What is commercial office cleaning?

What is commercial office cleaning?

You are sitting in your office working late at night to complete some tasks. Then the cleaning crew arrives.

Although you know they are thereafter hours, it’s unlikely that you have seen them before. You’re aware that the office has been very messy lately so you hope that they can clean it up.

You start to wonder about the tasks involved in commercial office cleaning and whether you can accomplish them. These are questions that have been lingering in your head for years. Now you might be able to find the answers.

  • Which areas are they cleaning?
  • What is the best way to clean an office? Is there a specific process they use?
  • How can I make sure that they are actually cleaning up the site and not just making it look cleaner?

In-Tec is able to answer many of our clients’ questions about commercial office cleaning, including what the tasks should be performed by a cleaner, particularly during initial meetings. This article will help you understand the processes involved in contract cleaning and what your cleaners will do each time they visit your office.

Which areas or rooms are cleaned in an office environment?

You might be asking, “What parts of my office will the cleaners clean?

A commercial cleaning company that is reliable will provide exceptional service and offer a wide range of services to suit every office environment.

Commercial cleaners typically cover a wide range of areas, including but not limited to:

Office spaces that are open plan

  • Manager offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Work/desk areas
  • Receptions
  • Stairways
  • Lifts

Windows and glass

What about staff breakout rooms, kitchens, and amenities? Why are they not included in office cleaning services? These areas will still need to be cleaned in my office complex.

These areas will be cleaned in the office, to answer your question. We see each part of a site differently and use different cleaning methods. We have also covered amenities and kitchens. In other articles, we can go into detail about cleaning them and the tasks involved.

What are the three main tasks that a commercial cleaner should perform in an office environment?

These include:

1. Empty your bins

Our cleaners begin by emptying the office’s bins. While the cleaner is doing this, they also do two other tasks.

They pick up any other trash they can see and take mental notes about other tasks that they might need to complete during cleanings, such as coffee spills and smudges.

In-Tec will change your bin liners when they become dirty or show signs of old age. Due to sustainability reasons, we don’t change bin liners as often as necessary. We all need to be aware of how plastic is being used and not use it.

2. Wiping down surfaces and desks (using GECA-approved and chemical-free products)

After emptying the bins, the cleaner will wipe down any desks or surfaces using the appropriate cloth (always a microfiber green cloth).

When wiping down a desk, the number one thing that cleaners don’t do is move things around. Paperwork, books, and other items will remain in their original places.

It is possible to wonder why. You might wonder why? Moving things can be frustrating for your team, as we have discovered.

We only ask that all the items on your work desks be stacked on one side. Then, we will move the pile, clean it underneath, and then put it back.

Computer screens are generally dusty but not cleaned. Because LED and OLED screens are fragile, improper cleaning can cause damage.

We generally wipe phones but never pick up the handset. It’s possible to accidentally phone someone using our office phones. It would be a mistake to accidentally make a call. You can request that the phones be cleaned.

3. Vacuuming (with Pacvac’s HEPA 4-stage filter system – Eliminating 99.95% dust and allergens

There are two ways to look at vacuuming depending on how big the site is.

First, in large offices, the cleaners will spot vacuum. It involves vacuuming any areas that are visibly dirty. These high-traffic areas get vacuumed during each visit. However, detailed vacuuming of low traffic areas takes place on a schedule that is part of the scope of work. The office is vacuumed once per week, or as often as necessary.

Vacuuming in small offices (100 to 300 square meters) is done differently. We will most likely vacuum the entire office in one clean. Because the site is small, foot traffic is concentrated. This means that the space needs more attention.

Our cleaners will often have a pre-moistened cloth in their hand while vacuuming. This is in case any other marks or smudges are missed.

4. Mopping with quality microfiber covers or an I-mop

Mopping the floors is the last task that a cleaner does.

Did you know there’s only one way to mop a flooring?

In-Tec’s cleaners clean a floor from corner to corner, and edge to edge. Our cleaners are provided with enough quality microfiber flat mop cloth covers that can be easily changed as needed.

Another option is to use an electric mop to scrub the main floor and then use a flat one to clean the edges.

5. Final check

Our cleaners will check your office one last time before leaving. The cleaners will make one final inspection of your office, usually with a dampened cloth in their hands. This is to ensure that everything has been cleaned and that all doors have been locked.

Our cleaners are trained to dress in specific areas, such as board rooms or meeting rooms.

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