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Why Air Conditioner Installation Servicing is Important

Depending on the power, type of air conditioner, and its purpose, recommendations and installation requirements vary, and therefore it is better to entrust the installation of a split system to professionals from AC maintenance services in their field. Many years of experience of the specialists from air conditioner (AC) cleaning service or AC installation service allows us to carry out the installation of air conditioners of varying complexity, because the long and uninterrupted operation of the air conditioner depends on the competent and accurate installation.

Pre-installation of the air conditioner (AC).

If you are thinking about installing an air conditioner at the stage of repair in a room. Then the service of laying communications before carrying out repair work, pre-installation of the air conditioner, will suit you perfectly. It includes the following works:

  • marking the wall in the room, taking into account the proposed location of the air conditioner
  • chasing the wall to a sufficient depth for laying the route
  • punching holes in the street
  • assembly of communications, freon and drainage lines
  • laying in a strobe and bringing communications to the street to connect the outdoor unit of a split system
  • removal of technical waste.

Pre-installation of the air conditioner will allow you to hide all communications (wires, hoses, lines) into the wall and will not spoil the appearance of the room and design solutions. And after the repair work, the indoor and outdoor units are installed and put into operation.

Standard installation.

With standard installation, the white decorative box closes the communications inside the room. The power cable is also in a white decorative box, usually to the floor, then connected directly to the network. The drainage pipe for draining the condensate is brought out from the indoor unit. It is located along the wall, and if necessary, fits into a decorative box. In cases, where it is necessary to install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner not from the window. But in an inaccessible place, a professional high-altitude installer performs the installation using the industrial mountaineering method. Standard installation of air conditioning (AC) equipment takes from 3 hours.

Non-standard installation.

Non-standard installation of an air conditioning(AC) system is relevant for rooms with special technical requirements. It has an association with additional calculations and works, for example, installing a drain pump for an air conditioner (AC).

The drain pump for the air conditioner (AC) provides condensate removal from the indoor unit. It is necessary, and if it is impossible to remove the condensate by gravity through the drain hose.

Non-standard installation of the air conditioner (AC) is possible for the premises of glass buildings or in buildings of historical heritage, and  in which it is technically impossible to place the outdoor unit of a split system according to the standard scheme. An excellent solution to this problem is the installation of a multi-split system with the mounting of one external unit, for example, on the roof of a building, with several internal units of various types (wall, ceiling, cassette, etc.).



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