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What is logo design test?


Logo design holds quite a lot of importance for a brand in terms of its branding and delivering the companies mission, vision, and message across. It shouldn’t be finalized before putting it under a test.

In this article, we will discuss what a logo design test is and why is it important.

What is logo design testing?

Just as its name suggests, logo testing is a simple process where you select a range of your targeted audience and then share your logo design with them, in order to collect their reviews and feedback on it. This practice ensures that your logo design falls into the correct gauges of effectiveness and testing also helps you to determine room left to make any specific improvements at the last moment. These logo design test act as the last line of defense before it is associated with your brand’s name.

Why logo testing is important?

A logo that is unique is more likely to gain attention from the people. This is one of the main reasons why large-scale businesses spent thousands of dollars on logo designs. No matter what your budget size is, or how big your business is, getting a logo test before its launch is always a better idea. Following are some reasons why logo design testing is important:

  1. Instead of being skeptical about which one of your logo designs seems better, leave the decisions on the public who’s going to be the real audience. the majority is authority. Go for the design that is accepted and resonates the most with your targeted audience. once you let your audience decide, your work is done.
  2. Once you let outsider perspectives involve in your logo designing process, you see the room left for improvement from your end. It is likely that the color theme that you chose might not do the best to impress your audience. Getting early feedback before the launch will help you improve the design and minimize criticism.
  3. You can also see how different people are having different opinions about your logo. You can choose the target audience in accordance with their age, gender, social group, religion or any other way which you want.
  4. Logo design test works like market research. You give a choice to your target market, they pick, and then you make changes. There is no limit on how many times you have to test a logo before you finally feel confident in your logo design.

The process for logo design testing

Since you’ve learn the importance of logo design testing, now you need to understand the key steps you need for this process:

Pick one of the mock ups for testing

As a designer, you get a lot of ideas and most of the times it’s not possible to put all of them together. In such cases, you can always create several different mockups, incorporating all of your ideas and then choose which one of them you feel most confident about. You will get surprised about the reactions after logo testing. It is likely that the design you feel most confident about may not be your target market’s favorite. In such cases, you should always have a backup design. For better test results, try to provide less options. Present only those mockups that you feel are your best designs.

Choose at what basis you want your logo to be tested

You don’t have to give everything in the hands of your target audience. you can decide the basis on which you want your logo to get tested. Do you want a test on logo’s color theme? Visual aesthetics? Maybe on its structure or geometrics? you can prepare your survey with the following:

  • Is your logo attractive or appealing for a first impression?
  • Is it easy identifiable/recognizable?
  • Does it look similar to any other existing brand?
  • Does your logo emit a sense of reliability/trust?
  • Is your logo relevant to the business’s nature?

You can change the above mentioned metrics, or add more to the list, according to your goals.

Select your target market carefully

Since deciding the logo is an important thing, you must choose your target audience with carefully. Make sure the people who’ll participate in your survey are responsible and focused. Feedback from non-serious and irrelevant people is not going to give you an authentic result.

Once you’re done with the survey, take your time to analyze the answers before coming to a result.


Just like carrying out a market result, Logo design test works somewhat in the similar manner. The goals is to get an outsider’s opinion about your designed projects.

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