Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Ecommerce requires exceptional eCommerce customer experience to remain lucrative and competitive, just like any other form of business. So how can you achieve a good e-commerce Customer experience?

Every time you visit your preferred retail outlet, a friendly salesperson will help you choose the most delicate item for your needs. Your budget is considered, and they address any questions you may have. Finally, you purchase and happily exit the store, completing a positive offline customer experience. This is precisely what you need in eCommerce customer experience.

What is eCommerce Customer experience?

Your clients view how you treat them in your internet business. Their actions and allegiance are influenced by how they feel. If customers like you, they’ll tell their friends about you. Anyone who receives poor customer service will stop doing business with that company.

Delivering a top-notch eCommerce customer experience is essential because it benefits businesses. HCL Commerce is an enterprise eCommerce platform that provides powerful B2C and B2B eCommerce customer experiences on the same platform. Customers’ expectations for the shopping experience are increasing as more people purchase online. Yet, only 49% of Americans feel businesses deliver a good customer experience. Even though 73% of people say it matters when making purchases, according to research from PwC.

Ways to Improve the eCommerce Customer Experience

Here are some of the eCommerce customer experience metrics which will help you to improve the eCommerce shopping experience. So, keenly follow these ways to enhance the customer experience for your customers by using HCL DX and HCL Unica. See why and how HCL Digital Experience has been rated as a market leader by the experts and leads the competition in advanced technology and customer impact.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

Customers want simple-to-navigate pages that let them browse your products and find what they’re looking for. Like a traditional store, it is advisabe to categorize the online store. Everything needs to be marked and organized in the back end, and the search button needs to be simple to find. This is a wise method of managing client success. Customers in e-commerce typically fit into one of three categories:

  • Those that know what they want
  • Those that are browsing
  • Those that need help filtering through your products

It is essential to make your website attractive and user-friendly to attract attention. Read how HCL Digital experience with HCL Unica helped Penn Veterinary to modernize its website. It gave a fresh look to its website to attract online customers and help streamline and grow its business-to-business engagements by an 80% conversion rate.

Delight Your Customers

Companies that recognize the value of client retention put much effort into giving their current customers an eCommerce shopping experience. Here are a few suggestions for e-commerce stores to satisfy their customers:

Customers that buy things receive email rewards or loyalty points that can be useful for later. After shopping, send emails of gratitude. Depending on your customers, a handwritten thank-you gift card can be an even better option.

Implement a recommendation scheme that will benefit both your current clients and potential new customers. For example, send your most devoted clients complimentary presents like t-shirts, mugs, or keychains along with the order.

Surprise Your Shoppers

Surprise your shoppers to improve the eCommerce customer experience; you might include surprises throughout the purchasing process. For example, it is advisable to provide free shipping. Implementing this method a little differently will increase your sales. Mention it during the checkout process rather than being flashy about it. This will help motivate the customer to make additional purchases and encourage them to tell their friends about you.

Have a Seamless Checkout Process

Have a seamless checkout process. It should be easy to use, have a clear shopping cart on every page, and have secure payment processing. Ensuring your customer sees all available checkout alternatives will prevent them from reaching the checkout stage only to discover you don’t accept their preferred payment method. In addition, your website has a high cart abandonment rate, you may rapidly install a feedback intercept to determine the problem.

One qualtrics customer discovered that after implementing a new checkout process on their e-commerce website, they lost thousands of dollars every minute. They found it was a straightforward form field formatting issue that required dates to be formatted in a specific way after deploying a small survey. Still, the error message didn’t explain what users were doing incorrectly.

Personalize your Customers’ Experiences

More than just including the customer’s name in email communications is personalization. User-relevant content, product offers, and even advertisements are essential to preventing user annoyance. For example, give people offers based on real-time information, such as their location or past product browsing history, or suggest products based on similar customer purchases or survey responses.

Offer Product Support

Many customers demand online customer support because they frequently buy your products online. You may increase the chance that customers will get their issues answered by providing a variety of customer care channels, such as live chat, product support websites, forums, and so on. Customers may choose a competitor with a more straightforward website if you only offer one or two types of support options, and they can’t get their questions resolved swiftly. People must be able to speak with a live person about product inquiries, just like they can do so in a physical store, and many customers prefer doing so to using real-time chat.

Follow an Impactful Content Strategy

Helping your customers solve their biggest problems is the aim of content marketing. You can make use of blog articles, advice, interviews, videos, and infographics to sell your things in a better way. For example, if you manage an eCommerce business that sells fashion-related products, you may produce material that offers fashion trends, advice on how to look good, etc. To improve the quality of your product’s image and attract customers, you should select one of the product retouching services. Always remember to schedule this on a content calendar.

Deliver an Omnichannel Customer Experience

On the internet, your customers are accessible through all means. You ought to be too! The best course of action is to deliver a successful omnichannel consumer experience. HCL Commerce is one such omnichannel marketing platform that can help increase conversion rate dramatically. Ensure that your website displays all vital contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers.

Include live chat and widgets on your website to enable real-time consumer communication. For example, with the development of chatbots, it is now easier for the customer support department to be accessible 24/7 and to automate answers to frequently requested inquiries.

Make your Return Policy Clear

The inability of buyers to try on or test your product before they buy it is a drawback of online shopping. Offer a reasonable, understandable return policy, so customers feel comfortable returning products.


Every organization’s product features and pricing have been filled with fierce competition. As a result, customers are no longer content with a great product offering alone. You require a distinctive eCommerce multichannel solution that distinguishes you from the other competitors if you want to stay ahead of the competition. You can do it by giving your customers a wonderful experience in your E-commerce store and other channels.

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