced in Power BI.
Our approach: We configure the Power BI desktop to provide an 8-time refresh per day.
Whereas Power BI Premium has an option of hourly data refresh.


The advantages listed above play a significant role in business analytics.
They can all be provided with SharePoint and Power BI integration,
but with our services,
you can get more to optimize Power Bi’s benefits.
With HingePoint, you’ll get accurate data extraction and a more personalized platform
complete with company attributes, including a high refresh rate for real-time reporting.

If you have more inquiries or want to get started
on enhancing your company’s
performance, send us a message.
We’re always here to assist you with your business needs.
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