What To Do For Roadside Emergency This Holiday Season?

Car breakdown can be prevented with all the essentials of the toolkit, safe driving on icy roads, knowing alternate routes, and maintaining the engine coolant level.

How many of you are planning to travel this season? There are chances of getting stuck in roadside emergencies; we know nothing would be more disheartening than car troubles. If you are going on a long drive or spending holidays during this festive season, then no worries, this blog is all about sharing roadside emergency tips to protect yourself; otherwise Big tow truck in Atlanta is there to help you recover your vehicle. Let’s get into the blog.

There is nothing more disheartening and worrisome than car troubles while out on the open road or freeway during the holiday season. Blown tires, overheating, dead batteries, and general stalls can make a simple outing to the mall or a trip to see family members become dangerous and exhausting.

The colder months bring even more issues for our cars and, during this busy holiday season, Marietta Wrecker Service wants to help ensure your travels are safe and without complications.

There’s no place like home this holiday. If you need emergency roadside assistance this holiday season, Marietta Wrecker Service is here to help with prompt and reliable emergency roadside assistance and fast towing services to make sure you and your loved ones make it home safe and sound.

Holiday travel in December varies each year, thus making it difficult to predict yearly trends. This year, Christmas is on a Tuesday, making the weekend before a very busy time for holiday travel.

Check the Tires

Weather temperatures can impact tire pressure and cold air to make your tires contract and loss the proper air setting. Before getting a trip in a vehicle, always check tires to make sure tires haven’t lost too much air or become flat. Check the spare tire, which should have full air pressure. Must have the proper jack and tools to run in with a flat or blown tire while traveling. Make sure tires are in the best health for the holiday season during travel.

Maintain the engine coolant level

Engine coolant is one of the things which need to be maintained and should be checked properly. It needs to replace without the help of a mechanic. Check the coolant levels before a long road trip, especially when traveling in freezing temperatures. If your car has a history of overheating, bring extra coolant. Coolant can be purchased at different prices.

Keep jumper cables in the vehicle

Dead batteries spring up anything in the latest mobiles. Keep a set of jumper cables in a car that ensures people will have a dead or low battery. Jumping a car battery is simple; every driver can help jump-start the vehicle. Inspect jumper cables to make sure the color-coded metal clamps are connected to the battery terminals in the correct order.

Prepare for breakdown

How many of you have paid attention to the breakdown? When a car stops running, it could be due to various reasons, such as the starter, electronic issues, etc. Always prepare for a breakdown in cold weather, and don’t forget to consider the passenger’s safety and protection. A breakdown can be prevented by following precautions. You all should have a flashlight to inspect tires, a blanket to protect you in the cold weather, road flares and first aid kit.

Common Causes of Breakdowns

Before you can prepare for a car breakdown, you need to know what you’re preparing up against. Cars can break down in a plethora of manners, and you cannot prepare for them all. But a little education regarding the common causes won’t hurt.

So, here are some of the top causes of car breakdowns:

  • Faulty Battery
  • Damaged Tires
  • Lost Keys
  • Alternator Faults
  • Fuel Problems
  • Starter Issues
  • Spark Plugs
  • High-Tension Leads

As you can see, there’s a variety of issues that can cause a car to break down. These are just the tip of the iceberg. A car is a complex machine.

Drive safely on an icy road

Driving on icy and wet roads is harmful. Then you have to keep in mind a few things: drive until roads have been plowed and sanded, give yourself extra time to be on your destination, decrease the speed as needed, leave your

Know alternate routes

Proper planning is required to ensure you are prepared for such a frustrating situation. If you are driving on the highway and get stuck in severe traffic or road closure, then keep in mind an alternate route on the fly. Note down the alternate routes in advance. Avoid road closures or find the way back to the main road just in c you get lost somewhere. People who want to avoid traffic then note the time of travel not to put them on busy roads.

What should be included in a car emergency kit?

Car manual

You all must have the car manual because when roadside assistance companies are late, you can read instructions and tips for doing some DIYs. By reading manuals, you can change fuses and light bulbs. You will learn how to maintain the correct tyre pressure and more.

Torch and spare batteries

If you have broken down on the road, a torch can help signal oncoming motorists to inform them about roadside assistance. Consult a map in case if you get lost and want to check the bonnet in the dark. You shouldn’t leave a torch in the car, along with spare batteries.

Tyre Level and jack

Always keep an inflated spare tire in the car and a wheel lever so you can change a flat tyre whenever needed. You may come across various reasons for car tire inflators on the market, from simple hand pumps to powered models. Always keep the tire jack with you.


You shouldn’t forget the blanket with you because of drowsiness and fatigue, especially when you are stuck roadside. Blankets are helpful to protect the car’s finish when you have to do some work under the bonnet to find yourself changing, which could damage the paint.

Jumper leads

Leaving the lights on when the car isn’t running perfectly, and for the emergency of roadside assistance, the solution is to have a working vehicle to get done with the battery of jump start. The car manual includes specific guidelines on how to perform a jump start, so read carefully over the manual. The potential damage to the vehicle can be severe and expensive as well.


Make sure you all have a toolkit in the car because you all might go through the basic maintenance chores. It would have work gloves, vice grips, spark plugs, light globes and fuses, electrical tape, and much more. Never compromise on this because it will save you from so many ups and downs.

Final thoughts

We need to keep these few things in mind to avoid breakdowns. Get the help of the best service providers while providing roadside assistance. They would be at your place within a few minutes because such services are available 24/7 for roadside assistance to resolve the car emergency and they are quick to respond quickly. Do share your experience of breakdown and how did you manage roadside assistance.

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