What To Take When Moving to University

The thought of moving to a university for your degree is fun yet anxious experience. There is just so much to do beforehand and you may even have a checklist of things to pack depending on where you are moving to, the weather, your rooming arrangement and so on.

If you have already completed your degree and are going in to do your Postgrad studies then you may have an idea of how the University rooming situation works. Either way, though there are some must-pack items that you will need with you regardless of if this is your first time or if you have done it before.

An adaptor

Have you ever walked into a hotel room in a different country and tried plugging your phone in just to realize that plugs are shaped differently? This happening on a holiday is better than it happening after you have moved into your door room after a long way. Universal adaptors are available where it can be plugged into any power socket anywhere in the world.


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Cooking items

Dorm rooms are usually are quite small but you still need your own cooking items ranging from pans, bowls a plate and a cup. These are some of the basic things you will need to carry with you. Some people insist on taking these with them from home or you can also buy them at a local store near your university. If it is cheaper this is an easier option as carrying these items can be heavy in your luggage especially if you are moving abroad.

The right clothing

Packing the right clothing is one of the most important things you will need to pack. If you are moving to a cold country you will need to take warm clothes with you. However, there are many tips when it comes to packing warm clothes such as instead of spending money and limiting baggage space with large thick jumpers, layering is your friend. You can wear multiple layers of warm clothes that are easy to pack and easy to carry. You may however need to buy thicker clothes once you get there if the cold is difficult to bear.


Along with your clothes and kitchen items, you will also need to pack bed linen. Depending on the bed size in your dorm room you should at least take 2 sets of bed sheets with you and buy more there if you need them. Packing things from home are simple ways of reducing spending especially if you are moving to an expensive city or country. Need to take all essential bedding before going out.

Take some of your favorite things

Feeling homesick is inevitable no matter how much you are enjoying it. Having a few mementos from home can help during those times you wish you were back home. These can be whatever is easy to pack and do not take space in your dorm room, just things to help you get through the homesick days.

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