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Why Do Amazon Prices Change? (All You Need To Know)

As one of the top online retailers in the world, Amazon frequently adjusts their prices in the holiday season and other seasons of high-demand to boost revenue and satisfaction of its customers.

Why Do Amazon Prices Change In 2022?

Amazon frequently changes its prices to stay up with trends in shopping and feedback from customers. Amazon’s objective is to compete with or beat prices from rivals, in order to draw more customers to their site instead of purchasing from rivals. On an average day, Amazon offers products at prices that change frequently throughout the day.

How Often Does Amazon Change Prices?

Based on reliable information, Amazon changes as many as 2.5 million prices daily through their site. 

Amazon alters their prices to match the information they gather regarding their rival stores that offer similar products at a lower cost.

This way of continuously changing prices allows Amazon to stay current with the latest trends in sales so they can draw many more people to the site.

Thus, customers who are dissatisfied over the cost of a particular product may revisit the page for the product at a later time to check if the cost has been changed.

If the item that the customer is considering is one that is popular, they might be more likely to receive a price reduction!

Does Amazon Offer Price Matches?

While Amazon changes prices and price-match based on their own data about items, Amazon does not accept price match requests directly from customers.

Amazon does not price match customers because of the volume of updates that it receives regarding pricing points for their goods.

So, if there’s any price on Amazon that requires a price adjustment, Amazon is usually aware of the issue and will announce an adjustment in an acceptable amount of time.

As such, customers who are unhappy by the price they see on Amazon will be able to check back in a future time or add the item on the Amazon Wish List to be notified of any price change.

How Do I Get a Lower Price on Amazon?

To obtain an affordable cost at Amazon customers can make use of several different strategies.

The most effective method of obtaining a discount is to go to the product page to see what items clients are looking to buy frequently.

Since Amazon alters their prices often, lots of items that buyers want to purchase will get price cuts.

How Can I Be Notified Of a Price Change on Amazon?

If buyers wish to be informed of an increase in price on Amazon customers can get the notifications by adding most wanted items in their Amazon want list.

When a product undergoes changed prices when it is listed on Amazon All wish lists with the item will be sent an email informing that they have a price change.

Additionally extensions to browsers such as Honey will inform Amazon customers when there’s any price reduction on the product, or when another Amazon seller is selling the same item for sale at a cheaper price.

There are also amazon price trackers which keep track of the history of prices for the products you choose to purchase on Amazon and inform customers each time they get an update.

How Does Amazon Know When to Change Prices?

Amazon will adjust their prices based on new data they collect from other companies selling identical items at a lower cost.

Amazon changes their prices daily and will generally change prices soon after receiving information on lower prices from rival companies.

Also, Amazon will take peak season shopping times into consideration when making price changes including the holiday and back-to-school season. When the shopping season is at its peak, Amazon will usually run sales and offer discounts for most popular items.


Amazon frequently changes its prices to compete with competitors’ cheaper prices. Amazon adjusts the price of their items on a regular basis, with the aim to ensure that customers are flocking into Amazon instead of buying from other retailers at more expensive prices.


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