What is QuickBooks Error 6123? Factors and How to Fix it

Among the QuickBooks 6xxx errors comes QuickBooks error 6123, which takes place when a user attempts to open the company file or upgrade it to a newly released version in the QuickBooks application. An error warning pops up on the computer display, which reads, “We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file.” Through this post, we have attempted our best to explain the factors that cause QuickBooks Desktop error 6123 and the ways that you can implement to get rid of it safely and quickly.

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What are the factors triggering QuickBooks Desktop error 6123?

Below, we have mentioned the two most common factors that usually trigger the occurrence of QuickBooks Desktop error 6123:

1. Your computer’s background processes interrupt the QuickBooks application and prevent it from opening the company file.
2. There are issues with the company file, like corruption or damage.

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What are the troubleshooting solutions for QuickBooks error 6123?

Solution 1- Stop the background processes that are interrupting the QuickBooks application

1. On your computer, exit the QuickBooks application.
2. Download the modern version ( of QuickBooks Tool Hub save the downloaded installer (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) on the desktop screen.
3. Click on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file two times.
4. Do as per the on-screen directives, and after that, accept the given terms & conditions to install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
5. Open QuickBooks Tool Hub and click on the Program Problems option.
6. Select Quick Fix my Program from the given options.
7. Keep patience until the Quick Fix my Program tool stops the background processes interrupting QuickBooks.
8. After that, open the QuickBooks application and see if you can access the company file.

Follow the next solution if you still fail to get over QuickBooks error 6123.

Solution 2- Repair your damaged company file with the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

1. Click the logo of QuickBooks Tool Hub twice.
2. From the left-sidebar, pick the Company File Issues option.
3. Choose Run QuickBooks File Doctor from the set of options.
4. Inside QuickBooks File Doctor, select your company file from the drop-down list. If the drop-down list doesn’t contain your company file, then select Browse to search your computer for it.
5. Choose to Check your file from the set of options, and after that, select Continue.
6. When required, enter your QuickBooks admin password and click Continue.
7. Now, you need to be patient, as the tool may take a while to diagnose and fix the company file.
8. When the QuickBooks File Doctor finishes, choose your company file from the list and then click Open QuickBooks.

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Our sincere hope you will be able to fix QuickBooks error 6123 by following the troubleshooting solutions given above. If not, then there is a possibility that your company file has been completely damaged. Hence, we advise you to restore a backup company file in the QuickBooks application. You can also ask for additional support removing QuickBooks Desktop error 6123 by contacting our QuickBooks professionals at +1-855-856-0042.


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