Which One to Pick for Home Heating – Underfloor Heating System or Radiators?

When your environment is chilly and cold, all you want is a home ambiance that is warm. And this is where you want a heating system that provides you with complete convenience of heating whilst also being energy efficient.

While for a long period radiators were the primary choice for homeowners to keep their rooms and home warm and heated, now these are well taken over by underfloor heating systems. What has led to the popularity of underfloor heating systems is that these come in versatile options and are effectively easy to install in any room.

Right from electric to water, from screed to low profile there are different types of underfloor heating systems fitting different customer requirements. Now, as underfloor heating is becoming more and more prominent in use, the question that arises is what makes these different from radiators.

Underfloor Heating System vs. Radiators

It isn’t that radiators have become obsolete with the rise of advanced underfloor heating options. In fact, there are areas and situations when a radiator fits in perfectly. And Radiators too are becoming advanced owing to evolving user requirements. But there are definitely several key aspects that make underfloor heating stand out. So, what is the difference between these two? We study below:

  • Running Cost

Energy efficiency is a big aspect that you are concerned about with your heating equipment. And comparing these two, underfloor heating is unquestionably energy efficient. This not only uses less energy but is more eco-friendly as well. Proper installation means of underfloor heating means that you can save up to 40% more than a radiator in the longer run.

  • For Eco-Friendly Homes

As we have mentioned in the above point that underfloor heating is eco-friendly, therefore for your eco-friendly home and when your objective is to have a green and efficient heating system in place, underfloor heating is the right one.

  • Consistency in Heating

It has been noted that underfloor heating is way more effective to provide consistent heating throughout the room or your home. With radiators, it depends on the type of radiator you are using and what is its specific functionality. Still, for heating consistency, go for underfloor heating.

  • Installation

In the installation, many may think that they can bring in a radiator easily and place it anywhere. But if you ask professionals then they will tell you that underfloor heating installation is way easier and more straightforward. If we compare it to radiators. There is less pipework from the boiler in comparison to radiators and an easy-flow and return also makes it easy to install.

  • Installation in an Existing Building

This depends on whether you are opting for the floor renovation or not. When there is a minimal renovation to your home or building. Then you might not want to go for underfloor heating. However, if you look at the long run, one-time renovation to install underfloor heating. It will cost less with underfloor heating for a long duration afterward.

  • Installation in a New Construction

For a new building or home construction, you should opt for screed underfloor heating as your primary heating system which will then be your heating equipment for many years to come, providing you with desired heating and extra saving in energy cost.

Can Underfloor Heating and Radiators be Used Combined?

Yes, when you want to opt for underfloor heating but also want to keep your existing radiators. These can work well together to fulfill your heating requirements.

In today’s times, there are retrofit underfloor heating systems available. Therefore creating a hybrid heating system is a possibility that you can proceed with easily.

For a large property, you can have heated floors with an advanced underfloor heating system and can have existing or new radiators wherever you deem fit in your property. Make sure to consult a professional fully and then make an informed decision about proceeding with your heating system.

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