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A catalog with more than 600 cardboard box formats can overwhelm anyone. This huge range of boxes guarantees to find the model that best suits the needs of each company. However, how to find him? From Rajapack we want to facilitate the task of choosing the most suitable custom box for each case.

How to choose the right size for your cardboard boxes? What information is important to handle to find the ideal model? In this guide, we show you step by step the process to follow.

  1. Which thickness to choose: single, double, or triple channel?

To opt for one thickness or another, it is crucial to take into account the weight of the merchandise to be shipped. What does “single, double, or triple channel” mean? Corrugated cardboard is the most used format box. Its thickness is made up of an inner cover, a sheet of corrugated paper, and an outer cover. This sheet acquires that sinuosity by the action of a grooved roller and the use of steam.

Depending on the product to be packed, we will choose the most suitable cardboard for its protection; All these formats have Test Liner Quality, which favors the adhesion of the adhesive tape to its surface.

Depending on the thickness of the cardboard, we distinguish between:

– Simple channel: they usually have an approximate width of 5mm and are recommended for light products weighing up to 20 kilos such as documents, clothing, footwear, or packaged products that can be stacked. It is formed by an inner covering of a wave.

– Double channel: to protect merchandise, up to 70 kg in weight, that is resistant to vertical compression such as books, tools, technology, etc. It has a thickness of 7 mm and an inner cover of two waves. They are ideal for fragile products since their reinforced protection prevents any blow from impacting easily inside.

– Triple channel: it has an outer kraft cover that protects from humidity and temperature. It has been designed for heavy loads of up to 350 Kg that support export shipments and long-term storage. Its thickness is 15 mm and it has an inner cover of 3 waves. They are also designed to protect very delicate products: porcelain, glass, etc.

To easily identify which type of channel to opt for, we have prepared the following table:

  1. What dimensions

    should the custom cardboard box have?

Four criteria must be taken into account:

  1. a) How

    big is the product to be shipped?

It is necessary to define the maximum weight and dimensions well so that the packages adjust as much as possible to the product and the means of transport. In this sense, shipments by mail must have standard measurements that add up to 150 cm taking into account the length, width, and height. In couriers, the weights vary according to the carrier.

  1. b) Do the products need additional padding for greater security?

The filling material represents an extra volume to consider when managing the packaging of the merchandise. There are many types of padding and you have to assess how much each one occupies, it will not be the same to fill the box with paper shavings as with foam, which adapts to the shape of the object.

  1. c) What form does the product have to be shipped in?

In addition to the dimensions of the merchandise, you have to look at the shape of each product. For example, telescopic boxes are designed to send flat products (paintings, boards, frames…), long boxes for elongated and narrow products such as fabrics, sheets… or delivery tubes for documents, files, and roll-up products.

  1. d) How much storage space does your company have?

Occupying the storage of your company with a large warehouse can represent a very important indirect cost. For this reason, many of the boxes offer adapted solutions to take up as little space as possible: Variable height or width boxes, for example, can be used for different types of products without having to use more padding or leave large hollow spaces. In turn, the telescopic boxes can also be adapted to different heights, making them useful for various shipments.

Shipping Box Carriers

From shipping orders to external customers to meeting internal needs like supply transfers and storage, there are many reasons a business may require shipping boxes. Not only do shipping services in the U.S. charge based on the size and weight of the box being shipped, they also have size and weight restrictions. Check to make sure your box falls below the maximum specifications or your package may have to travel with a freight carrier.

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