Which Churchill Tyres Are The Best Tyres in The UK?

There are many tyre brands in the global market, claiming to be the best. It might be true to some features. So here, we are going to learn about the Churchill Tyres and their best features of tyres in the UK in 2022.

Churchill is a Chinese budget-range tyre manufacturer known for its high-quality (developed in the UK!) goods that provide dependable handling and braking performance as well as long-term durability. These tyres are built from an environmentally friendly material that is both fuel-efficient and provides long-lasting damp endurance. They are supported by superior innovation and technology to provide the best experience of driving at the most affordable prices. They are made with machinery from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan at every level of the manufacturing operation.

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Materials Used

Producing performance tyres necessitates meticulous attention to detail, which begins with the natural rubber. Through a subsidiary firm, Churchill controls a lot of rubber plantations in Thailand, providing full responsibility for the quality of the most crucial raw material.

Natural Thai rubber is the main component of every tyre.. Add a fibre cord from South Korea, a steel tread belt cable from Belgium, carbon from the United States, rayon tread belt cords from Germany,


Churchill is capable of developing their own rubber compounds since they have a test facility on-site, instead of having to outsource rubber innovation as some other tyre companies are compelled to do. The tyre makers evaluate these tyres with the most advanced gear on the planet.

Summer Tyres

The Churchill RCB007 is a popular summer tyre with a distinctive strong rubber compound and deep treads for excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. A set of centre ribs and strong shoulder bars also ensure optimum tyre-to-road touch for precise handling.

Performance Tyres

Churchill’s performance tyres, such as the RCB008, GRB007, and GRB008, have a distinctive symmetrical design tread pattern with three centre ribs and specially modified blocks for optimal tyre-to-road connection. On dry roads, this special combination guarantees excellent stability and handling. Furthermore, the thin bands on the groove’s perimeter aid in aquaplaning resistance and temperature dissipation.

Ultra-high-performance tyres

Longton’s Churchill RCB009 and GRB009 ultra-performance tyres provide impulsions for increased braking performance and safer speed. In addition, the tread block and built-in sipes minimize tyre noise and vibration for a more comfortable ride.

Best Churchill Tyres in the UK

Churchill RCB007

The environmentally friendly ingredients have been particularly developed to be very efficient, reliable and long-lasting.


The 3 main tread grooves and wave-like swales easily drain water, improving grip and driving safety on wet roads.


To provide superb handling, a pair of centre ribs and robust shoulder bars stabilise contact with the ground.

Churchill RCB008

Top-performance tyre compound that is eco friendly. HD Silica and sophisticated SBR are the necessary components to maintain security when driving,


Three major ribs and specifically formed blocks make up the asymmetrical pattern, which maximises the tyre’s touch print area for excellent turning and steadiness on dry roads.


It has better water drainage and heat dissipation by thin pieces underneath the groove.

Churchill RCB009

Unique ultra-high-performance tyre that offers both comfort and efficiency.


The unique tread composition helps to improve fuel consumption by lowering rolling resistance.


For a quieter ride, the variable pitch sequence and block sipe structure absorb shocks released by the tyre.


A central rib in the asymmetric tread pattern provides exceptional grip and handling, allowing for precise steering and braking. The four wide grooves inlays with horizontal notches that promote water ejection and provide excellent wet-weather handling.

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Churchill GRB007

Optimised high-performance urban on- and off-road pattern, appropriate for 4x4s, pickup trucks, and SUVs, with a good lifespan and low noise generation.


The blocks on both ends are connected each other by a ladder-like device at the end of the grooves. This design enhances tread toughness, stability, and stone resistance by a significant amount.


On wet roads, the wide grooves offer great water runoff, traction, and driving skills.


It effectively reduces the noise by the accurate positioning of tread blocks, curves, and packed tiny grooves.


The off-road grip and comfort are better here by the best blend of broad grooves and precisely engineered tread blocks.

Churchill GRB009


Greater traction is provided by the centre rib design, allowing for better acceleration and braking.


The tread’s silicon composition increases the tyre’s wear resistance.


For a more pleasant ride, the tread blocks height and constructed sipes decrease tyre noise and vibration.

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