White Gold Vs Platinum: Which One Is The Best To Go With?

Are you looking for your wedding ring to embrace your special moments with love and elegance? Shopping for the right jewelry comes with so many considerations to keep in mind. Other things like the size and shape of the ring would come after the selection of metal. So, when it comes to choosing between white gold and platinum, you may find the shopping experience daunting. These both are popular metals to consider if yellow gold is not your kinda thing. However, they both look similar in colors and appearance but are different though. Check the detailed white gold vs platinum difference to reach the final conclusion to pick your style.

Durability and strength

Although, both are durable metals that are preferred for making jewelry and ornaments. But they have different features that make them distinct from each other. The main difference comes with the durability of the metal. You can see that both respond differently to scratches and regular wear over time. But among both, platinum has a superior density so it has more resistance against wear and tear. If you prefer a wedding ring made of platinum, you can wear it enduringly with no to little wear. Moreover, platinum rings are made from 95% platinum that does not require alloy metals to blend with. So, the density and strength of your wedding ring will be superior to white gold.

White gold on the contrary has less density than platinum. Therefore, it is more susceptible to wearing away over time. The ring made from white gold could become thin over time due to the wearing of metal over the time. So, it would require greater maintenance than platinum.

Color and appearance

Color is an important consideration that you can keep in mind. In the context of white gold vs platinum, color is the major factor to focus on. You must know that platinum is a naturally white metal. But white gold requires the mixing of yellow gold with palladium. After blending, it does need finishing with rhodium to get the sparkling look. Anyhow, blending will not make it as whiter as platinum. But it will give the appearance of greyish metal so require an extra layer of rhodium to seem white like platinum. The natural whiteness and shine of platinum do not wear with time. But white gold needs a touchup once every 3 years. However, it is subjected to the care you do for your engagement ring or another piece of jewelry.


Pricing is another important thing to focus on while choosing the right wedding ring metal. Platinum is denser than white gold thus it is costlier as well. You can see a huge difference in the pricing of both metals when comparing them online. However, white gold can seem platinum when properly maintained. So, if cost is an important consideration for you, white gold could be your choice. Keep in mind that additional maintenance cost is associated with the white gold. So, you would have to bear the cost of its proper maintenance.


You must look forward to checking the certification of the metal before purchasing the ornaments. Platinum has a purity level from PT 950 to 999. So, you must check the ring before buying with this purity mark. You can also check white gold with its karat value which could be 14k or 18k. You can focus on the amount of yellow gold used in producing white gold.

You might also be a victim of the common misconception that white gold and platinum both perform correspondingly. The theory behind this statement is that they look the same at the time of purchase. But the truth is far away from this myth. White gold is a beautiful metal but it comes with several drawbacks that you must know. It is not a piece of pure gold but has a mixing of silver or nickel. So, you can see the blending of two metals cannot make the jewelry long-performing. No doubt, white gold ornaments will look similar to platinum. But the condition is absolutely different from platinum.

You can notice major white gold vs platinum contrast when you place both metals together. You can see that non-plated white gold will look greyish in front of platinum. However, rhodium-plated white gold will look white in appearance look like platinum. But ultimately it will lose the effect of plating in a few years. On the contrary, platinum will age gracefully unlike white gold. It will not lose its shine but will fade slightly to appear as a natural patina. It will still appear more sparkly than white gold. So, you can say that platinum is far superior and high-performing than white gold.

Hypoallergenic probability

While buying a metal you would certainly think about whether it could irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin and it is prone to allergic reaction then you must choose wisely. White gold can possibly irritate your skin as it contains mixing. On the other hand, platinum is pure and does not contain any mixture of other metals. Therefore, it has the potential to keep your skin free from allergies and irritation. If you want to wear your favorite ornament without allergy then stick to platinum.

To sum up

White gold vs platinum is a clear-cut description of both metals. They are different from each other with unique features and properties. Therefore, you must look carefully when it comes to choosing the better wedding ring. However, spending on both metals could prove worthwhile for you. If you want endurance, then platinum is the best metal. But if you want to style with affordability, then white gold is the best choice.

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