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Why Should You Drink Pure Pomegranate Juice?

Have you had a glass of pomegranate juice today? If not, there are many therapeutic reasons why you might want to drink a tall glass. Pomegranates originate in Iran, where they grow on bushes or small trees. It was introduce to Latin America and California by Spanish colonists in 1769 and is now grown for juice in Arizona and California. The growing season runs from September to February in the northern hemisphere and from March to May in the southern hemisphere. In Canada, the Pure Pomegranate Juice has been mention since the Iron Age, in Greek mythology, and in Homer’s epic hymns.

Benefits of drinking Pure Pomegranate Juice

  • Pure Pomegranate Juice has been shown to lower, also known as bad cholesterol.
  • It is important to maintain LDL levels and there are few treatments for this.
  • Another advantage of many treatments is that they have a restorative effect on the skin.
  • There are also clinical benefits for treating depression and bone loss associate with menopause, treating and preventing prostate cancer, and even reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • These are great benefits, but the benefits don’t end there.
  • According to NEWSWISE, a knowledge-based news database, Pure Pomegranate Juice may also increase blood flow to the heart in people suffering from coronary artery disease. 

Nutrition Facts of Pure Pomegranate Juice

Patients with this condition have reduce blood flow during exercise, which can lead to reduce oxygen delivery to the brain. Increasing blood flow with Pure Pomegranate Juice can significantly improve this problem. The nutrition facts table lists pomegranates as a high-fiber food. All of this fiber and unsaturated fatty acids are found in the seeds. Those who reject the seeds do not enjoy the nutritional benefits.

  • According to NEWSWISE, the benefits include improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 
  • Increase levels of nitric oxide in the body, reduction of arterial plaques, use as an ACE inhibitor, reduction of systolic blood pressure. 
  • So, the ability to reduce plaque formation expected in advance atherosclerosis. 
  • When consume by pregnant women, fruit juice may help protect the fetus from brain damage associate with birth trauma. 
  • For example, the umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck. 
  • It also contains nutrients, such as folic acid, that the expectant mother needs. 
  • People who take it regularly say they feel better and lose energy when they stop drinking it.

Various Therapeutic Effects of Fruit Juices

Brain protection in newborn babies has been link to pomegranate juice. Therefore, it is recommend that expectant mothers increase their intake. It is believe that if and when the baby is injure, this juice will protect the newborn from damage. If you have a painful problem such as osteoarthritis, a course of this juice may help. It is also believe to prevent cartilage loss. It may also be the best way to protect your arteries from plaque formation. There are also reports of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who have seen signs of improvement after taking it.


As far as heart health is concern, Pure Pomegranate Juice is thought to reduce levels of LDL, also known as bad cholesterol. At the same time, it is believe to increase levels of HDL, also known as good cholesterol. 

Final Words

Other studies have shown that it may also help lower blood pressure. In one research project, a daily intake of 1.7 ounces reduce systolic blood pressure by 5%. That’s a big number. It is also a powerful weapon in the battle against gum disease, as it helps prevent plaque formation.

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