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What To Do If Your Metal Bed Frame Is Broken?

Metal bed frames are subjected to a great deal of abuse. They support the weight of the mattress first, then yours and maybe your spouse’s. Kids even jump on the bed without considering the strain on the bed frame.


Your metal bed frame, no matter how good it is, is likely to break with time. Even though the frame is made of metal, it will not survive indefinitely.


If you have a broken metal bed frame, though, don’t worry about throwing it away. There are a few things you may do to strengthen the bed frame.


So, are you all set? Let’s get started!


Step 1: How to Repair a Metal Bed Frame’s Broken Legs


Metal bed frames with legs are available in a variety of heights. However, height isn’t the most important factor.


The sturdiness of the metal legs is particularly important. Legs that aren’t strong enough won’t be able to support the mattress and body weight.


As a result, it’s best to choose a metal bed frame that’s really robust. It should be able to support the weight of two people and maybe a child or two.


The major question is now. What is the best way to repair a damaged bed frame leg? One or two fractured legs are not uncommon. It might be in the middle of the frame or out to the side.


Here’s what you’ll need to do to repair your bed frame’s damaged leg.


With a stack of books, support the broken section of the frame. The rationale for this is to evenly distribute the weight over the bed frame’s angles. Keep in mind that putting too much weight on one leg might cause it to break.


Welding the fractured limb should be your next move. Do it yourself if you have solid welding skills and the necessary equipment. Hire a professional welder to repair it if you don’t have the proper tool.


In most circumstances, the welded bed frame leg will be weaker than the others. If this is the case, you may seek advice from the welder on how to strengthen the leg or piece of the bed frame in order to prevent repeating the damage. Getting a new metal leg or adding a second leg near the welded one might be the answer.


Step #2: How To Repair A Metal Bed Frame’s Broken Legs


If you don’t want to solder a broken bed leg, there are a few alternative options. Welding would be inexpensive. Not to mention the fact that it’s a residential service. The welding machine and other equipment must be transported to your home by the welder.


So, here’s how to repair a damaged metal bed frame in the second phase. It does not need the use of welding equipment.


To begin, cut a piece of wood box to the height of the fractured leg. Make sure the wood is at least 40 mm square. Remember that the broader the timber, the more stable it is.


The chopped wood is then placed on a jar lid as the following stage. For greater support, make sure the cut wood pipes are three or more.


Get a vehicle jack now. Use the jack to lift the bed frame to the point where you can easily insert all three cut pieces of wood underneath it. One of the woods should be placed on the metal leg’s location. The other cut wood pieces may be placed anywhere you choose. That’s what’s underneath the bed frame.


How to Repair a Metal Bed Frame’s Broken Slat


Bed slats, like legs, sustain a certain amount of weight. Inside the bed frame or mattress base are slats. They provide support for the mattresses as well as the body’s weight. Slats also guarantee that body weight is distributed evenly, preventing the mattress from sinking.


One thing to keep in mind is that slats are not susceptible to harm. It makes no difference whether you spent a little sum on a high-end metal bed frame. It’s possible that the frame will only endure a little longer. But it won’t endure indefinitely.


A damaged metal bed slat may be repaired in a number of methods, both DIY and simple. It’s also something you can perform without the assistance of a professional. Time may be the only stumbling obstacle. So, if you have some extra time, here are some methods for repairing a damaged metal bed slat.


Step #1: Remove the mattress


The first thing you should do is remove the mattress from the metal bed frame. On one side of the room, place the mattress. However, make sure it doesn’t get in the way when you’re repairing the broken bed slat.


Step #2: Examine the slat that has broken


The next step is to examine the fracture. What exactly is the scope of the damage? After inspecting the damage, bend the metal using a rubber mallet.


Step 3: Prepare your metal brackets


This procedure would need metal brackets and would not necessitate welding. So, prepare your metal brackets. Please choose the ones that are straight.


The width of your metal brace should not exceed the width of the bed slat. Please keep that in mind.


Choose metal brackets that are robust and solid. Make sure they’re corrosion-resistant and rust-proof. To assist avoid scratches, most brackets include a protective layer on their surfaces. All of this contributes to the metal bracket’s long-term durability and attractive appearance.


Step #4: Drill a hole in the metal slat

On the bed slat, you can’t simply drill any hole or many holes. Only one hole is required on each sides for the screw to pass through.


Place the metal brackets on the slat and indicate the location where you believe drilling would be most effective. Begin drilling when the marking has been completed.


To make the hole, please use a drill. It’s more convenient, and you won’t end up weakening the metal slat.


Step #5: Put the brackets in place


The brackets’ duty is to connect the two halves of the fractured metal slat. They also perform a fantastic job of tightly keeping the brackets together.


Install the metal brackets on the metal slat and tighten them securely after drilling.


Step #6: Add a leg of support


Even when the metal brackets are installed, the metal slat may need additional support. The metal brackets may be able to keep the shattered slats together well. However, it may not be as powerful as it was before the slats cracked.


So, inspect the bracket that was fitted and make sure the damaged slat is correctly fixed. Now consider this: do you believe it is robust enough to withstand the mattress’s weight as well as your own? If this is the case, you will not need a support leg. If you disagree, you should purchase a support leg for your metal bed frame slat.


You may purchase a support leg online and install it on your own. The support leg, if properly fixed, may guarantee that the inserted metal brackets accomplish their job of keeping the slat in place for a longer period of time.




It’s really simple to repair a damaged metal bed frame. Anyone can accomplish it if they have the right knowledge and tools. You have the option of welding your shattered metal bed frame. That isn’t a problem at all.


If you’re on a limited budget, though, welding isn’t the ideal solution. Transporting the welding equipment to your home would be costly. It will cost money to transport the metal bed frame to a welding facility.


The suggestions in this article are simple to implement. You don’t need to spend a fortune to repair your metal bed frame. So, browse through them and choose the one that is best appropriate for you.


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