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Why You Should Use NCR Paper for Your Business

Carbonless paper, also known as NCR paper, was developed in the 1960s as an alternative to carbon paper when it was discovered that the chemical breakdown of carbon paper was causing the printer’s ink to fade. For businesses that use forms such as invoices, purchase orders, or receipts often and over time, it’s critical to use carbonless paper, so your records don’t become unreadable. Here are several reasons why you should look into using NCR paper today!

The history

First patented in 1879, carbonless paper gained popularity throughout many industries to keep records of transactions or essential documents. Initially, 3 part carbonless paper was invented to be used by grocery stores to replace writing down individual amounts on multiple sheets of regular copy paper. The two-part carbonless paper followed shortly after.

This type of carbonless paper is what you are accustomed to seeing when purchasing an invoice or coupon book at your local store. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with both types of carbonless papers, but they each serve their purpose very well. Why NCR? As time passed, more businesses began looking for other uses for 3 part carbonless paper beyond grocery stores and invoices.

The benefits

The best reason to use carbonless paper is that you have documentation of information that cannot be lost or altered. Knowing that your employees and customers can depend on accurate, legible records will help build trust and improve relationships.

Record keeping is an essential function of business, so relying on a secure way to store information ensures optimal productivity and smooth communication with internal and external contacts. To ensure your business documents stand up to these important tests, consider using 3-part carbonless paper with your forms or tickets. It’s a simple but effective strategy for ensuring that information remains intact and you stay organized.

How to use it

Let’s return to that invoice—it’s a 3-part carbonless paper form. This means there are three copies, with only one that needs to be returned to you. The other two have separate addresses, so they’re both sent elsewhere (one is sent directly to your customer, and one goes into your billing records).

By utilizing NCR paper, businesses can save money because only one of three forms gets used! ​ Many businesses tend to use less than necessary when it comes to copy/printing materials; using more than needed wastes money and adds unnecessary weight onto customers’ mailboxes.

Where to get it

Many office supply stores stock NCR paper, but you can buy it from most print and copy shops. All businesses should have at least one large box at their disposal in case they need to make copies or print off a receipt during an important business meeting.

This paper is great for presentations because it has less glare than regular copier paper, so you’ll look more professional in front of your clients. As a small business owner in charge of keeping track of receipts and invoices daily, try using NCR paper instead of regular copier paper because it makes filing them away easier due to its larger size.

Tips on using it

Be sure to keep your receipts organized to help track your purchases and deductions. The IRS accepts manual and electronic submissions, but you’ll need receipts to substantiate any deduction you take. Having an organized filing system can also save you time when preparing taxes; if receipts are bundled together by category, it’s easier to find what you need.

And speaking of those categories: It’s usually best to store your receipts by expense type or category—for example, health care or entertainment—since you may be able to deduct more than one type of expense under each category (so having them all mixed won’t work as well).

The future

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed. William Gibson Every business has challenges, but not every business has unique challenges. Take, for example, a regional supermarket chain: It deals with competition from a large grocery store down the street.

One of its biggest problems isn’t other supermarkets; instead, it’s a convenience store. That’s because people are less likely to stop at a convenience store if they can get in and out quickly at their local market.

The solution? The supermarket chain could lower prices and create special promotions to attract customers who had been going to convenience stores instead.

What does an NCR invoice mean?

If you own a business, you probably use invoices. Invoices are essential because they help you manage your expenses and track what customers owe you. But did you know that non-consecutive numbered (NCR) invoices have additional benefits? Many businesses don’t realize that there are several advantages to using NCR paper for their invoices.

Still, there are some tangible benefits of using them over other forms of invoice paper. This includes saving time when filing and better image quality than standard copy paper or thermal paper. In today’s economy, every penny counts — especially regarding supplies. So why not take advantage of all of these easy benefits?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does NCR mean in printing?

In printing, you’ll often hear references to NCR or carbonless paper. What does that mean? It’s a shorthand way of talking about a special printer paper. When you print an image on normal letter-sized (8 1/2 by 11) paper, it has little carbon dots on each page, allowing someone to run it through a copy machine to make duplicates. 

Carbonless printers used similar technology to create duplicate copies. But instead of creating extra ink by applying a dot and then removing it. They applied just enough ink that would be absorbed into a specially treated layer of bond paper.

What does the NCR form stand for?

Every successful business in today’s technology-driven market must have a system to keep track of expenses and other important notes. Which is where NCR forms come into play. Known as no carbon required, it refers to a form that does not require a carbon copy of any special paper.

These days, you can use an electronic scanner to transfer scanned documents into your computer and process them digitally. But it’s still best to use physical copies in many cases.

How does NCR paper work?

Paper receipts are still king when it comes to taking orders and payments. One company specializing in business products that are often necessary when accepting and making payments is called Norwood Commercial Products, also known as NCR Corporation.

The company sells various products from machines to toner to receipt printers and everything else you may need or have forgotten when running a business. One of their most popular items is an item called non-carbonized paper, or NCR paper for short.

Which is something you should consider purchasing if you need receipts for any reason. It’s important to remember that there are many different kinds of receipt paper available on today’s market. So it can be hard to figure out which is best suited for your needs.


These days, almost everything we do involves written communication. From online banking to filling out insurance forms, more and more people are staring at pieces of paper with handwritten notes scattered all over them. But what happens when those papers end up in a different location? While you might assume your documents are secure, there’s no way to know that until it’s too late and someone else gets their hands on them.

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