What is the Actual Web Server Cost in India

In the market, there are many types of web hosting available but what is a web server? A web server is a program that uses HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) for assisting the files that form web pages. Dedicated devices, computers, and applications can also be called web servers.

Web servers are used as an essential part of building the internet. They are used for serving email, building and publishing web pages, and downloading requests for file transfer protocol (FTP) files. 

After you’ve chosen a safe, adaptable, and cost-effective web server for your company, you should think about its operations, maintenance, and monitoring. A server management Company performs just that, as well as overseeing hardware, software, security, and backups. As a result, you’ll need to acquire decent server management companies to assist you in accomplishing all of this.

These are the following considerations while choosing a web server:

  • How well it works with the other servers and operating system
  • Its ability to handle security 
  • Search engine and website making tools
  • Server-side programming and publishing

The web server can act as software or hardware that is being used for running the world wide web:

  • A web server includes several parts that control how web users access hosted files. An HTTP server is a part of the software that understands the web address (URLs) and the protocol used by the browser to see webpages (HTTP). Moreover, it can be accessed through the domain names like .org of the websites that store and deliver the content to the end-user devices.
  • In terms of hardware, a web server is a computer that saves the webserver software and its site section. It is connected to the internet and supports physical data exchange with other devices that are connected to the web.

At a basic level, a browser needs a file that is hosted on the webserver. The browser requests the file via HTTP. When the request reaches the right hardware or web server then the software or HTTP server accepts the request and files the requested file. In case it cannot find the file then it shows the 404 error and sends it back to the browser via HTTP.

What is a static web server?

A static web server is also known as a stack. It is computer hardware with an HTTP server(software). It is called static because your server sends its hosted files “the way it is” to your browser. 

What is a dynamic web server?

A dynamic web server consists of a web server and extra software that commonly is an application server with a database. It is often known as “dynamic” because the application server updates the hosted files before sending them to your browser via the HTTP server. For producing the final web pages in the browser, the application server can complete an HTML template with contents from the database. Huge websites like Wikipedia or MDN have thousands of web pages but they are not real HTML documents, only a few HTML  templates, and a big database. Using this setup it is easy to maintain and deliver the content.

What is the actual web server cost in India?

Web server cost in India is different depending on the service provider you are buying the service from. However, the cost is around 80,000. Here are a few sources for buying a web server with the cost and services

A local store

A local store provides you the sever at higher costs as they work on retail prices instead of wholesale.

Authorized sever store

They are genuine server providers. However, the price varies according to the quality of the product and model you are buying.

Online store

There are plenty of stores available online from where you can buy web server hardware and software. They also offer you a good warranty period.


If you are planning to buy a web server then you can choose any of the stores mentioned above. A web server cost in India is affordable though it varies from company to company. Cloud server cost in India depends on the service provider you are choosing. 

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