Where to Find Papers When Doing Your Literature Review?

Literature Review

Review – The entire thesis portion is easy to cover except for the literature review. When you write the literature review, you may feel intimated by the work quantity you have to go through. You might also worry about where to start.

In this article, you will learn about the various places to find references for covering the literature review. This way, you may not have to spend money to buy research papers. Instead, you may simply browse the article in less than twenty minutes, depending on this article. Otherwise, deal with the routine process, write the literature review for a week, and pull apart all equations and calculations.

Here we have listed the best places to find references check. So, please keep reading to know them.

Ask your instructor

Your instructor is the one who gave you your thesis topic. If they have, naturally, they have already provided you with a folder with data about the assigned topic. When you are assigned to a funded project, your instructor must have already done some preliminary work to write the proposal. So, your first destination to ask for help for your literature review is your professor. You can write to experts ‘who can write my paper’, and they will do it for you.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the best resource to have at your disposal. It can help you find relevant articles by using the search function. In addition, you can subscribe to your colleagues’ updates in your field. This way, you will have the latest references accessible. Depending on the journal paper’s publisher, Google Scholar is faster reporting a particular article in their databases. This will merely take up to two years to include an essay.  Read This – How is Virtual Reality Changing Humans Lifestyle?


Your publications have a traditional essence if you use Researchgate. Researchgate will search for conventional sources for your publications. With this tool, you will do the following tasks as well:

  • Follow research projects of other researchers to keep you updated on the same
  • Follow researchers in your field of study so you can see their updates
  • Communicate by commenting on other’s published articles, sending direct messages by placing queries on the related topic

As you can see, Researchgate is a fantastic place to search for sources.


Scopus has an unmatched searching function to search sources for your literature review portion. It will help you recognise the relative importance of your paper with the published metrics. However, it may be slow in including articles. It takes up to two years before having an article.

Look for documents, reports, and thesis

Do not limit your searches to online resources only. Instead, work yourself up to find references to other papers manually. In code documents and technical reports on your assigned topic, you can find vital citations and vital data of practical value. So, look for these from students who worked on your topic and see their cited references. You can also take help from ghostwriters by asking them to complete your paper in return for a decent payment.

Doctoral studies are akin to a roller coaster ride. It includes many high-intensity ups and humdrum downs. Therefore, it is natural to lose motivation. But the scenario becomes different when you have resources at hand. The resources mentioned above will help you stay motivated to complete the thesis.

Summary: Writing the literature review part can be daunting if you do not have enough resources at hand. The resources mentioned in this article are enough to get you to some authentic sources. So, take their reference from the next time on.

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