What to do if you Encounter QuickBooks Error 12007?

Want to update QuickBooks Desktop but fail to do so owing to QuickBooks error 12007? If affirmative, then we guarantee that this article will explain everything that you should do in these circumstances. You might be seeing an error warning on your computer display stating, “A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server.” There are many factors that can be behind QuickBooks error code 12007, which we will discuss with you below in a detailed manner, along with their troubleshooting solutions.

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What are the factors that lead to QuickBooks error code 12007?

QuickBooks error code 12007 is often caused when Internet Explorer is not set as the default web browser on the user’s system. Several other reasons can also cause it, such as:

1. Damaged installation files of the QuickBooks Desktop.

How can you troubleshoot QuickBooks error 12007?

Solution 1- On your system, set Internet Explorer as the web default web browser

1. Unfold the Start menu by pressing the Windows icon given on your keyboard.
2. In the search column, enter “Internet Explorer” and choose Internet Explorer.
3. Move to the Tools menu located on the command bar.
4. From the drop-down list, pick Internet Options.
5. Move to the Programs tab, and after that, scroll down to the Default Web Browser section.
6. Hit the Make Default button, and thenceforth, choose the OK option.
7. Open QuickBooks Desktop and verify if you can download its updates this time.

If you re-encounter QuickBooks error 12007, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks Desktop in Windows Selective startup mode

Step 1- Turn on your system in Windows Selective startup mode

1. Open the Run command window by pressing the Windows icon + E keys concurrently on your keyboard.
2. In the Run window, enter “msconfig” and then select the OK button.
3. In the General tab, choose the Selective startup and Load system services options.
4. Move on to the Services tab, and after that, put a checkmark on the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
5. Hit the Disable all option.
6. After that, uncheck the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
7. In the list of services, ensure the Windows Installer checkbox is check-marked.
8. Select the OK button, and after that, choose Restart on the System Configuration window.

Step 2- Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop from your system

1. Do a Windows search for “Control Panel” and select Control Panel.
2. Select the Programs and Features option or the Uninstall a Program option.
3. Find your QuickBooks Desktop version in the list of programs and then select it.
4. Click Uninstall/Change, and after that, choose Remove from the on-screen options.
5. Then, choose the Next solution.

After following the above two steps, download your QuickBooks Desktop version from Intuit’s site and install it.

Solution 3- Updating payroll and QuickBooks desktop

1. In this particular method, you need to unplug the wireless router or internet plug and see the internet latency.
2. Open your QuickBooks and the company file.
3. Tap on Ctrl + K keys.
4. And a window would appear, where you will have to click on the edit tab.
5. Uncheck the open payroll setup option.
6. Wait for the process to complete and update.

Also see this short guide on QuickBooks Not Responding.

Solution 4- Fixing QuickBooks payroll update services

1. In order to fix the issue, you will have to check the internet set up in QuickBooks desktop from the internet options menu.
2. Heading forward, validate the system’s internet speed.
3. Hit a click on next, along with that, select the advanced connection settings.
4. Head to the display the internet properties window and click on the advanced tab.
5. You will then have to verify that you have checked SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 options.
6. Now tap on the apply and ok tabs.
7. Close the tabs and reboot the software.
8. And lastly, try to update the QuickBooks payroll services.

Solution 5- Checking Internet Explorer settings

1. In order to check the internet explorer settings, you will first have to close QuickBooks and open internet explorer.
2. Now, pick the tools and click on internet settings.
3. Open the security tab and click on the globe icon and set the security level at medium-high.
4. Furthermore, you will have to open the connection tab, and if you haven’t used the dial-up node on the system, then you have to select the never dial-up connection option. And also, choose the correct ISP and hit the OK tab.
5. Next step is to choose the LAN settings tab and ensure that the automatically detect settings tab is marked, and check that you use a proxy server option.
6. You need to now open the advanced tab and click on restore advanced settings and under the settings tab, look for the USE TLS 1.2 option. Make sure to select it.
7. Head forward by selecting ok and saving the changes, and close the internet explorer.
8. Lastly, reboot the system and try updating QuickBooks.


If you can’t resolve QuickBooks error 12007 with the help of the troubleshooting solutions discussed above, then we advise you to take additional guidance fixing it by getting in contact with our QuickBooks professional team at +1-855-856-0042.


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